Microsoft Store slashes the price of Xbox One to $449.99 USD

A few days ago, Microsoft dropped the price of their Xbox One Titanfall bundle to $449.99. We are now receiving reports that the Microsoft has slashed $50 off their entire line of Xbox One units.

As of now, the Xbox One Titanfall Edition and Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5 both are running $449.99 at the Microsoft Store and a few other retailers..

In addition to the two major bundles being slashed in the United States, Microsoft has also reduced the cost of their Xbox One Complete Bundle, Xbox One Ultimate Bundle, and Xbox One Play and Charge Bundle all by around $50.

s Xbox One entertainment console has made unprecedented sales and surpassed the sales rate of its predecessor, the Xbox 360. As of now, we are unsure if Microsoft is simply putting their console on sale for a short period or if the Xbox One is receiving a permanent price drop. We have reached out to Microsoft for an official comment.

To view the current Xbox One bundles, click here to visit the Microsoft Store.

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Microsoft Store slashes the price of Xbox One to $449.99 USD


lol they could not have botched a console launch any worse. When Steve Jobs said you were holding your iPhone wrong then later offered a rubberband and basically said if you didn't like it reture it. I never bought another iPhone. Such is the case with when the first MS employee blabbered off on twitter about the connection oriented DRM being the future and if you don't have it too bad, then to have Don Matrix telling people there is a 360 for those who don't have an internet connection. Alas the timing to package the console with the Kinnect amist of NSA leaks then back paddle after the xbox brand is sullied  by every known media outlet and to have an under powered console to boot was a total PR disaster. I have owned the two previous consoles xbox consoles, but this one I am skipping out on I will just keep to PC gaming...

A little dramatic... I'm with you on the DMR but bringing up the NSA sounds a little paranoid. Do you think your PC is safer than a Xbox?

Need to do something to catch up with Sony. But regardless of the reason I'm happy to see a price drop so maybe I can actually afford one sooner.

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No, they don't. There's this silly concept going around that MS or Sony are only successful if they're beating the other in console sales. That wasn't true for Nintendo in the N64 or GameCube days and it isn't true for either MS or Sony now. If they're selling a crapload of consoles and selling software and services with them, they're successful. Besides, Xbox One is only available in 13 countries to Sony's 50+. This console generation has only just begun and both consoles are a resounding success so far.

Yup, contrary to the actual sales numbers MS has made more revenue from the X1 than Sony has with the PS4. Gamers seem to only care about the actual sales numbers, the companies care about the money coming in.

Actually yes they do. The majority of money made for a console is from software sells. Smaller install base equates to less money.

Nope. You're still basing it one side or the other "winning." As long as they're making money, that's all that matters.

However, playing your game temporarily, in spite of the fact that the PS4 has more sales (though not by that much really), software sales on Xbox consoles is much higher than PS. There are also far more Xbox Live subscribers, which adds to Microsoft's totals. It's not always about more consoles sold (Nintendo has proven that multiple times in the past).

Oh please. Don't be an apologist. It's just sad. When the 360 was beating the pants off the PS3 you lot were crowing all day long about it. Now that the Xbox has fallen behind it sales numbers suddenly don't matter and you have to make up reasons for why it's "successful". Get real.

Uh huh.....  

psychotron did you infact hear or read jcutting "crow(ing) all day long" about 360 sales?  

Secondly there is no necessary contradiction between two different criteria.  One being "sucessful" sales rates and the second being "the best sales".

Third, you have said nothing to back up your idea that reasons why the Xbox One is sucessful are "made up".   I am well aware that both of the last generation consoles were sold at a loss for years with profit being made on the sales of games.

psychotron, overall I'd say you're full of shit....    back up what your going to say instead of simply smearing someone's argument.

Lol, are you serious? Every time you turned around there was a 360 fan throwing sales numbers in the face of PS3 fans, and now you guys act like it doesn't matter? Microsoft has been able to brag about nothing so far except beating their own sales numbers. You're the ones who are full of shit. Hypocrites.

So let's translate internet hyperbole.   Have you heard jcutting say "X"?

No...  it's "you guys."

You did not respond to the idea that there are multiple criteria for sales; sufficient and superior.   Sufficient sales is not equivalent to "made up" reasons...

And riddle me this, genius. How else do you explain the price drop if they're not trying to get ahead? They don't just cut prices on a high dollar item like this because they happen to be feeling generous.

Who said MS doesn't want to "get ahead", that's an absurd concept.   Of course they want to sell well and try to resolve reputation and "perceived wisdom" ideas. 

Genius boy, you clearly have never had any experience with rhetoric or critical thinking have you?   What other kitchen sink ideas are you going to be throwing out next?


What's funny about it?  

Dofus is spinning off ideas like an unbalanced washing machine.  It's just best if someone can create an argument like they have a clue, instead of randomly spinning off ideas hoping one of them will stick.

Not to flame or anything, but XBone has so far sold similarly to Wii U, let's hope their sales won't plummet in the same way.

that's a no....   The Wii U was a generation behind when it came out.  It came out with a control unit that to my understanding is still marginally utilized.   And as opposed to the Kinect, the hand held unit of the WiiU is a central control method.

I'm not comparing the devices, I'm comparing their sales. And based on that, hoping that XBone will not see a similar dip.

I understand.  I think the characteristics of the device has a strong influence on sales though and my laying it out the way I did is just an expression of why I think the Wii U's been having issues.   I don't think the Xbox One will have the same degree of issues.   It certainly may take some time to hit its' stride though....

PS4 is "available" in more countries, but they don't seem to be pushing too many units to all the markets. Not sure what approach is better, spreading thin over number of markets, or limiting number of markets until they are well saturated, before moving further.

Re price war. I think it is quite important to have as good initial sales as you can. A lot of people buy consoles based on what their friends have - mouth-to-ear recommendation, opportunity to try it in more comfortable situation than shop (with bunch of other people breathing down your neck), and eventually, you do want to play games with your friends, so if they already have this or that console, it will statistically boost chance that you might buy the same.

Also... more early sales can motivate more developers to choose that platform as their primary one, or show more love in other ways (additional exclusive content etc, free DLC). Eventually, initial good start can turn into avalanche effect... so yeah, I can understand why is MS trying so hard to keep momentum.

Actually, I hear Sony's going to increase the price of the PS4 by $50 and include their motion sensor with it. So, which would you prefer if they're both $450?

They already have increased the price of the PS4 in Canada, and didn't even include the sensor bar! And the Canadian dollar is little changed since November, so that's not an excuse.

Im not!! I paid the full fckin price for this now they drop it 50$+a game. What about the early adopters?!

That is the tradeoff for being impatient. Everyone knows there will be price drops after a while.

I have one, and its a bit disappointing when compared to the 360. I'd say save your $ and resist temptation for now. I also must say I have never had a launch console that I used so little. Kids even went back to Wii. The games get boring after 2 weeks. I just remember the 360 launch and I never turned the Xbox back on after that day, this is the opposite.

Its probably my games, but its a little sad I went back to Black Ops 2 and Forza 4. :-\

I have Titanfall and the Titanfall controller. It's ok, but I guess it's a little disappointing as well however with respect to match making. They promised better matching with the Xbox one, they being MS, not Respawn, yet I consistently get thrown into matches with people that have "Prestiged" 7-9 times, while I haven't Prestiged once yet. Makes for an annoying game, especially when I know it could have been better.

No, we'll see a $399 Xbox one before the year is out. They can't afford it to stay at $500 long term.

Sony PS4 and Xbox One sales are similar. PS4 is in 50+ countries and Xbox One in 12 countries.

Xbox software sales are rumoured to be outselling PS4's.

Sony is rumoured to put the price up and include their effort of a camera/sensor.

What cant MS afford?

Sales are NOT similar. PS4 has sold over 6.1 million units as of a few weeks ago, and Xbox One had sold less than 4 million in the same timeframe. That's not the end of the world--both are still selling reasonably well, but worldwide, PS4 is outselling Xbox one by significant numbers. The two best ways for Microsoft to fight back are to line up as many exclusive games as possible, and to drop the price. We've already been seeing significant sales on Xbox one, bundling it with games and gift cards, since January. That tells you it isn't meeting the numbers they want it to, so they're trying to entice customers.

As for rumors of Sony changing the bundle and hacking up the price, that's just silly. They may well sell a *second* bundle that includes the camera, but they will not raise the price on the current bundle unless currency fluctuations demand it, as happened in Canada.

Microsoft can't afford to let PS4 continue to be the runaway sales leader over the long haul. They NEED to spur sales, and they're smart enough to know that--all the sales and now bundles are proof enough of that.

Mark my words: Xbox one will see a permanent price drop this year. Maybe $449, but I'd say $399 is much more likely.

I bet it will. Only time will tell! If Microsoft is smart, they'll hit $399 by whatever means necessary.

So within a year of the release they are going to permanently drop the price by a hundred dollars, and this is for a console that may have a seven year plus lifespan.   I don't think so.  I think that if this $50.00 drop is permanent, that will be it except for the occasional sale price.

Yes, because $499 is not a long term sustainable price, especially when we're still in a down economy and there's a competing platform with superior specs for $100 less. Back in 2006 Sony launched ps3 at $499/599, and it was well under a year before they not only dropped the price by $100 permanently, but doubled the storage on the new, lower priced model. Similarly, they dropped it *again* under a year after that.

The fact is that no matter what a system offers, $500 is not a long term sustainable price point. The number of people willing to spend that much on a toy--and lets not kid ourselves here, PS4 and Xbox one are TOYS--simply is not a large number. Right now, PS4 has already sold 50% more systems than Microsoft has. That lead is growing day by day. Microsoft needs to mitigate that by bundling games, dropping price, and expanding sales to many more countries.

I agree with you that they may try a permanent $449 before dipping to $399. It's certainly within the realm of possibility. I think that's going to come down to how aggressive they decide to get.

As someone else mentioned, the success of Xbox one is no more contingent upon beating Sony's numbers than has Nintendo's success ever been. But there is nevertheless a simple truth to selling games and consoles: if you want to sell more games, which is where most of the profit really is, then you need to sell more systems.

So your argument shows the PS3 as launching at $600 in the US in late 2006 and it took them a year to drop the price to the current launch price of the Xbox One.  

I'm having a hard time finding a web site showing the history of the PS3 price cuts over time.   However, given the idea that the PS3 was launched for $600 in the US eight years ago and likely took years to drop to $400, I still see the likelihood of a drop to $400 in the US within a year of the Xbox One's release as very unlikely.   If the current price cut is permanent, it will likely stay at that rate for some time and not receive another price drop within a year's time.

I have not seen figures that the PS4 has doubled the sales of the Xbox One to date, nor that the rate of uptake is increasing daily.   That kind of language sounds like hyperbole to me.

I certainly agree that Microsoft needs to keep sales high and perceptions of the Xbox One positive, I just fail to see that it is being blown away in sales and that MS needs to panic and start a firesale within a year of release.

No, you've misread. The PS3 launched in 2006 with 2 SKU's: one at $599 (60GB) and the other at $499 (20GB). 7 MONTHS later, the 20GB was discontinued and replaced by a 40GB for $399. The 60GB dropped to $499. It did not take "years", it was merely months, and it was because the system's sales rate was significantly behind both Xbox 360 and Wii (Wii, of course, kicked everyone's ass :). That's the same position in which Xbox One now finds itself: significantly behind its competition.

Second, I didn't say PS4 had doubled sales of Xbox One, I said it had 50% greater sales. As of NPD a few weeks ago, Xbox One had sold 3.9 million units worldwide, while PS4 had sold 6.1 million units. That's more than a 50% lead enjoyed by PS4. Given that they launched so close together, there is only one way that disparity can happen: PS4 is selling at a faster rate than Xbox One. That doesn't mean Xbox One is a failure, and though the fanboys and trolls will read it that way, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is: Xbox One is selling more slowly than its chief competition, and that's a circumstance that MS won't want to see continue for the long term. They will naturally want at least some degree of parity in sales so developers continue to have reason to support their platform or even offer exclusives. The more units they sell, the more leverage they have to get development studios to commit to exclusive titles. Moreover, the fact that PS4's lead continues to grow, not shrink, also tells you that its sales rate is increasing more than is Xbox One's. With any luck, the recent rash of sales and inclusion of free games will have turned some of the tide in MS's favor--but we won't know that until next month's NPD.

Certainly, I don't think they should panic. But dropping the system to PS4's price level is hardly what I'd call a "fire sale". It's just a smart tactical move to increase the number of units sold.

That said, I also think that they need to make sure they can get content deals in place with other countries so that some of the Xbox One's unique features are actually relevant outside the US. Right now, most countries can't make use of things like the channel guide or a number of other features, which in turn means they have less reason to pay a premium over a PS4 to get those features. Why pay extra for something you can't use anyway, when a more powerful competing product is cheaper? I wouldn't do that, and I don't think you probably would either. Why would anyone? :).

"So your argument shows the PS3 as launching at $600 in the US in late 2006 and it took them a year to drop the price to the current launch price of the Xbox One."   Or seven months....   that still leaves the PS3 as launching at a higher price than the Xbox One has launched now.   So how long did it take for the upper model to drop to $400.00.   Over a year no doubt, and likely several.

Yes, you are right I misinterpreted the sales as doubling, yes it likely is around 50 percent more.   That said I still hold that MS is very unlikely to do a permanent price drop of a hundred dollars within a year of release of the Xbox One.   We shall see, won't we?

What possibly could the gaming elite complain about now. A multimedia gaming machine with a game that's the price of the PS4. Yeah the Xbox is $399 plus the price of a game.

Judging by recent price fluctuations and amount of time that passed, I would say it's a permanent drop. I'm still waiting for Black Friday for it to drop more..

True, but when you take away the cost of the pack-in then they pretty much cut the price by 20%. Either way, should help in the marketplace

It matters. Professionalism may be an alien concept to you and not matter when you're submitting your homework; but meanwhile, in the real world...

I like to use "I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse" vs "I helped my uncle jack off a horse." Now there's a mistake you don't want to make.

Microsoft store site says 'limited time offer'. But maybe it will be permanent? Difficult to say.

That's exactly what it is: MS getting aggressive. It's what they SHOULD be doing. It's what they should have done at launch. $499 was never going to be a long term sustainable price.

If they bundle it with Assassins Creed IV or when AC Unity comes out, if they keep this price or something lower I might actually buy one. I don't need or want the Kinect. Remove its price and put a good game in the bundle and I might buy it instead of a PS4 (which I have no intention of buying until the media restrictions are removed. If Sony puts those capabilities back, then I get the PS4 instead)

This whole "I don't want or need the Kinect" business is silly. It's an integrated part of using the Xbox, just like the standard controller.
The first time you say "Xbox On" and it powers up the Xbox, your TV, and stereo, then you'll see the value. That alone makes it worth the extra $100 IMO.
My TV is down stairs, as I reach the bottom of the stairs I say "Xbox On," then by the time I reach the couch everything is powered up and I say "Xbox, Go To -XXX-" and that app or game starts up. All that without ever having lifted a remote. BRILLIANT.

It's "an integrated part of using the Xbox" if you're American.

Guess what? I'm not. Therefore, all the voice features of the Kinect are useless to me.

Besides, I don't want to give voice commands to the Xbox. Nor do I want it always on. Nor any of the features it uses because 99% of them are only for the US (Netflix and all that stuff. We don't have any of that here). And I'm not going to make Skype calls on it. Nor browse the net.

The use I would give an Xbox is exactly the same I now give to my PS3. I'd want it for normal gaming and to stream stuff from my PC. Nothing else. So no. I don't want the Kinect and I'm sure as hell not paying an extra 100€ for something I don't want nor will I use.

You speak English correct? You obviously write it fluently. So what's to stop you from using the Kinect voice commands? While I understand some people may not be in the position to use it 100% initially, the long term benefit of including it out weighs the short term loss of a few missed sales. I think what they have with the Kinect is only 10% of its potential. Can't wait to see what is coming down the road.

But if you are so butt hurt over being "forced" to spend what is now only $50 or so more on the X1, then maybe you should just skip it an go with PS4. I think people like you spend more money/time complaining about the inclusion of the Kinect than it actually costs to buy it.

Yes I speak fluent English. But does the Kinect recognise British English? (Because the Bing voice search on WP is a nightmare to use). Also, when I'm at home gaming, I want to relax. And, heck, use my own language.
I've just explained you all the reasons why the Kinect is completely useless to me. And I'm not alone since many people demand its removal too or, at least, a version without it. If you want to be a silly fanboy who wants to impose his choices to other consumers just "because", fine. Don't expect others to take you very seriously though.
And...I've also explained why I'm not buying a PS4. So it's very simple: presently none of the new-generation consoles offers me what I want for my money. The PS4 offers everything I want gaming related but not media related. The Xbox One offers me less than I want gaming related (I'm not forgeting the 720p vs 1080p resolution here but I'm willing to overlook that) and more than I need media related at a higher price.
The first one to solve that: Sony's update to bring media streaming back or Microsoft's removal of the kinect (or substantial price cut), gets my money and purchase. Plain and simple.
None of them offers that? Fine. My PS3 is still a powerhouse and serves me extremely well.

And does it work properly? Because, as I said, Bing on WP is supposed to be localised too. But the voice search is a disaster and only seems to recognise the American accent (unlike Google's Search voice option)

Honestly, I don't know..I am in Canada...just going off of the stuff Albert Penello had said around the launch of the X1. But, the voice stuff on WP is by TellMe, which even has a hard time understanding me; I don't think the voice recognition on the X1 is through the same service so it may or may not be better.

Just registered to say that I'm Australian, and even with the requisite 'accent' and oddities of Australian English, the Xbox One and it's voice commands work really well. It's only when I've got the surround sound turned up quite loud that the Kinect starts to struggle (it doesn't help that my center channel speaker is right behind the Kinect). I was skeptical I'd ever use the voice commands before I bought the Xbox One, but now they're just a semi-natural ancilliary control system that I use in tandem with the controller; controller for navigation within apps and the UI, and voice commands for anything that takes more than a few button presses like snapping an app, or switching from a game to TV or the Store.

It's definitely not conversational voice, it's still very rigid in the way you have to perform them, but it's a lot better than I expected it to be. Just speak clearly and remember to use full game names (Forza Motorsport 5 != Forza 5), and you'll probably be fine.

Then why do you bother even reading or posting on the articles? Microsoft is not going to change their mind. Amd the price is already dropping, so your cost concern is becoming less valid. Just play your PS3 and let it be.

You clearly haven't read a SINGLE word I wrote from the beginning. Do us all a favour...avoid replying to comments if you haven't read them. Your replies are clearly useless.


thank you kwajr!!!!    as if Microsoft's long term goals need to revolve around DJCBS's personal piques with a product.

I am a huge fan of Kinect 2's integration into the Xbox One OS. I think it's fantastic, a huge distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the comparably boring PS4, and I hope Microsoft never compromises on their dream for X1: it shoudl always be bundled in. If some people don't want it, fine: they can keep it in the box or sell it to someone else. There are a lot of products that have extra features that you can't pick and choose from. That's life. Especially now that the X1, at $450 with a game included is cheaper than the PS4, there is no reason at all for people to gripe about Kinect getting bundled in.

Which is why I said that if they bundle it with a game I like such as Assassin's Creed IV or the upcoming AC Unity, I might get it. What I would never do is pay an extra 100€ for something that is useless to me.

Not sure what country you are in, but there are other countries that all the voice commands work in and 8 languages it supports (at least as of launch).

I'm in Portugal. The console is only expected to arrive in September (not that it really matters since I always have them shipped from Germany or the UK because here retailers always put the prices higher then they're supposed to)

Ah ok, well both the UK and Germany consoles have full voice support and Portugeuse is one of the supported languages, not that it really matters just thought I would make it known.

Thank you for the information ;) (though I bet it only recognises Brazilian Portuguese which is nothing like the original European version. Think British and American English but 100x worse lol)

I understand, like Spanish between Spain and Latin American, or French between France and Quebec. With X1's being manufactured in Brazil I think you might be correct about which Portuguese is recognized.

I could be wrong, but Kinect is an integrated part regardless of where one lives. And to everyone who says, 'i not paying 100 dollars for kinect...', please enlighten me. Was it documented or stated that the Kinect itself is responsible for an additional $100 to the base price of an Xbox One? Or is it based on something else (the price of a PS4, for example) that assumes the value of the Kinect? It's likely you are not paying $100 for the Kinect. Much the same way removal of an Xbox controller would not equate to a $59.99 drop in the price of the console.

All these idiots comparing the One to the 360. You can't compare them because AGE is why the 360 is a beast and superior to any console. The One will get there one day but it takes more than a few months and system updates to do it. Its going to take years, just like the 360 did. Get it through your thick skulls.

While I agree, there are a few things that have been available on 360 for years. And its pretty silly that they aren't available on the One. Things like external storage and the controller battery notifications are just basic features we should expect from any new console.

That being said, I love my X1!

Those features will come. It takes time to code that stuff, especially since Microsoft had to scramble to re-work so much after the post-E3 system changes. I'm actually quite impressed with how many updates have come so far.

to be fair, the 360 didn't include USB hard drive support out of the gate either. That was something that was added in quite a few years into its existence. And even then, it started out only going up to 8GB and was only recently (like in the last year or so) expanded to use 32gb usb sticks... that wasn't there from the beginning, but added years later...

What we're promised to get with teh XBOX One, are no memory limits to the USB hard drives we can add to the system... so, it'll be better and its rumored to come sometime this year...

Just ordered mine today. Picking it up tomorrow when I head to town.

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Great move by MS to spur more sales up for the One. This is actually cheaper than copping a ps4 w/ infamous and eye toy.

It's actually cheaper than a PS4 with just Infamous, not even including the Eye Toy. This makes the X1 incredibly appealing. It has way more features, better games, and a lower pricepoint now than PS4.

No denying this bundle is a decent deal. That said, infamous 3 is a fantastic game. Both systems, in the long haul, will be well worth owning.

Titanfall bundle at $449 made me pull the trigger on number 2 for the living room. Sold the game (because I think it sucks) and reduced the cost to $399. My wife goes on and on about how great it is that she doesn't have to mess with inputs anymore to watch tv, blurays, Hulu or Netflix now. The house is more peaceful.

The song of the pathetic. Unhappy wife, then divorce the bitch and get a happy one. Just kidding, somewhat.

lippidp, this is twice now that you're using degrading terms about women...

this is a Windows Phone site, if someone wants to say "happy wife, happy life" fucking let them.  You don't have to puke up your bile on them...

shut the fuck up....



you're already showing a pattern of using degrading language about women and there's no reason for me to "lighten up" about it jerk...

just like last time you prove yourself to be an idiot...

again, if someone who's home relationship and home life is likely much better than yours wants to say "happy wife, happy life", I'd suggest that you shut the fuck up.   No one needs to hear your opinion about what pathetic is, nor your relationship advise.


I have rejected your suggestion as you are obviously a big fucken pussy. Now here's a suggestion for you: lick my balls... Hahahaha. This is so much fun!!!

you're a crass idiot, of course you'd reject the suggestion to not be an crass idiot.


Ya, I can't say enough how crazy convenient that is. I can't wait to get a second one. Gonna have to wait for that price to drop a bit more though for me.

Picked up my Titanfall bundle yesterday. The XB1 is cool, but still very much a beta version. The OS hangs quite a bit and I have to power down and back up sometimes to unfreeze live TV and games sometimes. There are some noticeable missing features, like the ability to open/browse movies stored on my home PC. And HBO Go is still absent from the store. That being said I still love this thing.

Until i see Gears of War 4 there will be no xbox one purchase and god of war 4 must be on ps4 for a purchase

Gears was like my heroine. I had a lot of sleepless nights with that game. Loved that multiplayer. Looking forward to the next one.

$50 discount does not equal price slashing ! 

Thats a small discount for a product that isn't selling well, primarily because its too expensive !

So Sony PS4 and Xbox have similar sales. Sony in 50+ countries and Xbox in 12 countries = Xbox not selling well haha

i'm a huge 360 fan and wouldnt take a POS 4 if you paid me, but youre wrong.

Doesn't matter how u try to sugar coat the results but sony is belting MS currently, primarily because the One is far to expensive.

Never pays to be an early adopter.

First, Apple does it with the original iPhone.

Next, Microsoft does it with the original Surface.

Now, they're doing it with the XB1.


This is a great deal. Much better overall package than anything Sony is offering. If you've been contemplating getting an XB1 this is as good as any time to do it. Enjoying the hell out of mine.

wow, fanboys still around this gen. think i'll skip the nerdrage systems this gen, maybe forever. are people still gaving 0/10 reviews on metacritics for other systems exclusives theyve never played?

i hope microsoft continues to be aggressive with the x1, speaking as someone who owns both an X1 and a PS4 i can honestly say i enjoy both of them. They are both great consoles, and each has its pros and cons. Although i do find myself using my X1 significantly more often than my ps4. I have alot more friends rocking an X1 than a ps4 so maybe its for the social aspect of it, but the multimedia capabilities, gaming capabilities, and voice commands make it my go to device for console gaming. PS4 is a awesome console as well though, and i will say that it has a clean interface and fast install times, but i still absolutely abhor the controller even if it is better than the dualshock3.

There's no way in hell I am going to miss this generation of console, that's just a stupid concept.   I'll get my Xbox One when I have the cash to do so.   Then, IF there are sufficient must have games for the PS4, I'll get one of those as well.

I can tell you now though, I have both of the last generation consoles and I commonly fire up the Xbox 360 to play games and such and rarely fire up the PS3.   But that's me....

Lol poor sales, now they have to drop the price just to sell. Id be a bit pissed off if i got it for full price a few months ago.

Why I bought it, worth every penny. I don't regret it at all.

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