Microsoft rumoured to be testing a 'translucent aluminum' smartwatch

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Microsoft has begun prototyping smartwatch devices under the Surface team, according to sources familiar with company plans. Microsoft was previously reported to have been testing a smartwatch prototype by the Xbox accessories team, with the original plan of a "Joule" heart rate monitor. It has been confirmed that prototypes include a variety of removable wrist bands in blue, red, yellow, black, white and grey. 

AmongTech claims that prototypes are housed in Oxynitride Aluminium, an expensive "translucent aluminium" that is said to be three times tougher than glass. It's believed Microsoft is testing the hardware with a modified version of Windows 8, with plans to integrate the devices with other hardware within the Windows ecosystem. Amongtech also claims that some prototypes include 6GB of storage and LTE support. It has been suggested that notifications and music control support will both be present.

It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft plans to introduce a smartwatch alongside its array of products and what the devices will be able to perform. We've looked at numerous kickstarters for "smartwatches," but we're sure everyone would rather see an official product from Redmond.

via: The Verge, AmongTech


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Microsoft rumoured to be testing a 'translucent aluminum' smartwatch


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No he didn't. "your" denotes belonging, so its "your job application" as "you're" is short for "you are" saying "you are job application" is pretty dumb.

That list of features is ridiculous. I'd much rather forego LTE on a watch for better battery life. Other than that sounds pretty cool although pretty infeasible too (to club in all those features - another sim card size change? an LTE modem? Battery that can last a day with LTE and a decently sized screen ? ). Personally i'd like to see integration with my WP, say for basic music controls, directions, notifications of some kind and the ability to make or end a call also using the phonebook. Any health related features are secondary, but thats just me :)

The last watch I wore was 13 years ago. It had a battery that lasted years. I'm not buying a watch I have to charge. It's absurd. We do not need to be that connected.

I buy a couple new watches every year. Its about the only jewelry a guy can wear. I'd love to buy this, just don't make it look cheap like that pen that comes with the Surface Pro.

I have one watch I don't use because I'm always breaking them. I've broken my focus a few times also, I should get a sundial instead.

I have a citizen ecodrive watch that doesn't require batteries, charging, or any of that nonsense. Maybe they'll implement something similar

10/10 would buy. Although lte would be ridiculous if the consumer has to pay another contract for it. If it was integrated with my WP's data plan and Data Sense, I would buy this in a heartbeat.

I'm down for it! Although, I may not like the idea of having LTE. Maybe Bluetooth 4.0 LE would be a better connectivity in my opinion plus it would save battery.

If they get it out before Apple or Samsung then at least they'll be leading. If it takes them a year after Apple then it is a pointless venture.

Still waiting to see a phone arrive that is genuinely useful.  Next year will be an interesting space to watch with the rumors from Apple, Samsung and now Microsoft.
(Interesting how there's no Google in that list.  Given that Samsung could open its own app store tomorrow, Google must be sitting worried)

Notifications in smartwatch... That's nice.. But what about notifications in smartphone u promised?. I d rather have a MS glass than a 1.5" smartwatch which i ll only use for controlling my music. There are immensely more possibilities with a camera and microphone on a device such as google glass than a watch. I ll wait and see how its incorporated.

Oh you are happy with toast notifications?.. Maybe u r happy with the current version of the OS itself. Strange man u r.. Not looking forward to improvements..

I wonder if Microsoft is providing support for the Agent Smart Watch, which is supposed to be compatible with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework... maybe they're working with these guys on the project? I'm all for a Surface Watch, as long as it's equipped with a steel-cutting laser beam of course.

Haha! A watch. How retro. They should go even more retro and make a smart pocket watch... oh wait, that's called a smartphone.

Oh come on! Making dat making this making that. Making all.
nothing on the top -.- u better focus on one thing microsoft.