New Windows Phone 8.1 Wi-Fi settings shown on video

Last month we looked at new Wi-Fi settings to be included in Windows Phone 8.1. They were hidden away in the beta SDK, only to be subsequently discovered and published on our site, but now UnleashThePhones have recorded footage of the new settings and Wi-Fi Sense in action. 

The first feature itself is not entirely groundbreaking, but useful for many. Users will be able to turn off Wi-Fi for a pre-set duration, ranging from 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day or manually. Afterwards, the Wi-Fi will pop on automatically. That feature could be useful if you know you’ll be away from home for a few hours, or if you’re at the movies.

WiFi Win 8.1

Wi-Fi Sense is the second feature shown in the video, which enables users to save cellular data usage by connecting to hotspots. These connections can then be shared with friends. It's a handy new addition to the arsenal of options when it comes to wireless networking on the go.

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Source: YouTube; thanks, Afnan, for the tip!


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New Windows Phone 8.1 Wi-Fi settings shown on video


See I was struggling, so I murdered 4 friends and used their credit cards to buy windows phones so 4 more i guess....

Yes, you get to go to Microsoft Heaven: forever living in OneDrive, with all the Xbox Live games, Bing Food & Drink recipes, and Skype calls your heart can desire.

Maybe with those extra 100 million we might be large enough to get a proper Youtube app! But probably not.

I need a 5.7 to 6 inch screen, 32GB with SD slot on T-MOBILE. I'd need that to stop using my note 3 as my daily driver.

Just buy an unlocked one like I did. Super fast LTE and everything works...except Tmo WiFi calling but, there's an app for that.

Hmm I didn't know there was a pentaband 1520. I had a Rogers 920 and currently ATIV S. Last I checked Rogers only sold the 1020 pentaband. I'll go online and check. What app do you use for WiFi calling?

I've switched 4 of my friends over to Windows Phone. This is no easy task since we live in The Dominican Republic, which has become DroidLand and every non-Droid user receives a lot of peer pressure.

Glad to see a fellow Dominican using WP. And you're right, in DR it's LagDroid city. Whenever I visit it's like I'm a rare animal using my Lumia. Hopefully that'll change....

Both my parents, and my wife just got an 8s on Tesco for free with a £10 a month contract - which which they were already on! Lots of others seem interested in WP too so i think a few more people i know will switch when they are due an upgrade. A few of my friends have higher end WP devices (920 and 925's like me) but more of the people interested in lower end devices are attracted. When more people like my parents and wife have the low end devices i think the high end ones will start to play catchup, especially after the OS matures with WP8.1.

I'd like GPS activated WiFi - have it auto-on when I'm home or at work and leave it off otherwise. Saves battery and the option to use it while out and about is still there if I want it.

Because it might connect to GPS every 10 minutes or so, while WLAN that is not connected is constantly roaming.

WP doesn't just rely on GPS. Location Services uses GPS + Cell Towers + WiFi to establish a location for your device, even when not connected to WiFi. 

This is how it can figure out where in a large building you are where GPS itself would not be accurate enough. This makes it easier to navigate a large mall, etc.  This is also how it can display what room of a house your phone is in.


(Tech Microsoft created over 10 years ago that triangulates your device from cellular and WiFi sources.)

I really don't know how WP does the location thing, but you can get a pretty accurate location (and velocity) with just cell towers. I really doubt that a turned-off WiFi would be roaming in the background just for location when it's totally unnecessary.

True, so couldn't you accomplish this with NFC tags, one in the car, one at home, and another at work? This would manage both WiFi and location services when you need them. Just a thought.

Because you might forget to turn it back on and start eating into your data cap when your wifi connection is available.

It makes no sense to ever turn WiFi off. You save next to nothing on battery power and you're micromanaging stuff that just doesn't need to be micromanaged.

I want a much more basic feature.. U open a pic in camera roll for example.. U select the share option.. Oh there's no Bluetooth option.. Oops.. Press home button.. Lauch BT with setting shortcut.. Toggle on. Long press back button and select photos and.... Share via BT..( Or swipe down from top and toggle BT on in wp 8.1). Hmmm..
instead i d like the "share via BT" always available. When u select that.. It checks if BT is on.. If not it asks u if it can turn BT on.. Much easier and doesn't distract u from your main job.
i would also like settings toggle on and off via voice commands via cortana

Agree ! When you want to BT with someone , and they were bottom of the BT list . I can't scroll down !

Had this very annoying problem too myself, till I stumbled upon the solution - try scrolling the list from the right edge of the screen (where the scroll bar appears)...works everytime :)
I think it is a bug in the OS or something.

Thanks ! It works ! Now I doesn't have to delete my paired devices . And it definitely the OS's bug .

It would be nice if it would prompt you. 


However, you could also just leave BT on.  If it isn't on the screen, it isn't 'finding' devices, or consuming much battery if it isn't paired to anything.

Windows 8.1 introduces support for geofencing. Maybe someone will make an app that will include GPS activated WiFi?

Will require that MS allow apps to enable and disable settings, rather than merely launch the setting for the user to change. They have been really hard line with this attitude and it kills automation.

Sorry for busting your bubble, but I've seen so few Symbian ex-pats here, and after trying there Situations, NFC tags fall short. Situations could adjust the connection speed and WiFi according to where I was, without any user intervention.

In my experience always on WiFi makes little difference to battery life. I use to leave it off, then when the ways on option was added I left it on. I've always gone to bed with 30%.

It should not i wanna see Belfiore presenting and explaining about that in build. Still more cortana features are yet to come.

Yeah because asking her what's. The weather will be strange as we have live tiles. But cortana may be amazing in other sense for wp

Maybe amazing for you,but as I know many IOS and android user not use voice association often,I maybe among them.

It all depends what you do with your smartphone. Cortana isn't just a voice assistant. Cortana is a virtual assistant that doesn't just blabber rubbish. She actually does some work - if leaks are anything to go by, Cortana can evolve into Her (2013).

Everything leaked now release it soon. Meanwhile talking about galaxy s5 it sucks. My 3310 plastic was better than the s5 seriously.

Samsung fans are really disappointed with that. They still like their s4 more. Lets switch back to Lumia and our world. Sorry.

Well, I like the S5 more than the S4, though I - a vocal anti-Samsung presence - am capable to admit that it is indeed worthy of the flagship moniker for now.

(But, that plastic is ruining its look. While it's not worse than a 3310, its much worse than a, say, 808 PureView.)

Its a feature packed phone but looks yuck according to me! But some seriously good features. As far as looks are concerned I prefer s4 amongst the two..

Sound fun but I would like that my Wifi Passwords are shared between my windows 8.1 laptop and my phone now I have to type them in seperatly

They should auto connect every time automatically (providing wi fi is on) after you connect to a network for the first time it saves the info automatically. You people are so darn lazy lol.

I've noticed that all my password from my computer were automatically synced to my surface as soon as I logged in, which was amazing, and I hope they do this here, someway or another.

Like the option, but like the calendar snooze, wish there were more values like 8 and 12 hours.

Want the 2 columns tiles of the start screen a little bigger to make the spare space on left and right side of the screen less,and 3 columns for option,the wp8 launcher on Android looks much better and have more options,it's ashamed for Microsoft

That 'spacing' around the titles is very much 'designed'.  Just as the extra 'spacing' around the tiles on Windows 8.1.


When grabbing your phone (or tablets), if the tiles filled the screen you would be accidentally hitting them more than you realize.

I mean left and right side of the start screen extra spacing,just want the gap distance between screen edge to tiles are the same as tile to tiles just like 929 or 1320 does,

Will WiFi turn on/off faster? That is a gripe I have right now. Last two phones, it takes WiFi 3-15 seconds to turn off/on. Same with airplane mode, and even internet sharing (when it doesn't freeze)

It does if compared to cellular data (4g, 3g). So, having only cellular data activated uses more battery than having both cellular data and wi-fi enabled (if connected to a wi-fi network). Of course, having both turned off uses the least, but then you don't have internet

Not if your not connected to WiFi. I have no WiFi at work, WiFi always on takes at least 20% for a working day.

I just hope they release a Preview for developers:( And yeah S5 and iPhone 5 do suck, I still prefer my 4s > 5s and my L1020 > everything else :3

They are releasing obviously that's y ppl are excited here at wpcentral for 2nd April. Official update will come in June with more features from Nokia.

Lets no forget the little things:
- photo albums edit
- a way better music player
- a way better video player
- more customization; maybe an alternative tiles section by swiping to the right in start menu.

-more customization; background tiles AND background wallpaper (this could bring some sort of skins)

-more live tile sizes maybe
-multi windows... A real need on 1520 and devices alike

Eh.. I don't know. Those things are kinda a no brainer for me

I want the start screen could be so powerful customized like WP8 launcher on Android!it's ashamed of Microsoft!

Stil no WiFi priority setting, ughhh :(

And it keeps forgetting hotspot username and passwords. I hope this will be fixed.

Never seen it forget a password.

WP also uses speed prioritization. (Which can also be extended to add your cellular connection to the mix.)


So if you have several networks, it should always be locked on to the fastest.  This is rather handy in mixed 2.4/5ghz setups when you get a bit out of range for 5ghz to bend around the corner, the phone will jump back to the faster 2.4ghz connection until the 5ghz connection is truly faster again.  Under Cellular, you can tell the phone to go to your cellular network if the WiFi connection goes to crap even if it is still connected.  Again handy when your local WiFi is taking a beating or goes down and you have plenty of celluar bandwidth on your plan.


I cannot believe that I will be using all these features next month. I remember that we started taking about windows phone blue last year. I wish wish they bring some new hardware because it will be hard to replace the 920 running windows phone 8.1 with a new action center, cortona and all the new goodies.

When are they gonna include FM transmitter in the hardware similar to that on Symbian, and maybe TV out and HDMI out too?

I agree! The only thing I could hope for would be a new 920 with better battery, 1080p screen, and some more ram. Perfect phone ftw!

What I'm most interested to see in WP8.1 is a more enhanced call/text blocking feature where I could manually add phone numbers in the blacklist - or even add a whitelist feature... Or at least someone port that awesome FirewallPlus Pro app from Nokia N9.

And please, throw in the native SIP client, already!

Totally agree here. I don't understand why WP sometimes needs 10 secs to turn off or turn on a setting...or even 5 really. That has nothing to do with low hardware, so what is it?

Bluetooth isn't getting paired
for sharing with other devices on from Lumia 720. Many times it doesn't scroll down to see the discoverable devices. Hope it gets fixed.

I think i'll be coming back to Windows Phone once 8.1 releases and i'll be bringing my mum and dad with me (Dads on android, mums on an old nokia as she finds mine and dads phones confusing - nexus 4 & 5)

What is problem with WP not getting switch on during charging instantly after all battary drained

These leaks are probably the best thing to happen to windows phone. I lets people on the edge know things they want are coming instead of missing people because they bought a different phone because they doubted the features they wanted would arrive. Now I just wish this would come alreadyyy!!!! 4 weeks is already too long

Is 8 hours an option?  I like to keep WiFi off at work because of the blocking of Facebook and tracking. 

* Edit *

Never mind, I missed the screen shot.  Looks like 4 hours is the max but perhaps Manually might be clock based?

The quick toggles from the action center will be of help too.

I would just like a week view, then i could block out my work time. Seems simple to me, a lack of thought on MS's behalf!

How can you even use a nexus 5? I used one for 3 weeks to see what the buzz was all about, but its a really boring looking interface and phone. Switched back to my Lumia 925...

Why didn't they give the user the option of choosing the exact time e.g. on at 8:00 off at 16:30

Why is the first feature not groundbreaking?. Unless I'm doing something wrong I haven't seen that feature on my Android or iPhone, so that's a big advantage.

So my phone is out of warranty but if something happens while updating to the dev preview will my phone insurance still be acceptable if I can't get an new device?

If you go at the nokia store the mechanics don't know about developer preview. Even if your phone is damaged they may not even know the cause as its a software update. But nothing will harm your phone. This isn't android. And mostly if you have your invoice with you will definitely get good service from them.

Hope these leaks keep some future customers that would otherwise be switching to Android and iPhone, the more leaks the better.

Any idea if the WiFi will support EAP-TTLS authentication as well? A lot of businesses and universities use this kind of network but no one at my school can connect with a windows phone :(

I think Microsoft announced this the other week - eap-ttls support is coming in blue with the 'enterprise pack' (everyone gets it)

Will it provide to make static changes to IP, submask, gateway and DNS address??? Like we can do that in PC?? Because i want to config my lumia's wifi to homes broadband setting. Please let me know if is there any way to do so..

Hope for a switch on/off location based!!!! This would be more useful than an hour resume!
Hope for this implementation in 8.1 because an app couldn't do that...

Yaaay! goood news! Microsoft is gonna spill all the beans in April (Windows Phone 8.1). Also they are also working on or hop-ping to Windows Phone 8.5! Quite a gap...I think 8.5 is gonna launch next mid year maybe. What u guys think?