Microsoft to provide Office 365 to 8 million students in Thailand

Office 365

Thailand has announced that it is partnering with Microsoft in a deal that will see the single largest deployment of Office 365 for education. The five-year deal inked between the country's Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) and Microsoft Thailand will ensure that 8 million students along with 400,000 teachers in the country will have free access to Microsoft Office 365 for education.

"This initiative will play a key role in our preparations for ASEAN Economic Community integration and drive the development of 21st century skills that are vital to the Smart Thailand 2020 strategy, whose key objective is to foster sustainable national growth and raise the standard of living through technology," OBEC Senior Advisor in Technology for Teaching and Learning Anek Ratpiyapaporn said in a press release issued by Microsoft.

Currently, 2 million university students and staff members are already participating in the Office 365 for education campaign in Thailand and the new partnership will increase the total to over 10 million.

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Microsoft to provide Office 365 to 8 million students in Thailand


It stated in the article that the deal was 5 years. Although I don't know how this applied to the licensing mechanism. Lets not jump into early conclusion shall we :)

Honestly, what does it matter to you? As long as the Thailand government agrees to the terms, why are you so concerned; is it because they didn't choose Google docs?

My uni college use google mainly for spreadsheet. As they have more colorful option in spreadsheet background. :(

Using Google doc is pretty ghetto. I guess some people will just opt for anything that is free.

My brother works is a school district that uses chrome books b because apparently one of the ladies they're is engaged to a Google employee. My brother days chrome books are a pain to manage. Plus the district has a Microsoft volume license agreement which includes Office, but the district still chooses to pay Google for the business edition of docs.

I hope this goes well!

Only way to take the profileration of chromebooks and macbooks in education head on - (I am presuming they are providing hardware too).

They truly are a good company but because they are the targets of malware, bloatware, etc, they get a bad rep.

CaptainChunk41, eat sh*t! All of this free software from Google is a trap for ads and the true company that spy's for the NSA (Google). If you don't like office, don't use it, but I guess you're not intelligent enough to not use a product you don't like huh

Furthermore, just like all of the Linux users saying it's cheaper to use it as opposed to windows, yet a couple of weeks ago the Australian govt chose window because when they looked at TCO, the maintenance cost were far great than windows! Please go by facts and not personal preference when commenting because while I might like office, I respect that you have a right not to...... So the tai govt as a right to use whatever they please.

Moving third world countries to Office 365 is a smart move.  You can't pirate the cloud.

They are by no means third world!
Speaking of third world, New York's under 5 mortality rate is higher than that of Beijing!

So the students and teachers will get it free. But the country is footing the bill for it. In a 5 year agreement? What do you think the yearly invoice amount $ would be? Lol.

There are many options for office 365 for education, including a totally free one, but no desktop apps with google's. However, msft is smart, where they say pay us 3 dollars per month per use and we will give you latest and greatest office. They have a chance to get an extra income unlike google that does not have direct paid option for google apps for eduction.

More likely the thai government paid for 2/month x 8million x 12 x 5=960million. Not bad at all.

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Micro$oft isn't giving it free for a year, all of us which pay for Micro$oft software and subscriptions are paying for it.

There's no such a thing as a freebie someone pays for it.

India management schools also needs office 365 subscription. Many companies have bought 365. Now they have to target management schools

Too poor?! You must be smoking some good stuff.
Thailand is an Asian Tiger economy...it isn't rich, but it is by no means poor.

Great move to make Microsoft services dominates and popular in all students, businesses, homes and In the fields of computer science.

Thailand military complete a coup d'etat. I hope it doesn't turn into a bloody conflict


It also goes without saying that this whole Office 365 news article is probably null and void. Thailand has bigger fish to fry now. Such a shame, as they are wonderfully friendly people...and it's a beautiful country