Minesweeper updated for the 21st century in Microsoft Treasure Hunt, coming soon to your Surface

Microsoft Treausre Hunt

Growing up we all played an insane amount of Minesweeper. You know that game where you do your best not to detonate a mine? Microsoft is taking the basics of Minesweeper and giving it a modern remake with a new game for Windows 8.1 called Microsoft Treasure Hunt.

Microsoft Treasure Hunt is a Windows 8.1 game that blends traditional Minesweeper puzzle solving with an adventure story. Your job is explore underground labyrinths in search of fortune. Here’s all that you get with the game:

  • Find hidden bonus levels loaded with treasure
  • Stop at the Greedy Mummy Shop to purchase supplies and permanent upgrades
  • Pick up and play anywhere – games are saved in the cloud
  • Touch screen controls provide a modern, fun way to play
  • Connect with your Xbox account to earn achievements and track stats
  • Compete with your friends on the leaderboards

Microsoft Treasure Hunt

We’re digging the fact that games are saved in the cloud. We weren't the best at Minesweeper, we'll have to see how we fare on Microsoft Treasure Hunt. 

The game isn’t available to everyone just yet. It’s currently being “soft launched”. Microsoft did something similar with Halo: Spartan Assault, AlphaJax and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger last summer. The game is available to those who switch their region to a specific country in the Lesser Antilles.

We’ll of course let you know when the game is broadly available. In the meantime, you can check it out yourself in the Windows Store.

Via: LiveSino

​P.S. As timiterino pointed out in the comments below, this isn't a new game per se. You can play this as one of the modes in Microsoft Minesweeper. Grab that from the Windows Store


Reader comments

Minesweeper updated for the 21st century in Microsoft Treasure Hunt, coming soon to your Surface


You must figure it out. It's a cool game. It will make you genius in the eyes of those who don't know how to play that game. Lol

Its actually very easy when you realise how to play, the numbers stand for how many mines are touching the 'tile' you're on at present

If you really want an easy way to learn, pick up Minesweeper Flags for the Xbox 360. It's an Xbox Live Arcade game. Minesweeper is B.A. ftw.

Been playing it since last night, its a really fun time killer. I would live to see a WP port but not sure if it would convert to the phone very well.

Wasn't Treasure Hunt available as part of the Minesweeper game (Adventure)? It's not really new, it's just it's own game now.

I downloaded it now, but it seems to be exactly the same as the adventure mode in Microsoft Minesweeper.. New achievements though.
Edit: The shop is new also. Kinda missed that, :)
Edit 2: Oh, and they've restricted the amounts of extra lives you can collect.

Well this is strange, I played this game on my Surface RT last year. Did they pull it from the store to make a "new" release?

Edit: Solved it, it was a game mode in their Microsoft MineSweeper App, they just repacked it as a new game.

This has been a mode of Win8 Minesweeper for a year now. I guess no one noticed and so they put it into its own app.

I click the link and it launches a website to the app, the website launches my store's front page. I look under new apps and don't see it. I search for it and there's nothing. So I spen dthe rest of the day working and come back and repeat the above steps, and this game still doesn't exist for me. I have Minesweeper, but this app simply doesn't exist!!

It's in limited release right now. You'll only see it if you change your region to the one it's released in.