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Microsoft may be planning to overhaul its Redmond, Washington headquarters

Microsoft has been changing the way it does business a lot since Satya Nadella became its CEO in early 2014. A new report claims the company may extend that theme of change to its physical headquarters campus in Redmond, Washington, in a massive overhaul of its work spaces. According to...
Microsoft's two Windows 10 flagship phones may support USB Type-C

Microsoft's two Windows 10 flagship phones may support USB Type-C

The rumor mill surrounding Microsoft's two upcoming, and still unconfirmed, Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, got jumpstarted again this week. Two German websites claim to have more information about those devices, which were first rumored earlier in May. repeats the hardware specs...
Microsoft joins forces with other tech giants to create next-generation video format

Microsoft joins forces with other tech giants to create next-generation video format

Microsoft has joined forces with six other industry giants, including Google, Amazon, and Mozilla, to form the Alliance for Open Media. The alliance's main goal is to work together to create new open source formats and codecs for online video, audio, and other streaming media. In all, the...


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Google and Microsoft end patent dispute over Xbox and smartphones

Microsoft and Google end patent dispute over Xbox and smartphones

Google and Microsoft have agreed to a settlement of sorts in a long-running patent dispute between the two tech giants. In all, the agreement will see around 20 lawsuits dropped in the U.S. and Germany. From Bloomberg: "The companies pledged in a statement to work together in other ways...
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Microsoft to change its revenue reporting categories for next fiscal quarter

Microsoft is making some changes in how it reports its financial numbers, starting with its next fiscal quarter that begins on October 1. Instead of two categories ("Devices and Consumer" and "Commercial") Microsoft will now break down its report in three categories: Productivity and Business...

Microsoft to bring low-cost broadband access to 500,000 Indian villages

At a dinner hosted in honor of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined the company's plans to roll out low-cost internet access to 500,000 villages in India. The initiative will leverage the unused TV "white space" spectrum. Microsoft tested a pilot program to...

Microsoft hit with gender discrimination lawsuit by former employee

Microsoft is the latest tech company to get hit with a gender discrimination lawsuit. A former employee, Katie Moussouris, claims that Microsoft pays its women team members less than its male employees, and also promotes men to new positions more frequently compared to women. Moussouris worked...
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Skype text messages can now show short movie and TV show-based 'Mojis' clips

There's a new way to chat with your friends on Skype via text messages. Microsoft is launching a new feature called "Mojis". Much like how emojis allow text chat to be more colorful with special symbols, the new Mojis let users add short pre-generated clips from movies and TV shows in text...
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Microsoft acquires Echo Lockscreen creators Double Labs

Microsoft has confirmed the company has bought Double Labs, a startup based in Palo Alto, California that created the popular Android app Echo Notification Lockscreen. Microsoft has already released a similar app for Android, Next Lock Screen. Business Insider spoke with Microsoft's Chief...
Apple's latest hardware advancements are still a challenge for Microsoft

Apple's latest hardware advancements are still a challenge for Microsoft

Today, Apple announced numerous new versions of their current hardware. In fact, there was not a single surprise due to the thorough leak last week by 9To5Mac's Mark Gurman. That is not Apple's fault, of course, just the nature of the technology reporting these days. In case you missed the news...
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Microsoft acquires security software company Adallom, reportedly for $250 million

Microsoft is making a bigger push into securing its cloud-based servers and services. It announced that it had acquired the Israel-based software company Adallom, which was formed in 2012. While Microsoft did not state how much it paid for Adallom, one report claims it acquired the company for $...
Surface Pro 3

Dell to start selling Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablets to business customers in October

Dell and Microsoft have announced a new partnership that will offer business and enterprise customers a consolidated way to purchase Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablets combined with Dell's support and service. In early October, Dell will begin selling Surface Pro tablets, along with its...
Nearby Numbers

Nearby Numbers Windows 10 Mobile app launched by Microsoft for Chinese market

Microsoft has launched a new app specifically for the Chinese market called Nearby Numbers for Windows 10 Mobile. It's been made to integrate with the Phone app to help users find a phone number from the 80 million that are listed by China Telecom 114. This app was actually seen a while ago in...