More themes to choose from in Windows Phone 8, or just an added black accent?

Black HTC 8S Live Tiles

The black and white HTC 8S sports a unique black (on light) theme for use, according to a hands-on video by smartphoneinfos. We've taken a good look and it's definitely a new theme. The question is if this is simply an exclusive colour to HTC or we could well be seeing more colours on offer for use in Windows Phone 8.

Many (including ourselves) have been after more themes since Windows Phone launched back in late 2010, and a black theme was high in the request list. Looking at the theme in action on the HTC 8S indeed makes it seem possible that we could see more colours available to choose from when personalising a Windows Phone.

We previously looked at a number of new accents available in the leaked Windows Phone 8 SDK, which turned out to offer a total of 20 themes for users to choose from. We're currently accustomed to 10 colours with an OEM / carrier exclusive. This new black accent shows that either OEMs are able to add more unique colours to Windows Phone to reflect the more colourful hardware they're producing, or Microsoft is indeed including more accents for consumers.

Check out the hands-on video below.

What do you make of the black theme present on the 8S? Would you like to see more colours available to all Windows Phones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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More themes to choose from in Windows Phone 8, or just an added black accent?


this is awesome the black and white one has a micro sd card slot. by him taking the back off confirms it.

Its just the light theme with a black color accent? Nokia has the Nokia Blue accent, don't see why HTC can't get a Domino Black.

Microsoft announced at the "Summit" event that there would be a lot more themes coming. The leaked 7.8 rom showed more themes. The leaked Dev SDK showed more themes. Although not sure if black was among them.

Cobalt looks like Nokia blue so I would say yes. The interesting thing about that image is that it clearly looks black and not slate "grey" which was announced. I'm hoping that this black isn't just available to HTC.
I would actually prefer a black tile on a black background for my white lumia 920. The only problem is black on black is no good. The black tiles need to have a white border line to separate them for spacing.
Like this image but in black instead of slate

Hey Daniel! No this is no new theme. Its the high contrast mode! every wp8 device will have this feature ;) I know I read about it at wparea.de just search for wp8 sdk, etc...

Hey rich! No new black theme here;) its. the high contrast mode... check wparea.d...they showcased this feature a wile ago...

Oh, these white tiles on black just makes me shivering with want factor!!! Been my one theme I wanted day one.

The first thing to get unpinned is that double wide clock. Mercy. They are really hell bent on putting the largest clock possible on their phones.

Look carefully! There is more than just a new color. The tiles got a black border and text on the tiles does have a black rectangle background. Can be seen on the Pictures tile.

The theme is called "crimson", you can see it when he opens up the settings menu. That name doesn't make sense.

I also noticed that there seems to be different text sizes that we can choose from in the ease of access settings.

That's the problem with demo devices. If you start using it, more tiles show content like people, artists and so on.

Pleased to see them finally announce the black theme, I've been waiting for it for too long. Also wondered if a white theme was plausible? We shall see.

I noticed when the guy was holding in Landscape mode, the tiles didn't move. I could've sworn I saw landscape orientation in a Nokia video.  Maybe it was on lock orientation, but now I'm realyi confused about this feature.

There is no landscape. During the Nokia event, the only time it was put into landscape was inside a particular application, not on the home screen.

I like the idea of black tiles, but not with a white background. I only use the dark background on my hd7. I am also not digging the design of the phone. All black except where the buttons and back cover come off? Looks tacky to me. One color would have looked better. It doesn't look like my hd7 has a carrier color. Unless its the magenta for tmo.

it's also very clear the Clock live tile does update every minute...wonder if HTC had special access to the background tasks or if the tasks can update more frequently....

I can understand only about 5% of what this guy said but my eyes understood 100%. Wow I'm impressed with these HTC offerings. Just sucks that the 8S couldn't have a 720p screen and 8mp camera. And why do they insist on making the lower end devices with memory expansion? Anyway, I'm just glad to see someone finally actually go into the app list extensively. It was like some big secret. This is fantastic!

wpcentral, you have inside connections, pleeaase touchbase with someone at MS and let them know we want the black theme on all WP device. We deserve it, we've been loyal....C'mon man!!!

Since I updated to tango I haven't been able to unlock my Omnia w and the only thing I miss is my custom color themes. I want black or dark gray tiles on white background back so bad!