MTV app launches on Xbox 360, offering entertainment at your fingertips

MTV Xbox 360

MTV has come to Xbox Live with an app launching on the Xbox 360. If you're a huge fan of Teen Wolf, Catfish and other popular shows, this app is now your bestfriend. Offering full episodes, bonus content from said shows and additional video series from MTV, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to enjoy episodes both past and present. 

You'll need to authenticate with your TV provider to enjoy full-length episodes, but that's nothing new these days. Microsoft has been working hard to bring numerous services and apps to the video game console. Promising consumers more content on the current console, we've seen the likes of Comedy Central and Nickelodeon release apps on the Xbox 360. 

It'll be exciting to see what's on the horizon for the old console.

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MTV app launches on Xbox 360, offering entertainment at your fingertips


It honestly offends me that they still refer to themselves as the "Music Television", when I haven't seen any decent music on there since the 90s.

It became Mediocre Television in the early 90s, when they started playing the same five videos over and over again. And then it became a true waste of bandwidth.

Get over it❕ We all know what he means.. There's no need to always point this out.. It's rude, and petty.

I don't know, Teen Wold could be a show about a teen living in the Cotswolds, all the towns are Wolds there. (UK, non-MTV viewer)

If he was referring to the article it isn't ok. On a professional site it shouldn't happen. Especially as often as it does here. At least if it wants to be considered a professional site. If it was directed at a commenter then yeah, not as big of a deal. But many of these articles should be proof read by many eyes, many times before they are uploaded. Still nowhere near as bad as that god-awful site Wmpoweruser!

... and what TLC has nearly become. At least SyFy is there to give us classics like Sharknado! (Gimme that chainsaw!)

I dislike MTV. They shouldn't even be called MTV anymore with the shows they put on nowadays. (not that it was even good to begin with IMO)

So we've officially removed every part of M T V. Not even considered television anymore.

Honestly I had forgotten about MTV until this article.

That Comedy Central app is so lame, it's a clips. Would be nice if it would at least stream CC: Stand-up Direct purchases. Which is really cool btw. $5 specials, uncensored, DRM-free. They all seem to be under 2 GB which makes them perfect for syncing to SkyDrive and devices.

This might be useful if they would only show videos from their first 3 years of existence. Including the astronaut-on-the-moon sounder.