Add some Windows 8.1 tiles to your New Tab page in Chrome Browser

Modern New Tab

Don't worry, I won't tell the Internet Explorer team you're using Chrome. I use Chrome; Daniel uses Chrome, and you probably use Chrome too. Don't get us wrong, we love Internet Explorer, but there are some Chrome extensions that make life a lot easier if you spend all day on the internet. Here's one that comes recommended from the Windows Phone Central team to make your Chrome browser a little more like Windows 8.1.

The extension is called Modern New Tab Page, and you should check it out. Modern New Tab Page is an extension that replaces your traditional new tab page in Chrome with one that looks and acts like your Windows 8.1 Start screen. You gain Live tiles that you can customize.

Here are all the features of Modern New Tab Page:

  • Create and edit tiles.
  • Change the background and font colors, display name, and icon of each tile.
  • Upload tile's icon from your computer or select an icon from a list of famous website icons or use a link to use any image on the internet.
  • Display the latest news of your favorite web sites by using RSS.
  • Click on any news to open it.
  • Drag and drop to organize the tiles the way you like.
  • Change the tiles' size to fit more tiles on the screens or to display larger tiles.
  • 26 color themes ready for you to personalize your page.
  • Make your own color theme using color pickers.
  • Upload your favorite image to use as background.
  • Change the background image opacity.
  • View and reopen your recently closed tabs.
  • View and open your bookmarks.
  • Export and import your tiles and configurations

Modern New Tab

Why use Modern New Tab Page over the traditional new tab page in Chrome? I like the ability to pin whatever website I want to a new tab page as a Live tile. And depending on the site, you might see the latest articles flip up on the live tile. For example, when you add Windows Phone Central you'll see the most recent story from our RSS feed flip as you open the tab page. You can even click it to go directly to that article. Nifty.

Modern New Tab Page will automatically fill in the icon for any website you pin, but you're able to use custom images too. This is handy if Modern New Tab Page pulls up a low-resolution image and you want something a little crisper. The ability to set a custom background behind your tiles is a cool feature and one that just adds to the various customization options available with this extension.

Best part? Modern New Tab Page is a free extension, so you have no excuse not to at least try it out.

Grab Modern New Tab Page for Chrome at the link below and let us know what you think of this extension!


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Add some Windows 8.1 tiles to your New Tab page in Chrome Browser



Also Sam, how did you get some of the icons to stay high res? Many of them, like the Bing one, becomes very pixelated.

Edit: Figured out we can use custom images. :)

Why? Because I'm using the browser with the highest HTML5 score, and not the lowest one (IE)? And I'm using the browser that's best with extensions? Shame on me!

Sure, check your profile folder and then the program files folder. You will see the difference ;) No way I will ever use Chrome. Also IE has way better touch capabilities. And one browser on all devices is much preferable.

Then what is "We can't save everyone"?

What's wrong if I and many of the editors here use Chrome and Macs? I still love Microsoft, but I like Apple and Google too. My current preferred phone is a WP, current preferred tablet is a Windows tablet (TABLET, not a tablet that has laptop specs), current preferred computer is a Mac, current preferred browser is Chrome, and current preferred search engine is Bing.

I'm not just talking to you by my long comment, I'm talking to all the people here who say to me that I'm shameful and a disgrace in using Chrome and a Mac.

Feeling guilty? What? Lol.

Dude, your getting a Mac, who the f cares, seriously. But if you're running Windows on it, it's an overpriced Windows machine.

People on this site get angry when I say things that aren't "100% Microsoft". And I am running Windows on it, but not yet. I love mac OS, and Yosemite is beautiful. Windows will be in boot camp for me, but only when I need it. :)

I exactly know what you mean. Macs look cool, have great hardware, and can run Windows and Os X. And Chrome works better than IE because it uses WebKit. I am using IE right now, but it crashes on YouTube. So I go and watch YouTube stuff on Chrome. Chrome certainly doesn't offer as many choices in terms of settings, but it renders the HTML 5 and other things faster and properly. I also like WP, Surface, Bing, etc.

Then sell his Windows Phone for the iphone 6, cut his hair down the middle of his head and get a black turtleneck. The transition will be complete. He is truly unstoppable.  lol.

Damn Kem. You used to recognize comedy, especially from me. Chrome has a way of dulling one's senses doesn't it?  :p

My fault.I was only trying to arrest some of the BS flying your way. Bad timing sometimes. Its all good.

Why u including editor in each of ur comment... like they r the authority and should back u up.... no one gives a shit wat others like, its ur money, ur choice.

Never said the editors should back me up. I mention them because if people here want to bash others for liking non-Microsoft services like Chrome, then they should think twice about doing it to them as editors of their Microsoft site use Chrome too. Not saying the editors like Sam should back me up and help me "fight", lol.

Yeah Kem,

Its funny the browser thing....

As I use win8 and wp randomly IE works better as the syncing just keeps it all up todate. And in the end just saves me time. But if you use a variety of systems then just the one that works best for you is the right one.

Funny looking at tiles on chrome.... For the beating modern and tiles has got you have to admit it looks good here too.

I use non MS devices and services just as much as I use MS counterparts but I am just not willing to sell my data and soul to the biggest MS and WP hater called Google!

Hmm you do know that microsoft and the Nsa has been caught a number of times right? Either way you look at it, our data is being taken regardless.

No, because you're using the browser of the most hypocritical company in the tech industry, propagating a "don't be evil" mantra for years in public while secretly stealing data in private (Wi-Spy anyone?). Chrome is spyware and it's quite shocking to see so many on WPCentral staff voluntarily using it.

Not all Microsoft fans have to hate Google. If you ask a random person, they love Google. Google is a great company and has done a lot of excellent stuff for all of us.

Google is not a great company. They're a hypocritical company that make the grand majority of their profits (near 90%) from advertising, which is based on privacy violations. Of course they have done some good things, but nowhere near enough to compensate for their terrible hypocrisy. Google needs to die.

But Google sure hates MS and I can go with it but going out of their way (YouTube app blocking) to cripple WP platform is something I can't agree with.

Imagine if MS blocked the use of Chrome on Windows 7 and 8.1 platforms!

MS doesn't even have to block chrome, just block advertising info back to google servers on every desktop running chrome. Site some of the same bs google claimed when they blocked WP from youtube. Hurting advertising dollars. The desktop is where google makes a chunk of its advert dollars. Turn that function off for 2 weeks each month for 3 months and watch how quickly they want to talk..

What are you talking about? I won't deny IE is not as good as it should be, but Google Chrome the best? Come on, it's so clumsy I can't even see five pages in a row without some sort of bug. It can't load many of my personal accounts such as the ones of my bank, cable provider, and mobile carrier. It's thousands of years far behind Mozilla Firefox, especially in terms of extensions and add-ons, which makes me think there's no excuse for this site's editors to sleep with the enemy, especially when there's a much hotter chick out there called Mozilla Firefox.

Lol. Ok, maybe not an apology but he immediately goes into defense mode for everyone using it and saying how much they still love internet explorer even though they don't use it.

Sorry, "he" is referring to the writer, Sam Sabri. "Everyone" and "they" refers to the whole wpc staff. Seems none of my comments are making sense today. Apologies if it still makes no sense.

I was using Chrome before. but it really makes my pc so slow.

now I use IE sometime, but Firefox is the best specially with all the extensions it has.

Lol you can use prefer IE over Chrome and not be an IE fan boy :p. IE is way more user-friendly on the SP3 compared to Chrome. With the ad block trick from the other day, I really see no reason to switch to Chrome.

Never said you, but many people here are IE fanboys.


Plus, I own a Mac, no IE on here. When Yosemite comes out, I might switch back to Safari, but idk, I love all the features in Chrome.


And for the Surface tablets/computers, convertibles, and other touch PCs, IE is better, absolutely! When I owned a SP2, Google didn't care about the SP and other high res computers with a different kind of aspect ratio, so I never used Chrome on there. But not on all computers IE is better. Chrome is excellent on Macs (better than the Windows version) and excellent on non-touch PCs. Never said IE is bad on non-touch PCs (desktop IE is pretty good), just not better imo.

You keep saying that but you don't say why. What makes it better? What extensions / function do you use on that browser that makes it better?  I sense it is just a preference and something you simply got used to.  The only thing you mentioned was an HTML5 score and some BS about how IE is lowest. According to website TomsHardware, a site most tech types know about they have the numbers on IE and Chrome.


The HTML5 composite score is the geometric mean of the results from GUIMark2 HTML5, Asteroids HTML5 Canvas 2D Rendering And JavaScript Benchmark, the HTML5 Canvas Performance Test, and the Impact HTML5 Benchmark.


IE10 takes the lead in HTML5 performance on Windows 8, followed by Chrome 23 and Firefox 16. In Windows 7, Chrome is the first-place finisher, followed by Firefox and IE9. Opera finishes last on both OSes.

Lol, you're showing old browsers in html5. Chrome 23? Chrome 28 is almost out, lol. It's funny you think I'm bsing when you're the one with the wrong facts. Go to the html5 test, and see other browsers, and how the LATEST (read the term LATEST) browsers compare. IE11, Chrome 27, etc. I'm not lying, I'm speaking the truth.

And the first browser I used on a computer I owned for awhile was Safari, then when I got the SP2, IE, now Chrome. So I'm being unbias about it. Just stating the true facts in how many cases Chrome is better.

My facts are not wrong but again, wrong is relative.  My stats come from Tomshardware. The standard on the net.  http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/internet-explorer-10-chrome-23-windo...

The point is still the same. Mine is anyway.  Its just preference and what you are used to. I'm good with that.  If all browsers do HTML5 as well as web designers can write the code, what makes chrome better? I have yet to visit a website my browser could not render. I block ads and view content. If the web designer is smart, they will write code for their target audience. That doesn't mean only those with high end processors or those running the latest version of chrome.   Anyway, I seem to only be debating what year some test was performed. Chrome 27 or chrome 31. Neither has changed the HTML5 standard and render as intended. JUST LIKE IE11 Safari and Firefox 30.  End of story.

Not quite. Just for the ignorant users. Just a view steps, like with DNS and only a small part of the data goed to Google. The same like you'd say we have no privacy anymore, so let all the data flow with caring about privacy. 

I ised ie like 5 years ago (it was bad back then) then for some weird reason switched to safari, didn't let long, switched to chrome to and quite liked it, started doing web design and switched to Firefox for that purpose, about six months ago switched back to ie again, and it just ribs smooth. I truly do believe its the best browser, if you are doing that - browsing. For coding i still find Firefox to be the best. Though 90% of the time i is my browser to simply well... Browse... Haha and as i said, for that ie is the best in my opinion.

Sorry... Not a fan of Chrome. Not particularly hate it either. It just that Firefox has addons that suit my needs. So it's Firefox for me :3

I call shenanigans. Wolf in sheep's clothing! You just lost points for admitting you use Chrome. I still like you all at WPCentral, but why is there a bad taste in my mouth now?

So you're saying its irrational to not use Chrome and hate Google? This despite many of the very rational arguments I have seen against that train of thought. Interesting.

"Best suits your needs" is a matter of personal opinion. My reasons for not using Chrome are based on principles. I used to use their services but was sick and tired of the bs they kept pulling. I also don't trust them. More power to you guys. I trust Microsoft.

My needs are very satisfied by IE11 modern and desktop. FF would lag too much and Chrome I never liked the UI or the developer, and Opera is all hype.

I can't use IE11 desktop because the fonts are all blurred and is a known issue since IE10. Compare twitter in IE and then in Chrome, it's horrible.

And a little common sense. The result of lack of common sense is giving us less privacy and a big advertising tech company. Just in general not personal.

I'll go back to Netscape Navigator before I ever use the spyware that is Chrome again. Internet Explorer is superior.

I don't know why Microsoft doesn't allow IE to support extensions but allow others on windows to. If its a security thing then why allow it into your system at all

Yeah idk why many have this misunderstanding. IE does offer Extensions aka Add Ons.

I am using one right now in the form of a tracking list to block most ads. Once I figured this out there was no need for Firefox or Chrome.

Though some may need other Add Ons that IE may not offer.

I've not used chrome since 2010, the only thing that I have for Google is a Gmail account that I use for junk mail and YouTube.

Haha that's funny for the junk mail. But I won't even give them that privilege. I use yahoo for my junk mails. BUT if I know ill never need to use the email again I put in random Gmail accounts so someone gets spammed hahaha.

Well, I used to use Chrome. But latest versions are terrible when managing RAM. I've gone to IE 11 with Windows 8.1 Update, and it's a killer browser, amazing compared to older versions.

Chrome? So that Google can spy on me? So that I get checkerboards when scrolling fast? So that I'm forced to see that huge Google logo with a search bar in every new tab i open while I could have easily searched in the address bar? NO, thank you! IE and Firefox are much, much better!

If IE had the same plugins I'd use it. Performance and rendering wise it's a tie on my computer. I don't even notice which one I use except for the plugin use.

Chrome has horrible touch support. I use a touch device. Therefore: Chrome is horrible for my needs.

Near extension, though. I'll check it out when I need Chrome again (for a desktop browser, that is. The non-modern IE SUCKS!!! Only the Metro/Modern version is actually good).

IE all the way for me. Won't touch chrome. Won't touch Firefox either. But if I need a back up I have Opera installed. Firefox is too slow and chrome is of course google which keeps me away. (I do use YouTube, but my email is Hotmail and I don't have a Gmail. So its justified for me. Just wish I could get rid of google+.)

Agreed. I'm all in on IE and if I ever slip a little and want to try another browser, it would definitely be Opera over Chrome and Firefox. Tried Chrome once and it was an unfriendly browser on my other laptop and Firefox is just plain stupid.

After this article I decided to try FF. It sure has changed since last I used it! And it has the plugins I use.

No more Chrome for me!

I've used all of the main browsers as my main browser at some time or another and I've found Firefox to be the best (at least for me). I'd probably use IE if it wasn't for the poor add-on support.

Yes I do utilize Chrome as my backup browser....have also had both FF & Opera installed..I just installed Chrome 64-bit stable edition....and will definitely try out this extension...thanks Sam for the info..

been using awesome new tab page for 2 years, which also has a tile like ui but this one is better looking. will definitely give a try.

I read from left to right, am one of those who just cannot understand the layout of IE. Neither do I understand the tiles/oblongs!

Opera, chrome, fire fox and then ie when the first three fail.

No thanks, I avoid the Google mothership at all costs. I am happy with IE with FF as fallback.. I would rather pay for a browser than make it easier for the advertising kraken to collect, track, mine and monetize me. Hideous company.

No way would I ever recommend Chrome to anyone with Windows 7 or higher. Maybe on Vista and XP yes because IE 11 is not available for those OS'es.

Btw many of you using Chrome should check out their file directories lol quite scary :P

I am a Firefox user. I installed Chrome just to check the file directory, I don't see what you mean :P Can you ellaborate? I hate Google though.

I hate what google stands for, but I must admit chrome is a more user friendly browser then IE. I was brought up with IE and windows but unfortunately MS has a tendency of taking the long way around. Only WP is a positive exception.

I don't use Chrome. Only tech media use Chrome and thinks every one does because everyone they know uses it. Just like Mac and iPhone.
Consequently not surprising that tech media end up disliking Windows devices since Chrome browser kills the battery on Windows, has terrible touch screen support and wastes resources.

At the end of the day, Internet Explorer remains my default browser. Chrome is just another alternative that's not as good as IE.. #SorryNotSorry

Posted via my Xperia

I use IE first and foremost, then Firefox for everything else and Chrome never. However, if this extension can give users the Windows experience inside a browser, who am I to tell them "no?"

Same here, but I would tell them no because of the negative effect it will have on their battery life. And if they have a touch screen Chrome is a terrible choice. If you want a person with a new PC to have a good experience you don't recommend Chrome. Someone with a Mac or a very old PC maybe, but even then Firefox is probably a better choice.

And there at the beginning is the basic problem with IE. No real Add-Ons system.

I do like the way this Add-On does the Windows 8.1 Dual-Colour Themes.


If only our Windows Phones offered the same thing *glares at WP Team* :/


Use IE for touch since it has no real competition. Firefox for extensions and reasonable battery life. There is no scenario other than an Android phone where Chrome is a good choice. Chrome destroys battery life and performance on Windows.

Hmmm...I'm not sure I want tiles on Chrome. I don't like them on W8.1 anyway...well, I'll give it a shot anyway. Maybe they're more useful on Chrome than they are on Windows.

They are pretty useful on W8.1...you know, if you are one of those people that like information at a glance.

I don't understand that Google doesn't want to make APPS for Windows Phone and makes for Windows 8.1, go figure? At least is another breakthrough in the Microsoft platform.

Lets consider ourselves lucky. Google admits that Chrome will destroy battery life on a Windows machine. Does Windows Phone really need that burden? Then every tech site will complain about how poor battery life is on every Windows phone just like they do for every Windows PC they review.

Google is a company and they are going to put their money where it will make money and that is usually driven by marketshare.  They can afford to bypass WP8 but not Windows 8. There's money to be made. But eventually, if WP8 can gain enough marketshare to make it profitable, they will invest the resources.

I love the metro mode on chrome. I guess they finally added support for 1920 resolution and 64 bit. Looks great on dell venue 11 pro. I went to Microsoft Store to check out surface pro 3 and the rep kept asking me what apps I use and I said mainly chrome. He said he didn't understand why everyone used it, I think he wanted me to use ie. Well ie is OK but they should have a tab and bookmar bar like chrome and Firefox so I don't have to swipe up every time

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Well ie is OK but they should have a tab and bookmar bar like chrome and Firefox so I don't have to swipe up every time

Why don't you turn on the "Always show the address bar and tabs" option in Modern IE11?

Still doesn't sync my tabs, across iOS, android, windows,chrome book, os x, and Linux.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Course it doesn't, it's not even available on all those platforms. I just gave you a solution to one of your gripes, that's all. If you're hell bent on using Chrome who's stopping you?

The people are kinda dicks yah know? It's a damn browser. Use what works for you and call it a day. You wouldn't go complain to your neighbor about the type of porn he watches would you? So why try and control what he watches it on?

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Depends. If it was child porn I would complain (aka harmful). It does bother me that tech reviewers always use Chrome knowing that it makes Windows machines run slower, hotter, and with less battery life. It's hard for that decreased performance to not have a negative impact on their overall review of Windows products. In any case I think the problem most people here have is not the reporting on Chrome, but the assertion that everyone here is using Chrome (because the editors do). That would be like your neighbor proclaiming everyone watches the same weird porn that he watches; obviously many people are going to object to that kind of an overreaching assertion.

That sir was a obvious joke -__- and if a simple joke causes a shitstorm like this all of you should put up your nice and enter the real world for a minute or two to realize that others don't give a rat's ass about your opinion. The point on Chrome slowing it down is valid, but since many people use it, it's better to do the reviews with it. Other wise you here "you said you 6 hours life and I got 4" instead it's "wow you reported 4 and I get 6" from non chrome users, and chrome users just accept it as is. There's a reason they don't do gaming benchmarks with Tetris.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App