Microsoft announces new 4G enabled Lumia 636, Lumia 638 in China

Lumia 636

Microsoft today officially unveiled the Lumia 636 and Lumia 638 in China, offering affordable options in the region with 4G connectivity to boot. The Lumia 638 will be available from July 5th with the retail price of 1,299 yuan ($200), while the Lumia 636 is going for the same price and can be purchased from July 21st.

Both Windows Phones from Microsoft are powered by its new Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, adding yet more capabilities to the table. A notable difference between the two handsets are the different networks covered (though both are 4G). The Lumia 636 is with China Unicom and the 638 is heading to China Mobile.

Hardware specs for both devices include a 4.5-inch LCD display with Gorilla Glass screen 3, 1830mAh battery, LTE, 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400, 5MP rear shooter, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage with SD card expansion.

We previously looked at the Lumia 636 passing through certification in the region, and Microsoft appears to be set on offering an affordable experience with blazing fast connectivity.

Source: Nokia; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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Microsoft announces new 4G enabled Lumia 636, Lumia 638 in China


First phone with quad core plus 1gb ram ..at dat decent price ... !! Really worth it deal to have in every country

Cmmon microsoft don't be partial

Exactly, if 636 n 638 would have launched in India, it could easily had become the most highest selling fone

Nice price and spec, if it had a front camera for skype even at +$20 they would ramp up the sales, i would love one

Why don't they offer 1 GB in 630/635?? Any ideas Daniel? Rich? Sam? Abhishek? Is China that special????

I'll be getting the L638 for work. I've been waiting for an affordable and decent spec 4G WP8.1 here in Shanghai for a while. Great !!!!

I'm with you on that one. My AT&T Lumia 1020 is locked so I can't even use my own phone over here... Lumia 638 here I come!

Wtf is wrong with microsoft, the way they are naming these products is sooo lame, i mean come on dude, lumia 920 820 720 520 620, okay, but they don't seem to stop here ... 925 928 930 1020 1320 1520 521 630 635 get your shit together and start naming products in a simplier way microsoft . This is bullshit.

The additions of 1 (like 521), then 8 like (like 928, 638) are due to carriers and "exclusivity". While that of 5, is still in the lumia line, signifies an upgrade (as in 525, 625, 925 etc)... But honestly this 636 is somewhere beginning of a whole new trend :/

Are MS taking the piss now? They announce a device then launch it 3/4 weeks later. Yet we are still waiting on the Lumia 930, and still have no release date!

Yeah internal storage of 16gb should be standard.As games lag & consume more battery when installed on micro sd.

That was new...


Do you have any links to tests showing the problems with installing apps on the SD card?

This is the best phone Nokia/Microsoft released this year! Way better than overpriced ' flagship' icon/930 (with 1520 around, how dare they to be priced higher than 1520 which has better hardware specs)