Microsoft Research Network Speed Test Windows 8

Microsoft releases Network Speed Test app for Windows 8

If you’re running both Windows Phone and Windows you’re probably like us in that you love seeing the same app for both platforms. There’s something about that unified design and similar functionality that just makes us giddy. So even if we’re late to the party, we’re happy to see Microsoft Research’s Network Speed Test app on Windows 8.

A handful of weeks back we saw Network Speed Test hit the Windows Phone Store. You can now grab the app in the Windows Store. They both share a similar design and feature set. Which is a good thing if you’re looking for a simple app to check the speed of your network. Here’s what you can measure with the app:

  • Network Delay
  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed

Network Speed Test for Windows 8
In snap. Or whatever you call it in Windows 8.1

In addition to those three variables. You can also see some more info about your current network. Things like connection type, network name, internet status, host name, access point BSSID, authentication, encryption, and a history of your results.

The app is put out by Microsoft Research. Using servers around the globe they’ll check your connection speed. It’s a good way to help keep your ISP and carriers honest about their advertised service. It’s also handy because Microsoft collects a few characteristics of the data that they’ll hopefully use to improve their understanding of network quality and availability. And to all the folks out there with tinfoil hats on, Microsoft can’t connect the data the app sends to you.

If this is something you want on your Surface or desktop be sure to head on over to the Windows Store to grab it.  It's a free app so you've got nothing to lose.

P.S. I'm at a coffee shop. My speeds are normally a little faster than that ;)


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Microsoft releases Network Speed Test app for Windows 8


Did you send them a tip? That's how they find out such things. Community man, community.

What's your point? We can't post about apps we find and like if they came out a week or two ago? I'm sorry. We'll start posting apps that are new in the Store withing the past ten minutes.

Hey Sam, this app works fine on my phone (Lumia 920) and desktop (Windows 8.1) but on my Surface RT (8.1) it gives me a much slower speed (2 - 3Mbps vs 11 - 12Mbps I get on the other devices) . Have you noticed this or is it just my RT?

Thanks for posting Sam. I don't have the time to sift through every single app submission. These types of articles are useful to the majority of us!

Not to be much of a bother, but if it's Spartan Assault then please... within the 10 minutes it's released put a story about it, even if it's just a title saying "Suit up Spartan and Get your Assault on!" with just a link to both the Winows (Phone) 8 versions. :D /can't wait for it, sorry.

Ten minutes? That's outrageous! I need my WP8 news bleeding edge not coagulated. Don't you know how valuable my time is? Sorry..gotta go...a line is forming and I want another latte. 

I think the point he's trying to make is if you want to provide news you should be a little quicker on the draw. 2 week old isn't exactly the best look for WPC.

Same. I didn't know about it either. There's a certain warm feeling people get when pointing out something that was "so five minutes ago". Thanks!

I understand what you and WPC is saying, but the reason most people come to these websites is because they want to know what they don't. It is one thing to review an existing app, and another when you call it flashing news, where 80% have already downloaded and used it.
Please don't get me wrong. I love WPC and that's why I am here, but that doesn't mean we start beating on someone who mearly mentioned a fact about the app being two weeks old.

I honestly didn't know about the app and if I did that wouldn't of been my first post (out of respect to Sam). & I seriously doubt 80% is an accurate number...
Maybe we should start beating on you for your exaggerated estimate!

First, it was his "tone" that was the problem...not what he said exactly. 2nd, it kinda was what he said. These guys are constantly putting out breaking new on phones coming out, carriers picking up phones, possible buy-outs, minute by minute coverage of different conventions, reviews of apps, contests, and new apps. So if one story is a day or 2 off, then my friend you expect way too miuch. And do you have mathematic evidence that 80% of the people on this site have downloaded it? I haven't on either device (basically my pc doesnt count...still got W7) but just downloaded on my phone now....and I'm an avid reader. Everybody complaining should get their heads out of their a##es and go outside for a while...have some tea, and relax.

I already have this and was certain that I was tipped by wpcentral, lmao! As it appears from the comments above...that's not the case, lol!

"It’s a good way to help keep your ISP and carriers honest about their advertised service."

If only...
You know how my ISP wants us to do the speedtests? "Boot the computer in security mode and run the tests".
Last time they told me this I started laughing at their faces and refused.
Yeah. 'cause we buy a certain internet speed to use on a computer that is started in security mode...not at a computer started normally. Obviously:P

Even then if the speed is slow they'll just claim environmental conditions out of their control, like bad wiring or congestion.

Maybe it chooses a server far away to test latency. says latency is ~50ms and this apps says latency is ~500ms.

I have this app on both windows 8 and wp8. On wp8 it never worked and on windows 8 it always works... Go figure...

Fair enough, I was just a bit surprised TBH, and kind of gloating at I have and internet speed that actually looks impressive for once.

While I love your enthusiasm... Don't tell Microsoft what you said... We want them to keep trying.. Ok, sweet pea❔

Advantage number two, it uses barely any memory, especially when compared to Firefox. It's also smaller in size and more aesthetically pleasing.

You're kind of asking what's the advantage of an app over the full website version.

I really like the design and interface of this app. More stuff like this across all platforms from Microsoft is good. I like the uniformity. Have it on my Windows Phone, Surface RT, and Win8 PC. Like a champ.

Ehh... I Ran it and got a really crappie results on both wired and wireless. Wish I knew what servers were getting hit on my 50 meg connection

Its old news! but its always good to tell people who dont check other sites about apps like this.
of course i cant say this app is the best to see your network speed, but its still a decent app and it will improve over time :)

I'm quite confused with the test results from my ATIV S and Surface RT. According to the WP8 version, my network speed is this:
Upload: 10Mbps
Download: 13~15 Mpbs
but according to the Win8/RT version, the results are:
Upload: 11.xxMbps
Download: 3.76Mpbs (max value)
The upload speed is much faster than download one, which doesn't make any sense to me.....
According to my ISP, I'm using 50Mbps ADSL service, the download/upload speed ratio is approximately at 4:1, both my Surface RT and ATIV S connect to the same WIFI router, they are tested separately, not at the same time.

I have 10mbps down 1mbps up on my phone it says exactly that every single time, on my laptop it says 2-3 mbps down and 1mbps up