Listen to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discuss ‘the intersection of cloud and mobile’ live today at 1 PM ET

Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, is in San Francisco today, with a rumored announcement about Office for iPad on deck. The time for the event is 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT, or in about one hour.

But that won’t be his only focus during his presentation, as the topic listed is ‘the intersection of cloud and mobile’.  That sounds like a very relevant topic, considering the importance of OneDrive, Microsoft Azure and Windows Phone (plus iOS and Android). Toss in Office 365 and some other Microsoft services and you can begin to see how the ‘the cloud and mobile’ are a big deal for Redmond. Will there be more, like touch-optimized Office for the Surface? We hope so.

Tune in live to Nadella’s presentation, where he’s sure to drop a few announcements. The video embed is above, though you probably can’t view it on your Windows Phone. We’ll also toss up a chat room for you guys to discuss (below).

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Listen to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discuss ‘the intersection of cloud and mobile’ live today at 1 PM ET


well they should do whatever google is doing because if there is one thing google can take pride on is the fact that android has pretty much become the next "windows" in terms of popularity.

Well Microsoft makes more money from Android than Google does, so I don't see how "popularity" matters when you're raking in tons of cash.

because you need to see beyond your nose basically. MSFT is one court decision away from having its patents ruled a big net zero and then what? get serious about mobile then? How do you explain that to a shareholder which wants to know your entire future depends on a court decision?

Windows will always be better than iOS. Users and companies will look at Office on their iPad and everything that's missing, then turn to Windows tablets.

Since you have readers in Europe too, could I suggest that whenever you put up time schedules you put the American time and then the GMT too? It's way easier for us in Europe to figure out which time it is without the cumbersome work of trying to find a time converter etc.

Satya Nadella is going to announce wp8.1 today.... Most probably developer preview also..... Keep checking for system updates guys......;-)

what's going to happen at the intersection? a car called windows 8 tablets is going to crash against a concrete wall called "office for ipad" ?

A) fluff talk about nebulous tech terms: no thanks

B) the only ones excited about "THE CLOUD" are companies that operate clouds. We've already been using "the cloud" for years. If you've emailed something to yourself, that's the cloud.

ET is EST? eastern standard time? Daniel, could you guys use time zones that are easily understood all over the world? Something like GMT. So 1PM EST is 18:00 GMT guys.

interesting stuff.. i like this satya nadella character, he seems to know where this company needs to go, and exacly how to take it there. much better vibe than the one i got from ballmer!

Ugh...no more cloud anything....you went so cloud happy that you killed your whole music app and video app by going cloud gaga. I get some people love the cloud, but a lot of us still want all the features we use to have to handle our large local media files.

Satya needs to listen to us as well! All wd ask is the week receive MS apps and products at the same time with competitors. I feel like Charlie Brown, " Good Grief"