Microsoft's Mayhem Project turns your Windows Phone into a powerful remote control

With Mayhem, Windows Phone users can make a custom remote control for virtually anything

Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group has a little project going on that allows you to connect your Windows Phone to various services through a wide range of devices that includes your Windows Phone.  The basic operation of the Mayhem project is creating and connecting a trigger reaction to a desired reaction.

For example, with Mayhem you can turn your Windows Phone into a remote control (using the Mayhem Remote app) for your computer to control a PowerPoint presentation or to control the playback controls for a  video. Mayhem enables you to connect everything to everything else from the comfort of your Windows Phone, computer, Kinect, or even an Xbox controller.

Mayhem is open source, provided through the Outcurved Foundation, to allow developers and users to expand its capabilities. There's even a contest to see what creative add-ons can be developed for a chance to wing $3,000. You can find all the details on the Mayhem Contest here (submissions must be made by midnight PST on June 30th) at the Mayhem contest page.

The applications for Mayhem are endless and really opens up the potential of your Windows Phone. You can learn more about Mayhem and download the Mayhem Windows application here at the Mayhem Website. The Mayhem Remote for your Windows Phone can be snatched up here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It's all free and full of potential.

Source: Mayhem; Thanks, Eli, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Microsoft's Mayhem Project turns your Windows Phone into a powerful remote control


it'd be nice to have some instructions on the app too... it wasn't obvious that I had to install Mayhem AND the phone addon.

Just installed it and set up some commands on my phone over home wi-fi.  Works as advertised, but unfortunately can't resize buttons.  Just set up commands to open Zune and PowerPoint and have buttons for play/next/previous/mute/screenshot/lock.   Might be useful in collaborative meetings I occasionally have with a group, but more of a novelty right now from a phone perspective.

Would be nice if it worked over bluetooth or at the very least an ad-hoc wifi network.  Picture trying to control your laptop (maybe for a presentation) somewhere that you really can't rely on having a wireless network available.

This is great. I just wrote a small plugin that generates a "Send Midi Note" reaction. Now I can control Ableton Live through this Software. Needs more work, though.

I think this is a wonderful application and accompanying software. Good job! There are a myriad of potential uses for this even in the area of helping children with educational special needs, or handicapped people and so on.
One man from NASA is looking for a device to monitor some brainwaves of special needs children and react with appropriate reactions. His idea just needs an affordable interface and this is one perfect application.
It could start controlling things in cars, home coffee makers, sprinkler systems and on and on. I am very thankful and look forward to tailoring it to my needs.