Lumia Cherry Blossom

Screenshots of Windows Phone 8.1 and Nokia's Cherry Blossom Pink leak

The next firmware update from Nokia, which will be bundled with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release, has had its internal codename – Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink – leaked thanks to screenshots published on a Chinese website. Just like Bittersweet Shimmer, which later became known as Lumia Black once released to the public, we expect Nokia to drop 'Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink' for a catchier phrase. Other screenshots were included to tease some of the features in the upcoming operating system update.

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It's not clear what we'll be looking at in the next firmware update from Nokia, but we've covered Windows Phone 8.1 fairly extensively in the past and strongly urge you to check out our detailed analysis of features set to be included in the next update. It's also a neat way to see if functionality you'd like to see implemented is well on the way. As noted above, the leakster over on Sina also published numerous screenshots of what appears to be Windows Phone 8.1.

Lumia Cherry

The above images show the new VPN support and background images for Start screen Live Tiles. The next batch of screens show the new Windows Phone Store design, which we took a look at yesterday, alongside some other tidbits like the refresh button being located inside the Internet Explorer address bar.

Lumia Cherry

We note that Cherry Blossom Pink is a temporary, internal codename for the firmware update since we're likely to have something like the following:

It makes more sense for Nokia to call its firmware 'Blue'.

Since the above images appear to match what we've already covered, we'll ask you all to grab some salt with this rumor (we haven't yet been able to confirm everything) but we can definitely see it being accurate. It's unknown as to whether or not this codename will make it to the live release, but it's an awesome name nonetheless. Check out more screenshots over on Sina.

Source: Sina; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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Screenshots of Windows Phone 8.1 and Nokia's Cherry Blossom Pink leak



Which was change to black and this could most likely be changed to cherry ( a, b, c)

Might happen.  Certainly did with Amber.  They skipped over the previous update, and went straight for that.  Maybe it'll be the same thing here... maybe. 

Finally custom backgrounds....!!! DAT look so cool

Mann.!!! Just few more days then atleast dev. Prev. Is gonna release for trial
Seamlessely d wait soon gonna CME to an end

Thus may be a dumb question, but how would one get the developer preview if they want to try it out on their phone before the official release?

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Get the app from the store and just log in with your live account and follow instructions.

Tile colors.. think about how custom background images appear... use a solid colored image and you have an infinite amount of possibilities.

OK, that's for tile colors. And what about general accent colors? I want more accent colors, not just for tiles, but for messaging and other stuff.

It has to be CYAN! right? That is Nokia's Color. It would be a nice send off from Ol' Nokia to new MS / Nokia.


and bonus points because cyan is basically blue.

WP7 Nodonut Mango Tango WP8 2013 color Autumn: Amber Winter: black 2014 flower spring: Cherry blossom Summer: Daisies Autumn: Freesia Winter: Gerbera (or Ginger(bread))

Cyan makes more sense, Nokia is famous for it. and Cherry blossom pink just sounds girly

Even Blue would make sense as WP8.1 is codenamed blue as well and it's still in alphabetic order.

I actually rather liked the name bittersweet shimmer. Though cherry blossom pink is a bit of a mouthful. I could see just cherry being used though.

Somewhere a stripper is thinking Nokia is paying homage to them by using their stage names.

Id prefer cyan over Cherry as cyan is specifically a colour as Amber and Black were before whereas Cherry is both a colour and also food which would make it lean more to Google's naming for Android versions.

Mango was a fruit and a WP release. Also, Gingerbread is both a cookie and a kind of house, and Portico is the front porch of a house, so Google better stop ripping off MSFT naming conventions.

Ok but im talking about Nokia specially as this is a Nokia specific FW update and nothing to do with MS(atm at least).

I know amber is more than a colour but afaik, it isn't edible which both cherry and all the versions of android are. Which i may add was my original point.

Maybe it's a special code name for people in China. Don't they have something called the Cherry Blossom festival?

I can imagen the 21st color being variable and user selectable, Windows hase color pallets pre-defined too.

Or else what? Phone people are silly. You never buy a car and say GM better give me more horsepower or else.

And the background debate to me is also silly with a tile interface tell me what can they really do but have this type of background?

When I read that at first you are right I don't take that as a joke because I am tired of all the Microsoft bashing I wrote a long post but just deleted because it's a waste of time. I will just say this Microsoft supporters hurt the image just as must as the Microsoft haters. I will not go into more details but I am sure you all know what I am talking.

Ok just one example. Look at the way Leo Laporte handles Apple compared to the why Paul Thurrott talk about Microsoft. And I want to be clear I am not in any way saying Paul is wrong I respect his opinion and I think he is doing what he feel is right. The point I am trying to make is as someone who has chosen to use a Windows phone is we are killing the image of Microsoft and Windows phone from within. No company is perfect but for some reason Microsoft missteps are always blown up while Apples mistakes are pushed under the rug. Sorry for the rant but that is the reason for my quick reply to the statement above.

Still wondering if you change tile image how that would work with a long list of tiles. The image would cut and the remainder of tiles left would follow your set color I would imagine. I hope they have a solution that looks good.

If the image is fixed behind the tiles so that when you scroll it doesn't move that would allow you to have a solid color throughout but any image would probably look weird with a solid black or white background. I'm not sold on it but there's so much else to look forward to I will definitely get over it the day it releases.

I agree if I can't choose my own background image in 2014 and no additional changes to the UI I would have to leave WP! Sony experia z2 is calling my name but I'm still waiting to see what Microsoft and Nokia is offering, hopefully they give us these basic features because the lack of this is why my girl change her Lumia 520 to a Moto X! Wallpaper is a must!

How do you suppose a background picture should render given the the start screen can be longer than one page? Stretch it to fit a 2½ page start screen?

It baffles my mind why they still they don't make the color palatte more extensive, will they pay money for adding more colors? 

ok, are you that dense? pick a colour you like and save it to yr phone, apply background for tile colour. its not that hard

True but like someone else posted, it will not change the accent colors which kind of breaks the idea for some. Not a big problem but for some it sucks that the accent and start will not match exactly, u would have to just make the colors similar.

All these people who threaten to switch to android if WP doesn't cater to their every need.
Buh bye and have fun I say. Good luck on the dark side.

Or else you'll refuse to use your imagination and see that tile background images can used to create any color you'd like?

I am really hoping that we get backgrounds soon. Its good that there is an option but we could use another option. I am never going to use tile backgrounds.

NThey have a thing for pink at Nokia. Pink is one of the most non neutral colours! And yet some bright spark reckoned it would make a good base for its Mix Radio App.
Still its nice to see Nokia supporting WP

Oh...maybe the point was just the firmware naming screenshot and show the 8.1 features to provide some legitimacy. Sorry...still on my first cup of coffee.

They are. The article basically seems to be saying they don't know what will be in Nokia's next firmware update, but the leakster also published screenshots of what could be on WP 8.1 so that's the bulk of the article. "Here's the internal codename for next Nokia firmware, here's some more WP 8.1 stuff. We can't confirm everything yet"

Okay , they added icons to the settings , which is great . I'm still waiting for my sought after feature; ability to add background . And why can't they just add a color picker ? Why the limited selections of colors? Do they have to pay to use colors? .. pfff

No , that's no setting . That the icon for quick setting toggle . A short down swipe .

That first screen shot looks horrible.  Transparent tiles is just a stupid idea.  LOVE the VPN addition, though.  And it looks like they added ONE new color to the themes (yay?).  While definitely not important by any stretch of the imagination, I am a bit surprised this wasn't the point that a color wheel wasn't implemented for themes.

It doesn't look stupid, it looks classy..
Anyway, its good, whether you like it or not, because its a choice. People ask for it, give it. If you want, enable it, if you dont, some others will, and would stay on the platform probably, and wp would get more scores in the customisations area in some polls, and that means more people on wp, that means devs are more interested, that means more apps. Like it or not, you're being benefited by it.

Then you like chaos.  It looks like crap. And if I see your screen in public I will point at you and laugh hysterically.  There's no chance that WP will ever come close to, much less overtake, the competition.  As much as I love Windows/Windows Phone and as much as I hate Google and Apple, Microsoft will always be distant third.  So, no, I'm not benefiting from it.  The ecosystem is muddied because of it.

Windows phone needs a real background with grouping and folder support and transparent tiles,new tile sizes.real backgrounds are useful in all apps view too.maybe wp 8.5 or 9 concntrate on ui improvements as with wp8.1 we got the features.

Next update name:








I think cobalt is nearest with blue and looks good

What features does this cherry blossom have. I don't see any indication. Those leaks are MS wp8.1 updates.

Unpopular opinion puffin here: I actually like the codename bittersweet shimmer, it sounded alot cooler than kitkat, although I do like the Amber name for gdr 2

I'm actually a bit disappointed that they used the wallpaper into the live tiles and not behind them, which will make me use solid color wallpapers for that, though, the good side that I can pick ANY color I want.
We already got windows 8.1 wallpaper example, wish they followed it.

It's less annoying on Windows 8 because there's a LOT of "white space".  There is virtually none on Windows Phone.  I think screwing with the Start screen is stupid. 

I think that MS should make it look more like Windows 8.1. I'm not liking the background wallpaper on the Live Tiles.

When Threshold is released, we probably get a redesign anyway as it will probably be the same OS as Windows for tablets and desktops.

Maybe they will rename it "Cobalt". Cobalt is a shade of blue, right? That way they can keep their Alphabets theme going while keep up with Microsoft's Codename "Blue".

If Lumia has balls they name the firmware Nokia Chrome :D


By I expect it will be Nokia Cyan really.

There's any, obviously, reason to: "We can not put a color picker"?

Seriously ... There's any system issue or lack that we don't know??

I was thinking it before but I don't think Blue will be the name of Nokia firmware. At least not if they want to break their naming convention (A - Amber, B - Black). Next one should be C (Cherry blossom pink matches that).

The "new" tiles with a photo on them are absolutely hideous. Why does Microsoft implement such bizarre things in their operating systems. I don't get why they can add that but not give us more accent colors :/

That theme color palette is disappointing, although for tiles you could make them any color with a solid colored background image... apparently.

Oh please please please please move the Bing search box voice control button/microphone symbol e.g. to the left side that I don't accidentally press it every freaking time I try to add a word to a longish search query...

WP7 Nodonut Mango Tango WP8 2013 color Autumn: Amber Winter: black 2014 flower spring: Cherry blossom Summer: Daisies Autumn: Freesia Winter: Gerbera (or Ginger(bread))

I really dont like the tile (Wall)papers...

I switched to WP because I thought MS would be able to bring together their software on phones, tablets and PCs. Besides looking bad (to me) I mostly dont like it because it looks nothing like my Windows 8 PC and tablet.

Someone owning a Windows 7 PC, iPad and iPhone would have more cohesion between his devices in terms of look (and functionality, given how WP8 and W8 still are rather seperate pieces of software). Sure we have tiles on both OS, but iOS and Windows 7 both have icons... And the way the tile interface looks and how you interact with it is vastly different on WP8 and Windows 8.


How hard can it be to add the customization to WP8 to make it look similar to Windows 8? Allow grouping of tiles, add option to choose multiple color tiles and the option to add a wallpaper. All optional but leading to much more unification between devices for those that want it.

Agree, something along these lines would be nice. The background would extend to the app list screen where you can actually see it.

It also looks great behind the startscreen. Sure you might not see a whole lot of the picture. But if you look at the current startscreen the black or white behind the tiles are as much part of the overall impression as the color of the tiles. Changing that black or white into parts of a picture radically changes the overall impression of the UI. Just look at this example:


In my opinion a much more elegant solution than what WP8.1 is getting. Now I'm all for choice so why not alow both? Allow WP to change the background to a picture as well as the tiles themselves. WP would have its unique things that Anderoid/iOS cant copy but at the same time people cant complain WP doesnt do real backgrounds. Seems like a win/win to me!

For more tile colors, what if we make a picture of the color we want and set it as tile background?

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Maybe Windows Phone 7 will be more integrated with social networks or the Contacts hub than Windows Phone 8.1. And about the Cherry Blossom Pink...maybe is a codename like Bittersweet Shimmer, when was this released, has changed his name to Black, perhaps the same will happen with Cherry Blossom Pink.