Microsoft boosts free OneDrive space to 15GB, 1TB for Office 365


Microsoft is making some major changes to OneDrive storage, more than doubling their free storage tier. Currently sitting at 7GB, free OneDrive storage will be raised to 15GB.

Office 365 subscribers will be getting additional storage as well. While OneDrive for Business users received this upgrade in April, users of Office 365 Home, Personal, and University will all be getting 1TB of OneDrive storage for now extra cost. Office 365 Personal is available for $6.99 per month, Home for $9.99 per month, and University is available for $74.99 for four years.

Microsoft is also slashing the price of standalone OneDrive storage tiers. Previously, $7.49 per month OneDrive's 100GB level now has a monthly cost of $1.99. The 200GB tier is now $3.99 per month, down from $11.49.

All of these changes are set to roll out next month. Are you excited for these OneDrive pricing changes? Sound off in the comments below.

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Microsoft boosts free OneDrive space to 15GB, 1TB for Office 365



Ok, everybody says that OneDrive and (now) Cortana are the only reasons you should buy a windows phone, and I don't care about OneDrive and Cortana doesn't have that much better features than Siri or google now .
So should I buy a windows phone!!!

You specifically?  No.  Everyone else?  Yes.


And no, not everyone says those are the only reasons to buy a Windows Phone.  I don't use much of OneDrive, and I haven't upgraded to 8.1 so no Cortana for me yet.  You are the only one that can answer if you should buy a Windows Phone... because it depends on what you need and what you can live without.

Ill hold off on getting Windows Phone. I used one for about 6 months (amazing camera and the OS didnt require much battery or power) but it is sooo lacking in app support.

I found my android to run MS built Apps with less bugs and more features than my windows phone did. Plus Google is staying away from Win app support. So google drive, google music (tons better than Xbox Music),youtube, google mail, google note, etc wont run on Win Phone. unless you feel comfortable using a 3rd party app made by people in China.

Yes MS is playing catch up at an accelerated rate but I think it requires another 6 months. I think Cortana might become better than Google, but I think bing still sucks

Really, the app gap has almost been closed on Windows Phone, and it's efficient and easy to use, especially on lower cost devices where it is apparent. But don't get us to answer it!

It makes the Office365 subscription a really worthy buy.  MS should pick up a lot more subscriptions to make up the reduced OneDrive fees.

Same here. Thank you Microsoft! Don't think I need to worry about running out of space anytime soon :D

its free if you needed more that 25  gig and were looking to add more space.

or its a free upgrade in space for 365 customers


your a regular user who now gets additional 8 gig

Take your pick.....


Well, about time! Why didn't they do this right after the massive drop on Google Drive? Well, better late than ever. Now I can ditch GD for good.

Have you redeemed your Bing rewards for the 12 months 100gb voucher yet? I don't know if they're still running it, but it was good value.

Ugh, its not really a reward well at least for a year because the second year you have to pay lol... I get free 25gb MS why didn't you just give us the 8gb boost as well...

No you don't: you can redeem multiple years that stack. My account says free 100GB storage through 2025.

I thought office 365 was normal office? I thought it was the equivalent to renting the latest versions of office

Well yes, it is normal office but as you said, 'renting' normal office and you get the additional OneDrive integration as well. DJ was just mentioning the difference in users, because most just use normal office (without the subscription and add-ons, and always having up to date Office Suite)

You had 7 free and if you have a Windows phone or simply backing up your camera photos you get an additional 3... Go to your OneDrive and click ' Get More Storage' at the bottom left, it'll show you what you got and why. ;)

Thats simple, you have your initial 7GB Space as free user and you would have installed OneDrive App in your mobile and your photo's started sync with OneDrive, so they gave 3 GB for your photos, total 10 GB

1tb is very nice and makes the subscription worth it just for that. Would cost $9.99 for 1tb on google drive.

Not hard to believe if he has everything in Flac, I have nearly everythiing in mp3 and mp4 and it takes over 25gb; if that was Flac it would be over 100gb.


I think my mp3 collection probably tops 100 gigs by now and that is almost all in mp3. I would have more but I lost a big chunk of my library a few years back.

Pretty close to it. Videos and Pictures take up a lot of storage already. Documents takes up very little.

I have a 1TB external hard drive and over half of that is music. In my car I have a 180gb ipod, 128gb card in my 1520, 128gb card in my head unit and 30gb on its hard drive. One can never have too much music.

Meh, I have nearly 2TB of Trailer Music. Check it out and you may as well end up searching the whole net for this kind of music :)

Whoa, I might have to cancel my carbonite account. Office Apps and 1TB of storage... This is an offer that is difficult to refuse.

I would cancel your carbonite and get Backblaze but I would keep both.  My OneDrive accidentally purged an entire folder of important documents.  Backblaze saved it. 

Will this effect current bonuses on OneDrive accounts such as camera roll connection, early adopters for windows phone, referrals etc... If we keep these, its brilliant!

Wow. Have currently 68gb with a university subscription :D Thats great!


If only the upload speeds to onedrive would be a lot better.

If I were to choose, I would've chosen a Windows tablet. But this is a gift :-)

WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

Very good news. 7Gb with a Lumia 1020 filled up quickly. 15Gb will be perfect. I used 100 Bing points to get 100Gb for 1 year which is overkill for me.

when is the change going to be live? will the older users will have thier onedrive storage upgraded from 7 to 15 as well?

Does anyone know if the 1tb will be shared between the 5 computers on the home account or will they each get 1tb?
Either way this is awesome, my wife is a photographer and off site back up is a must.
Thank you Microsoft.

No it will not be shared... 1TB each...
For Office 365 Home ($9.99/mo) you’ll get 1 TB per person (up to 5 people), and with Office 365 Personal ($6.99/mo) and University ($79.99/4yr) you will get 1 TB per subscription. This is a great follow on to our April announcement that all OneDrive for Business customers will get 1 TB of cloud storage per person too.

Am I the only one here who has the old 25 GiB plan? Plus some OneDrive launch goodie 100 GiB.

So I guess it's nice, compared to the 7 gigs. But if one considers that few years ago the free tier was 25 GiB, then it's not so great.

I am wondering this myself.  I have the 25GB free.  I also have another 3GB for doing the auto-upload from my WP.  28GB free is good, but I will take some more if they want to give it to me.

Buy office ;) Really. I have three 25gig accounts, all in my family have windows phones (me, wife and elder son) and now all of us will have their own 1tb in cloud. Awesome ! :)

Is this bonus for everybody? I currently have 48GB total:

25GB because when SkyDrive downgraded free storage from 10GB to 7GB existing users got 25GB

20GB because of my Windows Phone Enthusiast Bonus

3GB Camera Roll

I'm just wondering if the 15GB or 8GB would be added to my base account, or if they would say that the 25GB overrides the 15.

I never got that enthusiast bonus for Windows Phone even though I had a WP7 device since the beginning. But I get 1TB for office now, so I won't complain :)

This is sweet... At these prices, I'll be able to retain all the free storage I received as a result of purchasing Surface Pros. :)

Now I have more cloud storage than I'll ever need. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!! let the backup marathon begin...in a month or so. 

We still maintain our 25GB free tier, undisturbed. You'll only notice a change if you have other tiers of storage that will be affected by this change.

Love how Microsoft is making huge changes with all Windows Services and Devices. OneDrive has been my favorite cloud storage since I began using it. More simple than Google Drive which I hated on Android.

I've got 28G, all free, now I'll have 34! Plus I have other accounts that will get more! So much knowledge! Soon I WILL RULE THE WORLD!

What about office 365 home subscription will every member of the subscription get these 1TB (like now with the 20GB) ? Or will just the first person which booked the subscription receive the 1TB storage?

I got 25 GB for signing up to SkyDrive & (not boasting Christ it's only storage after all) I bought a Sony android & got 50 GB from Box storage as a special offer. I only had that phone for about three months cause it died on me.

Time to move to cloud storage full time! It'll be nice not having to worry about backups (though being neurotic about such things, I'll still keep a backup drive!)

Can anyone compare the OneDrive pricing scheme with Google Drive's ones? I know OD is much more better since you also get Office, but I'm curious to find out.

Is this a Satya power move? I know he is all about the cloud.  Awesome move along with the price drop. 

 Now give me some sneak peeks as the mini and the watch and a market date and I'm all good :)

Now we´re talking.

The only thing left will be making OneDrive useful by raising its bandwidth outside USA.

Once they have done that, then OneDrive will be a true competition to Google Drive.

Sweet, Just Sweet. Roll out time can not come fast enough. I have been a big time fan of the one drive paying to get to about 350GB, my household does the yearly office 365 sunscription. I use to manage our home storage serverr using RNDU4000. Now the cloud makes it so easy and I don't need to worry about data loss or hdd corruption at those jolly like cost value, its SIMPLY SWEET.

This is awesome! The only gripe I have with OneDrive currently is the 2gb file size limitation and the directory depth limitation. It makes doing backups a real pain in my bawlz. Please remove those limitations MS!!

I tried to keep my music on OneDrive, but with upload and download speeds around 700 MB per hour it proved to be a foolish thing to attempt - especially when each minor change in mp3 tag resulted in the whole file beign uploaded...

honestly, if all you need is a diaster recovery, there are cheaper solutions such as carbonite and others. onedrive is for real time collaboration and sharing among devices. not really meant to compete with disaster recovery.

I still have the grandfathered 25GB storage that Microsoft started with, plus I bought an addition 50GB.  Then, I've also got the 3GB camera roll addition, and the 100GB OneDrive Bonus and the current 20GB Office 365 subscription storage.


Great news. Now all Microsoft have to do, is provide free storage for Open University students, just like Google do. And while there at it, I wish they would also provide email addresses, so I don't have to use Google's. see link: http://www2.open.ac.uk/students/skillsforstudy/ou-google-apps-for-educat...

This should hopefully be easy, seen as the Vice Chancellor -- Martin Bean -- is an ex Microsoft employee. See link: http://www.open.ac.uk/about/main/vice-chancellor/career

Actually they provide Office 365 University for free (or very cheaply) to many unversities, so these students should get the 1TB for free as well.

Sorry, I should have explained myself better. I'm not on about Office 360, as I already know they provide discounts.
Google provide my University -- the biggest in the UK in terms of the numbers of students -- with student emails and cloud storage. Therefore, this suggests Google have a contract for providing such services. That's 200,000 students who may be using Gmail. And 'if' Open University employees also use Gmail that's a further 10,000. Please see link: http://www.open.ac.uk/about/main/strategy/facts-and-figures
My point is, it's over 200,000 missed opportunities for potential sales of other Microsoft services, and maybe products, such as Tablets. Also, due to the vice chancellor being an ex Microsoft employee -- see my link to his career -- I would have thought Microsoft would jump at the chance to provide their services. Thus, get Google out of my and other students lifes, who are forced to use their services too ;-)

Can't respond right now....watching world championship soccer ⚽ Ned vs Chi...second half stil 0-0
Yea ......1-0 :) GOALLL 2-0

In the pocket yes :P

Awesome! Glad Microsoft is being proactive and not getting left behind the competition in terms of ever-cheaper cloud storage!

Would be awesome if they reinstated the good-ol'-days of 25GB free, however. :P

even the die hard fans of google, have to admit, they've just got pwned. why would you spend a cent on google when:
1) it will be more expensive

2) google has zero support for windows 8/WP8. zero. basically they don't care to be in any of MSFT platforms.

3) office is everywhere. even macs.

4) full office vs POS quick office? please.

I currently pay 10/mo for the 1tb tier on Google Drive. I use the desktop app on win8.1 with no issues.

I get the "Home Use Program" from work (full version of office, not 365 for $10/life, but it's only for one computer).

I'll be moving all my items from google to microsoft with this. It will let me get office on the rest of my computers, allow my wife to use it on her ipad, for the same amount that I'm currently paying for the google drive. It's honestly silly to use the google drive if you need the 1tb space or more.