Microsoft Xbox E3 Liveblog!

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We're here in Los Angeles for Microsoft's big Xbox announcements. Stay tuned as we report the morning's events and you can join in and share your thoughts.


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Microsoft Xbox E3 Liveblog!


The WPCentral app doesn't preserve the capital letters in the link. View this comment from Mobile IE or on your PC and you'll see the right image.

It worked well on mine.  I went to the full site on IE on my WP, then clicked the little Play button.  Saw the whole thing!

Holy crap, Microsoft is hitting Consumer hard! I'm not even a gamer, but got excited about this stuff.

So with Smart Glass...is it tablet and phone to Xbox only or phone to tablet also. That's what I need.

I'm sure the communication will be universal. I think MS didn't go into detail cause they had to stick with the game theme.

I do not think it is going to be Phone to Tablet talking (a DLNA replacement).  It is going to be the Xbox Companion with a TON more features and available on iOS and Android also.

The features on glass are.... How do I say it... AWSOME!!!!!!. Pinch to zoom IE and Bing. Its soo exciting to be a Microsoft fan right now. IPhone and Android eat your heart out.

I had the same thought... Zune already handles Music + Music Videos for all three devices. A little disappointed that it's being renamed "Xbox Music." Even with them rebranding Xbox as an all-in-one entertainment machine, it still seems weird.

I was a bit confused on how that whole Smart Glass thing in relation to gaming is used. I notice the guy drawing up a play with Madden. Did he also use the tablet to control the game as well? I couldn't tell. My issue is how feasible is it to scroll through menus on one device and then grab a controller to execute the play?

Otherwise, the conference was good if you are excited about the additional content and controls coming to XBL. But as far as gaming goes, it was more of what we already knew and nothing that really stuck out. I felt like last years (or maybe two years ago) conference ended with a COD game as well.

He did...he drew up the play...hiked the ball from the tablet, pulled back on the quarterback ala Angry Birds Slingshot controlling the QB Vision that way and then swipped to the receiver.  That whole example was lead with "WHAT THEY COULD do"...not what they are currently implementing.

Not sure what is being emphasized with the caps. But thank you for clarifying whether or not he was controlling the QB with the tablet. I still don't know how that will work or whether your average gamer cares to replace a controller with touchscreen controls. But its interesting nonetheless

So cool that...1. There broadcasting on Xbox. 2. Making it work not only in U.S. This is unique as we have never seen live casting on Xbox

So the 30 baseball games I watched on MLB.tv this were were..........not as live as this was live or something? And what about UFC? And all of ESPN?