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Windows Phone 8 and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 

We knew since the Windows Phone Summit back in June that Windows Phone 8 would offer greater accent color selection in lieu of an actual color selector. While that latter option would be more preferred by our uses, surely having a great choice is better than the current 10+1 choice in Windows Phone 7.

The issue though up until this point is exactly what those color choices would be for consumers. Now thanks to that leaked SDK from July, we have an answer.

Over at 1800PocketPC they created a nice palate of colors presumably available in Windows Phone 8 this fall. We say presumably because that SDK (and OS build) was far from final so colors may have been added or dropped from the final release.

However, this should give users a good idea of what to expect from the 20 accents colors and we think most of you will be pleased.We're assuming that it will also be 20+1 for OEMs or carriers, who are allowed to add one custom color e.g HTC Green or Nokia Blue.

via: WMPU