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MobileFit Roundup: Top Rated Windows Phone Sleep apps

Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Sleep Apps

One major element of fitness is sleep. During the Mobile Nations Fitness Month we've touched on Windows Phone apps to help you with your workouts and diet but all that work goes to pot if you can't get a good night's sleep.

Sleep, in many respects, is mechanism we use to recharge our batteries, allow the body to rejuvenate and relax our minds. The apps in this week's fitness app roundup are some of the top rated Windows Phone sleep apps designed to help with our sleep habits. They offer soothing, calming sounds to help get us to sleep as well as tools to monitor our sleep habits.



Sleep is one of the three sound mixers in this week's roundup designed to create soothing sounds to help you relax and sleep sounder. The free version of Sleep includes twelve base sounds that include:

  • Rain
  • Campfire
  • Clock
  • Wind
  • Birds
  • Silence (yes, the absence of sound)
  • Fan
  • Waves
  • Stream/Creek
  • Rainy Driving
  • White Noise (Television Static)
  • City Noises

Each sound has a corresponding wallpaper to offer a visual aid to help get you on the road to relaxation. You can upgrade to the premium version of the app ($1.99) and add an additional six more base sounds that includes Airplane noises, Hot Tub, Light Rain, Snowfall, Rain on the Roof and Train Sounds.


In addition to the base sounds, you can add accent sounds to spice things up. There are ten available but you can only tag five to be in the set that is available with the base sounds. The ten accent sounds include Thunder, Wind, Frogs, Crickets, Wind Chimes, Fog Horn, Crickets2, Frogs2, Chimes2, Seagulls and Loons.

The main display for Sleep has a volume control bar at the top of the screen. A timer option, along with the current time and a link to the About page sits just below the volume control. Your base sound options line the bottom of the screen in tile fashion and a side pullout menu will reveal your accent sounds. Individual base sounds can be pinned to your Start Screen (tap/hold the base sound tile) for easy access.

Sleep Timer and Upgrade Options

The layout works but isn't as clean as other sleep sound apps that are available. The free version does have an attractive set of sound options (still don't get the Silence sound) and you can always upgrade if you need a few more choices.

  • Sleep – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x – Free – Store Link

QR: Sleep

Sleep Recorder

Sleep Recorder

Ever wonder if you talked in your sleep? Need help proving your significant other snores? There is an app for that.

Sleep Recorder is a recording app that will capture those sleep sounds to help better analyze how sound your sleep really is. The sound activated recording has a delay timer to allow you to get to sleep before the recording begins. You can password protect the recordings and map out where you recorded the night's sleep.

Sleep Recorder

Sleep Recorder's interface is simple with main pages that you record from, review/playback previous recordings, view a map of your recordings and access the app's settings. The free version of Sleep Recorder is ad-supported and does have some feature limitations. The Pro Version is currently running $1.99, removes the ads and allows you to back up recordings to the cloud.

Sleep Recorder will run under your Windows Phone lockscreen but will consume a good bit of power. It is best to plug your phone into a power source before calling it a night.

Sleep Recorder is a simple to use Windows Phone app that may shed a little light on your sleep patterns or help prove that it is indeed your wife is snoring that is keeping you awake at night.

  • Sleep Recorder – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x – Free – Store Link
  • Sleep Recorder Pro – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - $1.49 – Store Link

QR: Sleep Recorder

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is a sound generator that has one of the more interesting user interfaces of the bunch. Sounds are displayed in wind chime fashion, dangling from strings on your Windows Phone screen. To create a relaxing melody of sounds, just tap on the desired sounds to create your own mix.

This sleep app includes forty-one ambient sounds that include frogs, humming, waves, rain, a medieval flute, wind, birds and more. You also have two binaural beat frequencies for brainwave entertainment. The Beta 20Hz beat is designed for concentration and the Mid-Alpha 10Hz is designed more for relaxation.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies does have a timer function and the ability to tag mixes of sounds as favorites for easy access. There is also access to the Relax Melodies Blog that includes posts on sleep related matters, such as the Top 10 Movie Lullabies to Help Soothe Baby to Sleep.

If the 41 sounds included in the free version of Relax Melodies isn't enough, you can upgrade to the Premium Version ($2.99), which bumps the number of sounds to 71 and adds four more binaural frequencies.

Relax Melodies has a simple user interface, a boat load of sound options and is another fine option to consider if you need a little help dozing off at night.

  • Relax Melodies – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x – Free – Store Link
  • Relax Melodies Premium – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x – Trial/$2.99 – Store Link

QR: Relax Melodies

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker is a Windows Phone app designed to not only help you fall asleep but also track your sleep cycles and wake you up gently.

The sleep cycle tracking feature includes a timer to record how long you have slept, a collection of six relaxing sounds (waves, forest, ocean, rain, snow and storms) to fall asleep by and a wake-up alarm that gradually wakes you up with the same collection of relaxing sounds. The theory is that if you are awoken gently you are more refreshed.

Sleep Tracker will also use your Windows Phone sensors to record any movement you may have during sleep. The developer recommends you place your Windows Phone next to your pillow and it appears that the Windows Phone tilt sensors detects any movement you make during the night.

Sleep Tracker

Once you record your sleep periods, you can view a chart of your sleep habits and possibly see where you need more or less sleep. The chart allows you to add variables for the sleep pattern that might have influenced your night's rest that include how you were feeling, any physical symptoms (headaches, cramps, back ache, etc), any food/drink consumed, medications and events (exercise, television viewing, etc.).

Sleep Tracker also has a sleep log where you can jot down notes on how you slept and any other factors that may have influenced your sleep (mood, weather, pre-bedtime activity, etc.). Sleep Tracker has support to back-up/restore your data locally or to OneDrive and share sleep data with friends, doctors, etc. over email or text messaging.

If you need to chart your sleep habits to identify potential problems or just to reassure yourself that you are getting enough sleep, Sleep Tracker is a feature rich and user friendly option to consider.

  • Sleep Tracker – Windows Phone 8 – Free – Store Link

QR: Sleep Tracker

Sleep Bug

Sleep Bug

Sleep Bug is one of the more visually appealing sound generators available for our Windows Phone. From the wallpapers that adorn the sound screens to the sound choice menus, this is a very eye appealing app. It is also not too shabby of a sound mixer to help you relax and fall asleep.

The free version of Sleep Bug has twelve sound themes that includes beach, music box, Zen, Zen garden, river, forest, jungle, classical, fire, waterfall, weather and lullaby themes. Each theme has a base sound with four accent sounds. For example, the beach theme's base sound is the ocean waves slapping against the beach. You can add chimes, a boat horn, seagulls and wind accent sounds to give the base sound a little more flavor.

Sleep Bug

If you need more sound themes, you can upgrade to the Pro Version ($1.99), which adds an additional twelve themes into the mix. The additional themes include train, clock, Sci-fi, winter, airport, underwater and six other themes.

The main screen for Sleep Bug has an independent volume control, your accent sound choices, a pause/play button and your theme menu button lining the sides of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is a sleep timer button, your time/date and access to the About screen. The main page for Sleep Bug is filled with a high quality image that reflects the sound theme. If you prefer to remove the on-screen controls and enjoy the image alone, there is a button at the top center of the screen that will hide the controls.

Sleep Bug Timer and Clean Appearance

I really have to commend Sleep Bug for the images they have chosen. It would be a nice if you could save the wallpaper images locally and use them as lockscreen or Start Screen wallpapers (hint, hint).

All totaled, Sleep Bug is a visually attractive sound generator well worth considering.

  • Sleep Bug – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x – Free – Store Link
  • Sleep Bug Pro – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - $1.99 – Store Link

QR: Sleep Bug

Best of the bunch?

As with the previous fitness roundups, we'll be letting you choose the best Windows Phone sleep app. Just cast your vote in the Reader's Poll below and offer any supporting arguments below in the comments. At the end of the week, we'll tally up all the votes and present you with the best sleep apps from across the Mobile Nations community.

But first, a few observations on each of these apps.

  • Relax Melodies has the largest selection of individual sounds that can be combined to offer an even wider selection of sounds. The effectiveness of the binaural frequencies is a nice feature and helps Relax Melodies stand out just a little. I'm just not sure if it really makes a difference.
  • Sleep has the most cumbersome user interface but it is not to the point of rendering the app useless. I did like the ability to pick/choose your accent sounds but with only ten, why not make them all available?
  • Sleep Bug is the best looking option and has a pretty decent sound collection. Then again, if you are asleep, should the fantastic wallpapers make a difference?
  • Sleep Tracker is a neat app that comes in handy to chart your sleep habits. The movement tracker feature is nice addition but I'm a little concerned that it may pick up on your partners (if applicable) movement.
  • Sleep Recorder has an easy to use interface and can be used to monitor your sleep habits or your partners. However, you are on your own if you end up proving that your significant other is wrong and does in fact snore.

Keep in mind that each of these apps will run under a lockscreen and will consume a healthy amount of battery life. It is recommended that you connect your Windows Phone to a power source before falling asleep.


Reader comments

MobileFit Roundup: Top Rated Windows Phone Sleep apps


Same here. As far as the images go, it might not matter while you sleep, but the right image can set the relaxing mood and your imagination on track for pleasant sleep.

Two days ago I was looking for a best sleep app and installed all of them but couldn't select one.
BTW,how did you know that I was looking for it? :P

Just did an article like this several months ago. Anyhow, Relax Melodies had always been a top notch abandoned app. Dead in the water since 9/2012
Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I've had Relax Melodies installed since I first got my Windows phone. I've tried all of these kinds of apps, but Relax Melodies is by far my favorite.

It's nice to be able to combine many different sounds, and some of the combinations put me to sleep right away. A flowing stream, a grandfather clock ticking away, thunder and rain in the distance, a purring cat.... ZZZZZZZZZ......

If White Noise was actually supported like on Android it has a night clock. The problem with all these apps is yes they run under lockscreen but not in the background. Whether that's a OS limitation or the dev that sucks. It never bothered me cause I had glance run when plugged, but it wouldn't support landscape.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

People need an app to sleep?
Anyone planning on releasing an app on how to breathe next? Or how about tips on eating, I always get that one wrong, is it the mouth or the ear?
Here's a tip, put your ******* phone down and shut your eyes, you'll be amazed how well that works. Feel free to pay me 99 cents for the privilege of that gem.
On a more serious note, people are actually supposed to have two four hour sleep cycles per day, not a single eight hours, we are screwing ourselves up due to the nature of our lives.

I always need to get to sleep listening to radio or something to relax because the most littlest sound from the outside wakes me up.

I tried some of these to replace the radio or music, its really nice to listen a rain to get to sleep a night that you have trouble to do so.

Im not up to an app for everything but in this case its kind of cool.

BTW did someone try those alpha waves some kind of subliminal thing? Im afraid of those lol

The alpha waves were great if you had headphones that stayed in the ear. Some of the best deep sleep I used to get.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I want to explain this to you, but you sound to ignorant to understand the concept of sound and wave length that can stimulate or relax the mind. Cause you know before apps they made contraptions called sound machines.
There also a thing called sleep timer on television or this fossil doohickie called a desk radio that had a sleep timer.
Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Well not everybody can sleep just like you explained so easily. Dont start at me because I can close my eyes and sleep anytime I want. But not everybody can get a sound sleep as simple as that. Why do you think people need sleeping pills then? I know many people who are not able to sleep properly and they have a healthy diet and a very little tension. Try to broaden your view, thinking from other people's point of view and don't jump to dictatorial judgements for others.
P.S. Few people should need an app for "How to eat"

It's not that complicated really.  Some people, like me, are VERY light sleepers.  I lose a lot of sleep because an unusual noise or a noisy neighbor wakes me up.   When I'm traveling, stupid people slam their hotel room doors and yell to each other in the hallway and that makes it hard to get a good nights sleep.  I use the Sleep app on my phone quite often to drown all that out with white noise.  It is actually one of my most used apps now and I'm getting much better sleep as a result.

Not sure I want my phone sitting beside my pillow on my bed while plugged in to the mains charging :/

Tried all of them (and more) and am using relax melodies because it is a great app on my iPad (until MS gives me mobile internet and GPS on their current pro model I'll keep using that) but for me all those apps have the big problem that they aren't allowed to play sounds in the background. Sleep tracker unfortunately didn't really work for me so I ditched it.

I'm happy with "sleep". Been using the app for about a month now. And am only using rain (sometimes w/ thunder)

To my mind Sleep is the best looking and has the best UI of the bunch. To me it is pretty comparable to White Noise on Android. I highly recommend it. Sleep Bug is pretty ugly in my opinion.

What a great a article! Cute subject. Why does WPCentral have the best, most informative and most positive articles? Not complaining. Thanks!  Greatest community out there. Big fan. Shoutout to Daniel Rubino, who I'd like to reinform that yes, I am reading and appreciating all articles. Cheers!

On Sleep, the Silence option lets you effectively select the Accent sound as the only sound (IIRC).

I swear by Relax Melodies. It's the only BG Noise generator that comes close to the one I loved on Android. The others have this annoying practice: thinking I want exclusive groups of sounds, "I can only have fire over here and wind over there?".

The rythm I used to have on the Android app (this is two years back), was akin to sleeping in an ocean cave with stalagmites at night, with a fire going and a storm outside and a nearby monk monestary chanting. That put's me right in the mood of rest. I've only been able to achieve that on Relax Melodies. 

The one thing that bugs me about it? A max sound mixing cap (6 I believe). That aside, I'm all good.

Nice collection of apps. But the sleep app that I've found to work best with the eldest child is called Hand Over the Phone and Sleep, or Lose Your Phone for a Week.

I have a fan in my window that runs 24/7. Its pretty much all the white noise i need. In winter I replace the fan with a ceramic heater, with a fan in it that creates consistent noise for me to sleep. I don't know how I'd feel about an app doing it.

I say neither of these apps. It may not be the most "aesthetically pleasing" but I use Neurosequencer Pro. It's the most scientific and you can create your own frequencies which is good for creative types.