Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announces new Facebook beta for Windows Phone 8, revamped and more features

Your calls have been answered, well sorta. Microsoft today announced that a new, recently redesigned Facebook app (beta) for Windows Phone 8 is now available for you to try out and provide feedback. Yes, you can go and download it right now.

The app features “…new support for high-res photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline”, which should go a long way in making users happy--though being beta means it won’t be 100% stable, solid nor feature complete, so take it with caution.

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8

But hey, Microsoft has finally redesigned the official Facebook app (or at least started to), answering many of your calls to overhaul the app for the popular social network. While the current version of Facebook for Windows Phone will continue to remain on the Store, it has garnered many complaints from users even despite the numerous updates it has received over the last few months.

The question for you, die-hard Facebook users, is this redesign and new feature set to your liking or not? Sound off in comments.

Grab the official Facebook Beta version right here in the Store.

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Microsoft announces new Facebook beta for Windows Phone 8, revamped and more features



I just tipped on this, but wasn't fast enough I guess!
And they changed the design, one thing that was unique to Facebook app on our platform.

Im kinda bummed it doesnt have the banner on top anymore and there's that status bar with time and battery info permanently now :(

If you care that much about efficient use of space, you should definitely not use a windows phone.

troll or no troll when he makes a valid point people will agree. particularly on this subject he just happens to be right.

I Dont agree or believe in encouraging trolls whose sole reason for visting wpcentral is to make troll comments in all the articles.

It wasn't an objective point, so there whether it is valid or not is strictly up to the user. I, for one, quite liked it. I infrequently use the app itself thanks to integration, but it was actually one my favorite design elements.

I have a 620, not a good phone to have a third of the screen wasted on lol..some apps do it really nicely, some just take almost half the screen :-/

I agree, it is completely unnecessary to waste space on a banner. If I want to look at my own pics then I would go through them. It reminded me of IE explorer for pc/laptop, where there are a bunch of buttons available that no one will ever use but takes away valuable viewing space.

It's annoying.

I am pretty sure that you are talking about IE8 and below.
IE9 and IE10 has most of the rarely used buttons hidden: just the way I like it.

Except now you have the time bar, then the navigation bar, and then a banner image if you're on a profile or page. Makes perfect sense. 

Looks like an iPhone version. Not digging how it looks, at all. The old version looks so much nicer. Guess I shouldn't complain too much, especially considering I don't even have a Facebook, lol.

this does maintain the metro look and feel of windows phone. it provides in your face information on the timeline and notifications and maintains all the buttons flat and devoid of chrome. still has the pan to the left and right. its just the layout of the app that has changed and i for one prefer it.

The majority of people will compare it to the iOS version. But there's a reason why the iOS and Android versions are designed like that...they're most functional that way. BB10 has even copied their format, albeit with less functionality. Facebook for Windows Phone was an eyesore. I like how there are some nice WP touches with this redesigned app.

The problem with the original Facebook app is that Microsoft tried to make an app that is a hybrid of Metro design and Facebook design and the just doesn't work.  It's like making a sport car that is also a truck.
Had Microsoft made a Facebook app that is entirely Metro, it would look like the People Hub. It would work fine, but it would look nothing like Facebook.
Microsoft finally gave that up and basically went entirely with Facebook design. 

Yes ur right, its a port of the Android version that I have seen, haven't checked the IOS, but its good and easy to navigate!!

How are the notifications? That's my biggest gripe with the current Facebook app.

Edit: I like the new design so far. It conforms to the official touch interface while still retaining some metro influences.

Yes, slow on my 920 but appreciate it is a beta. Like the new design though, shame about losing the nice looking picture bar.

I liked it. It drew people's eye when I showed it on my phone and it even brought back some pics/memories from the past.

Exactly.. Im disappointed too. My friends with the s3 and iPhone were all in praise for how beautiful the Facebook app looks. If only they could add the features with a similar interface :(

Same here. It's definitely an improvement on speed for me on the 8X.
The old app used to lag a lot to open new messages for example. It's still not the fastest thing ever, but it's a huge improvement in usability and style for me.
There's still a few kinks to solve in this beta though. For example, the red notifications indicator won't go away until I've moved away from the notifications screen, even if I press the start button and return to the Facebook app.

Agreed plus it now has many of the features that the iOS version has, finally getting parity on this app. I just switched to the 8x from the iPhone 5 and the Facebook app was very antiquated. This is a huge step in the right direction.

Nope, it is. But it is a beta. Just think of the design. The old was also slow in the first versions!

I got the error when click on the install button on the windowsphone.com.  However, when I checked my phone, it was there in the apps list. 
The apps looks good and seems much faster.  It definitely does the job and I see the additional features like Sharing that have been missing until now.  It is much less modern that the current app.  I liked some of the modern design elements in the current app, I think they were just missing some of the features.  If the new version sticks with the current design, I can delete the last remaining Facebook alternative app that I have on my phone, as there will be no use for it.  Most of the alternative apps are based on the iOS design.  While the Beta closely resembles the iOS version as well, I do like it and I think most users will prefer the design, especially those coming from iOS and Android.

A place where you post stuff about yourself which is collected by the zuckerberg team. And now they are into politics :)

Then Zuckerberg hands it all over to Obama's minions, and if you're a conservative they take you away to reeducation camps.

Oh, wait - that's next week.

An OS that's used be crazy people who are happily giving away tons of info about themselves by using crapware

Did the chat really work like a chat for you? For me it did not, which might not caused by the app itself but facebook^^

Only thing it didn't show which basically all chat platforms show is when the other person is typing..showed location, when they saw the chat, whether they were on mobile or not. I loved it

That for me has proven unreliable. Sometimes I wouldn't get the other persons response and they wouldn't get mine. Same thing for Messaging app on W8

messaging app on WP8 for me is unstable and connection is dropped often but I have no problems with the messaging app on W8, it works perfect imo.

This is so true. I had a week of practically no facebook chat in the messaging hub. then just the other day it's working again. just so weird.
so back on topic, This version is slick! I am yet to find annoyances but over all this is a great beta i was under the impression it's a final version.

i agree, although it doesn't play nice with people on their iphone/android only thos on facebook desktop.  not WP's fault, but they get blamed for it

I keep the hub chat turned off because I don't like being bothered all the time. It's nice to have it available in the Facebook app for when I need it.

Chat will only work in Messaging if its person to person. I have a chat group for our Facebook Page and none of those will come through to Messaging because it involves multiple profiles I guess. 

It is a different app called Facebook Beta.
The 'normal' facebook app is still there, and it doesn't replace the baked in facebook features.

well i don't use the default Facebook app. The 'Me' tile, People hub and Messaging hub are enough for basic Facebook-ing. For more, there's IE :)

Basic FBing, the baked in stuff is neat. Sometimes I want to do a little more and the new app seems to have the chops. Unlike the old one.

Who needs FBH?

Having used this app some more, i really like the design and layout. If the rumour about the start screen notification center are to be true then the left to right swipe menu in this app maybe an insight into MS plan for that implementation. This app is a great example of how a new start screen with notification center would look and operate imho and i like it.

how could you left and right swipe a notification center when the whole systems programming is based on apps where you swipe left and right? :O

well -  than you have to press a button and swipe. notification center should overlap everything and always be accessible. why would i need the notification center on the start screen where THIS startscreen already provides the notifications in form of tiles?
I'd rather see it with double taping start or not at all

If ms done a double tap then the ios fanboys would berate us for "copying" and apple may even try to sue. However MS implements the notification center, the transition of menus in the FB app is a great way to navigate.

Looks just like an iPhone version, or mobile web. I like the metro look of the old fb app. This one is too....meh & boring looking.

It is a bit too similar, but the animations are nice and for me it is very smooth so I'm liking it nonetheless.
I hope they can improve the notications and chat that's built into WP for FB at the same time.

Hardly. It looks great and functions nicely...the old one is awful. Half the features aren't supported, the entire thing was slow, you couldn't really search for people and that interface was hard to navigate. This one is done right and looks more like an official client. Yes, it lacks a touch of metro but I'm okay with that if it means a reasonable amount of functionality.
Not to mention that it actually looks and performs a bit better than both the iOS and Android versions.

Well it looks similar to the iPhone/Android Version... Thats the result when working with the Facebook team I guess :P but hey Facebook worked officially on this Face App this time HURRAY xD!

My god, that actually looks really good! I avoided downloading the Facebook app on my Lumia 810 because I saw how crappy it was on my friend's 710, but I may just have to install it on my new 920 when it arrives!

I was waiting for someone to bring this up. I also own a 510 guys but the truth is phone 7 is a forgotten story. Like Terence Howard being replaced by Don Cheadle, we just have to accept it and move on :(

One word... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the new look, finally chat is integrated properly... yay!

Well then kudos Microsoft. Either way I like it but sadly don't own a win8 phone so I can't play with it. No love for my win 7.8 

"Sliding to the right will expose the navigation bar and sliding to the left on the main news feed reveals the chat interface"

Sadly it is just the same way that the android and ios versions work so it's unlikely to be pointing toward a notification centre

While I appreciate the update, what took so long? We're half passed the 920/820 life span already. (for annual upgraders :) )

I like the design, STILL cant add photos in personal messages though, dont see why we cant when we can on the news feed.

THIS! Annoys me so much. And not being able to search for words in a chat is quite annoying (but that last part I believe is lacking in all platforms?) But this app is awesome. The fonts remind me of the metro mock up design I remember seeing somewhere in the forums ( for navigation fonts and all).

It doesn't show ,when our contact see our messages   , still miss this features , hope they will ad it !

Give feedback in the app in Settings -> About as the beta program blog states if you want something.

Wow!  This new interface is so much better.  It's faster and easier to access the chat feature.  You also get the pull to refresh feature.  I'm sure there is a lot more to be worked out but this looks like a great step in the right direction.

Yay a lot smoother than the old one. Not quite metro design but it looks a lot nicer than the iOS app. Like the swipe right and left to get the the menu and online contacts. Checking to see if message toasts are working better now.

I don't think all apps need to be metro if the design is good and the functionality is good too. In fact, I like a bit of variety in app design, again as long as it's functional.

Wow, really nice and smooth. I hope this goes to show some of you that MS does indeed pay attention.
Unfortunately, there's still too many tears.  SMH.

I like the original app better. Sure it's a little more comfortable to use but you still can't attach pictures to messages. Pretty much just a different skin, I preferred having a random picture header than my cover photo, felt different and unique. Oh well.

Remember, this is a beta. It's a re-write so they can build off of, meaning what is lacking now can be added later. The important thing is to start with a solid foundation.

Why redesign the whole app. It looks like an android port. The uniqueness of the UI is one of the only things WP has going for it, and its nice to have something that looks both better and different.

Dont see why they couldn't follow the "metro" design and just add the missing functionality instead.

I like this design better, personally. And the old one never seemed very metro to me, anyway. And I don't find metro to be all that important if the design is still good and the all is still functional, or in this case, even better.

Settings -> About and give them feedback, that's the point of this public beta, they even say so in the blog.

OMG!! I'm so excited! First this, and then the upcoming official Instagram app!!?(I'm speaking through faith--Windows phone faith)

Maybe I'm not getting it because my phone is UK unlocked but I'm using it in the US? My store and region are set to US though. I'll try searching from the store instead of using the link.

I got an error and then it just crashed everytime I opened it...  I uninstalled and reinstalled and it works fine now.

Think you can only give feedback once, as tried to leave a second comment but failed. May be an app issue. Also, extremely difficult to close the app. Keep hitting back, but just rotates around stuff I looked at.

Weird, every time I hit the feedback button, it takes me to an option screen where my Gmail email option pops up and I can send feedback in that form.

Do you have email set up on your phone?

And if that keeps on happening, you may want to delete the app.and reinstall it.

Most apps are all wp8 nothing new would install on 7.5 or 7.8 and T-Mobile won't hurry up and release a Nokia Lumia 920. :(

I like to type in confusing runon sentences like this wont people understand what im saying just read it three times

I know many will say it looks too much like iOS and Android but there is nothing wrong with that and acutally helps convince people to switch.  Works very well on my 8X; seems faster than the prior app IMO but I never used it much before. 
My initial review is that it is much better and a move in the right direction. 
We now have an updated Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook app.  Just need Pinterest and Instagram and the social media world will be complete LOL

No, now they have these new things called Path and Vine. Something new every other week I tell ya... and I know you said you didnt use the prior app often but in actuality, it was faster than this beta

I have to agree, the beta is a bit slow (from what I understand and gathered from the comments here on wpc, those on nl920 are experiencing slower app response than those on 8x and other).

Vine looks cool but I don't much about Path anymore.  Vine is only only iOS (last time I checked) so it will be a while before WP will see it.  I believe Cinemagraph (or something like that) just came to Android from iOS.
There is always something new but having Pinterest and Instagram will at least give us the big players and help motivate the smaller ones from moving over too.

Here are some initial thoughts....
1. very fluid. Smooth navigation through different functions. No jarring delays
2. is similar to other platforms (doesn't have the iphone circles (from the latest update)(although i haven't figured out how to use that on the iPhone)
3. Newsfeed filtering is limited, can't filter for friends groups (although i rarely use it)... just something I noticed in comparison to the iPhone.
Correction... you can filter for friends through your friends lists under friends - not directly through the newsfeed function which is the case on the iphone
4. notifications (the globe button on top) is awesome unlike in the iPhone. opens onto the entire screen unlike a pop up. Very fluid.
5. Cannot search for people outside of friends. Although noticed this cool feature. Under friends if you search for a friend and swipe from the right to left, you can see the same search filter applied to your chat / messenger as well
6. privacy settings can only be changed throught the browser - the app opens the mobile website
7. I think what the app is missing is calling through facebook - i honestly don't want facebook to know when i called and how long i called... I'm fine with that being a part of my "people hub" timeline :)
8. I kinda liked the metro interface - though I had issues with the news feed getting updated even though you were in a news item down the news feed page - annoying. I still think the metro interface can be appliedwith more horizontal scrolling. instead of just one left and one right swipe; perhaps two each so that more layers can be added?
All in all I'd say awesome effort by Microsoft. Thumbs up. Few more general chinks in the windows phone armor sorted out - this is going to be a killer.
9. Can't do a group chat - can't add additional participants.