NHL 15 demo now available for Xbox One

NHL 15

NHL 15 for Xbox One is now available as a playable demo. The upcoming hockey game releases on September 9 and will be the first NHL game in this new console generation. Use the Xbox One SmartGlass app on your Windows Phone to begin the download right now, so it's ready to play when you get home.

NHL 15 launches in two weeks on Xbox One and Xbox 360, though you're going to want the Xbox One for some "next-generation" features. Look forward to the following new features in NHL 15:

  • 12 player NHL collision physics
  • Revamped and real puck physics
  • Authentic NHL Areas
  • Authentic player and equipment models
  • Superstar skill stick
  • New commentary team

Search for "NHL 15" on your Xbox One to find a playable demo. Or fire up the Xbox One SmartGlass app on your Windows Phone. From there just search for "NHL 15" and you can begin downloading the game to your console.

Which team are you going to play as this season? Me? The Kings!

(We'll add the Xbox One link once it goes live in a few hours, for now you'll have to search for it)

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Reader comments

NHL 15 demo now available for Xbox One


It's called the Xbox one for a reason, you will be the one person who owns it on your friends list. After all this time I only have 5 people to switch over from 360

I was always a big NHL 2K fan, partly because they used Bob Cole and Harry Neale for commentary. The last EA Sports hockey game I remember trying was EA 93. I'll lilely try this when EA adds it to the EA Access Vault.

"Use the Xbox One SmartGlass app on your Windows Phone to begin the download right now, so it's ready to play when you get home."

Thanks, I forgot I can do that!

I've bought the last 4 editor on 360 and I'm conflicted because on the one hand I want to get this but on the other hand I want to wait until I get a One. I'll probably pass and stick with 14 for the time being

Freck that EA. Since there is no gmc, its a no go. And no app for WP. Or even Windows 8 I believe. Well, EA can shove their fancy wobbling puck up theirs.

If they take out multiplayer, or EASHL, I'll be fucking pissed. Damn fun that is. Especially listening to other players whine if you miss a shot or over shot a pass. Especially if you have an under developed player because you have just started, and criticize every move you make lol a lot of shit bothers me these days

Eh...I played the demo... I'm going to cancel my preorder and just get Madden 15 instead. Everytime I buy EA's NHL games, I always find myself regretting the purchase. The game for me gets boring quickly.

This game was missing until now on the XB1 and that was the reason I still have a 360. If the game disappoints then I have no real reason to upgrade.

Just played....game is gorgeous looking and physics are a lot tighter and game play seems more balanced. As of right now, seems its hard to just go end to end...seems to require passing for success (rightfully so).

Is it me, or does Doc and Edzo sound a tad off? Also, the fluidity seems off. I don't remember it being this way with Gary Thorne and Bill Clement. I'll definitely be giving the demo a try tonight.

I should really leave my xbox one on for smart glass connectivity, but I really don't want to waste electricity on it, that shit ain't cheap.