Microsoft Stores offering a free Windows Phone with a $499 purchase

We've heard of this deal before but now we can see the flyer for itself to verify: if you live near a Microsoft Store and you spend $499 or more, presumably on a new desktop or laptop PC, you can pick up a free Windows Phone, carrier free.

Eligible phones include the discontinued HTC Surround, LG Quantum, HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro. No word if this will extend to cover Generation 2 devices, though we'll keep an eye out for anything. Here's a list of all the Microsoft Stores to see if you live near one.

via: Fat Wallet; Thanks for everyone who tipped us in the past on this


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Microsoft Stores offering a free Windows Phone with a $499 purchase


Tip for Microsoft: get those in-store demo phones updated to Mango, like TODAY. I know you've probably got a custom version of the OS on those phones, given the extra demo messages popping up, but... Really?

Yeah if they're still demoing NoDo, ten that would be an extremely bad job by Microsoft. Even Sprint stores are demoing Mango already!

There's definitely not a demo OS version on them... The counters are just for promotional photos and videos.

At my local MS store, the phones are running live NoDo variants. Consumer phones do not popup feature callout messages. I checked them all.

Sweet. If only it is here in Indonesia. I would love the introduction promoting free phones as family pack. Skype will benefit most and the meeting real time showing location-something feature.

It's a great way to get more Windows Phones into the wild, but unfortunately there are so few Microsoft stores in the US (I'm nt sure about other countries). AThough I would like a free DVP even though I already have a Windows Phone. I could give that VP to someone and hopefully convert them to Windows Phone.