Sorry, there is no Nokia 'Lumia 1820'

With Microsoft’s Build 2014 just right around the corner, it looks like I have to squash some rumors floating around. The latest is “confirmation” of a Lumia 1820.

The first report of a Lumia 1820 came from a non-reputable Twitter source, who promised it would feature a hilariously spec’d “3GB RAM 5.2 inch QHD screen and Snapdragon 805” along with a Lytro camera. I said back before Mobile World Congress that it was nonsense, as many were “predicting” it would be announced at that Nokia event. It was not.

Now, the unicorn phone has returned.

The new “evidence” comes from Noreve, who is a high profile case maker for mobiles. Many less reputable sites have taken Noreve’s listing of a “Nokia Lumia 1820 leather case” as proof that this phone exists.

It does not.

I have checked our sources high and low, and no one has ever heard of this phone. That’s not to say Nokia may not someday make a “Lumia 1820” – whatever it may be – but there isn’t one about to be released anytime soon.

Let’s answer a few things though.

For one, I have heard there will be a dual lens phone from Nokia, but not until Q4-Q1 (2015). That’s quite a ways off. The same applies to ‘Goldfinger’, the super mysterious device with a 3D gesture system and no buttons. That phone is not expected until early 2015. I suppose it could come earlier, and in fact some people expected it to. But I’m guessing whatever powers that 3D gesture system is the key to its release, and that could take some time.

Like many reports about tech that is far off, treat it with a grain of salt. Development is dynamic.

I’ve also heard you should expect another flagship at Verizon, and replacements for the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 925 on AT&T. I have no timeframes for those releases or what those devices even are yet.

Finally, you may be asking: Why did Noreve even put that page up? It’s a good question, and I think I have the answer: SEO.

Noreve is a smart company. They know that to sell products you need to get your product pages into Google and Bing. That’s called search engine optimization (SEO). Generally speaking, the earlier you create a page, the more hits you garner and as a result, you get a higher page rank. Basically, if you want a “Lumia 1820 case”, Noreve wants their product page to be at the top when you do that search. This is no different from companies buying up domains for products that don’t exist – just in case, ya know?

To game the system, companies often pick up on what other tech sites are reporting. There have been many reports of a “Lumia 1820” (with no proof), so they probably assumed (like many of you) that it must be true. As a result, they created a place holder page for a non-existent product in the event that the phone is real.

But for now, at least I’m not buying into any of this Lumia 1820 talk, and I don’t think you should either. For next week at Build and Nokia’s event, I’m expecting Windows Phone 8.1, the Lumia 630 and the Lumia 930 with maybe some app announcements. No Nokia wearables, no ‘Goldfinger’ and no ‘Lumia 1820’. 


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Sorry, there is no Nokia 'Lumia 1820'



I am spoiled by my 1020 as well. I am lucky enough to carry what I want, and I choose 1020 for my daily driver.

It will not be overshadowed by any new camera on the market for a while. Don't worry. There's still very little that can be done to actually improve upon the 1020 imaging. Which is why it's not in Nokia's priority list (I have no idea about Microsoft's though. Remember that, once Nokia's gone and the employees move to Microsoft, all the plans may change).

I would like a 5-6" with the 1020 Camera. I love my 1520, but I will not use as my daily due to camera.

Yeah, the 1020 is the end of the line, Nokia/MS will not release a successor... sure. /s

I think companies pretty much start working on the successor of their products the moment they release them. Or even before -when they have features that can't make the final cut yet.

No, they will not release one that soon. Nokia won't release it for sure. And Microsoft may have other priorities. The 1020 is a niche device. It doesn't get replaced every year. Sorry.

Who said anything about replacing it every year? You were claiming it was not in development yet. And what are you constantly sorry about?

It's not. It may be planned. But it's currently not being developed yet. There are other stuff taking priority.

You'll be more credible if you were presently employed by Nokia or Microsoft. And as you'e not, and probably even unemployed now, come back next time when you are and tell us all about it.

I see MS only working on three models with the Lumia range.. A low end phone that ll replace the 520,620,720 and variants and a high end phone that ll replace the 820,920,925 and variants and possibly a phablet to replace the 1520 but not the 1320.

Are the 1520 and Icon not proper successors?  Sure they have fewer megapixels, but their image quality has been tested time and time again and they hold their own against the 1020.  I've heard for YEARS that "megapixels aren't everything."  Practice what you preach(ed) people.

No, they are not successors to the 1020. The 1020 is a flagship imaging device. The 929 and 1520 take great pictures, don't get me wrong. But they don't reach the 1020.


But you are right. If you can't take photos properly, you can have a 1020 and still suck at it. And have a 620 and take amazing photos.

Agree. Even a HTC One with 4 UltraPixel can take better pictures if one has good photography skills.

I gree with you guys but they could make a phone with the 1020 specifications or camera but with a 6 inch screen. Actually that's what I'm expecting!

That may be the dual-lens device I mention in the article. Kind of makes sense. Still, I'd bet on something towards the end of 2014 as the 1020 is kind of niche.

I always imagined the plenoptic camera from Pelican Imaging would be in the next imaging flagship. But if what you say is true then that may very well be it instead.

Which makes me wonder how they'll market the respective devices, since both will then undoubtedly feature next-generation mobile camera modules.

They couldn't possibly release two different imaging flagships, could they? Perhaps they'll just make the transition from legacy camera modules into the light-field camera modules on their regular phones, keeping the imaging flagships separate.

There could be a successor but not in camera, maybe a 1020 with better specifications like in pixels, ppi, ram, processor,etc. I guess not in camera!

Nokia can always keep the niche camera module of 1020, with improved processors and more rams, etc. And that will also be a successor for 1020. Nokia doesn't need to change or improve the camera. Just like how HTC made their M8 to be successor of M7. Have you talked to Nokia or MS to confirm that this is really not going to happen? Otherwise, you making wild guesses as well.

M8 has improvements on camera module. Something about dual-thing (I forgot what part was the dual thing refers to, but enough reason to remove the OIS).

I know more than you, that I'm sure. Do you want to bet no successor to the 1020 will come at least until the end of the year? There are other priorities than to replace niche phones. If you can't understand that, pity.


Also, that tweet is really generic. A Nokia device "featuring a Siri-like assistant"? That'd be any WP8.1 phone. Evleaks gets a lot right. But he also fails or doesn't know a lot of stuff (find me the tweet where he saw the X+ and XL coming).

You know exactly shit. You're just doing guess-work based on leaks, like most people around here. What you are good at though is throw out puny threats to shift to iOS with the 5S, to Android with the Z1, and Android again with the X. Unless and until you make real your numerous threats, you're nothing but a twerp.

I would love that! But I can't wait any longer, so I'm going to get the 930 on AT&T. I hope evleaks posts more about it though, as the announcement for it is REAL close!

This could also be my next phone. I really want to hold out for Goldfinger, but I don't think I can wait that long.

same here, can't wait for Lumia 1525, the next generation of Lumia 1520. but I don't know is that a real thing or not because Lumia 1820 & Lumia 1525 announced unofficialy at a same time

I hope so, but fear it is not going to appear before 2015. What is that duel lens bit they refer to in the article?

Waiting for.... Water resistant and shock proof phones from nokia... Though they have sturdy builds... But want it with water resistant phones... Heard that nokia was working on a molecular level for the same.. And the news disappeared.... Dying for it... :)

Why nokia and ms are so slow on bringing new technologies to market.... Obesrving that they already are available by other brands... They shud gear up and not relax... Fill the technology gap atleast in hardware and bring some innovation as well.... :)

You mean that Facet smartwatch? It's seriously bad. It seemed as if Nokia got drunk and made that!!! 

I hope Nokia has a better plan than that..

Even more hilarious are the specs the likes of PhoneArena are reporting.

Oh well.
Let me go pick up a case for the Nokia Lumia 4930. Oh you don't know about the 4930? It's coming. It's a 5" device that has a 1020mp camera.

A rating of 1 on the rumor meter on a report that says the 1820 isn't happening. What are you trying to pull here, Daniel.? :P
Will take this with a grain of salt. ;)

Now that i got that out of the way, what i wanted to say is the following: is this the supposed Lumia Icon for AT&T version? I thought i read around here that something similar is in the works and that said device was to be announced on Build week.

Oh, it likely will, but as always, Nokia is in bed with ATT here in the states, meaning ATT is likely to receive exclusivity stateside.

Total b.s. What's next? There is no Bigfoot? No Chupacabre? Please. Try something more believable next time, Daniel.

If a "1" is "nothing here, move along," what is a 2? Don't think I've seen that rating on a rumor. What are all the clever sayings Daniel? Or direct me to them.

Well in a way, this saddens me because this means that there is not a super high end coming from Nokia. I mean like 1520 esque.

The 930 is nice but I was hoping for something to replace my 1520 or at least the 1020 :(

If you have a 1520 and 1020, you can wait longer, like a 1020 replacement. I have a 920, and haven't pulled the trigger on those devices, so I will probably get the 930.

If you want a phablet, then you'll have to wait. Otherwise than 930 is expected to be a 929 with slightly better specs which makes it better than the 1520 ;)

1520 has been out for less than half a year, no way there'll be an "upgrade" this soon.  Even the 1020 has only been out for 9 months, though it would have been nice if we get an upgrade on that one.

But at least we are getting a 930, been holding my 920 since launch week, can't wait!

Hopefully that 930 is somewhere between the 920 and 1520 in size and not simply an international Icon. 

"Another flagship on Verizon" is just what I wanted. I really didn't want the Icon for various reasons, but mainly because of the lack of an SD slot. Hopefully this new device will have one.

Really, I'd rather have a "828/832" type device... something smaller than a 5" screen with at least 720p, SD slot and 2 GB RAM on Verizon.
That's my dream anyway, and with this news I guess I'll stay with Verizon until we here more about it. If it's not up to my expectations, I'm off to AT&T.

...for those who'd rather stick with carrier released updates, Good luck waiting. I for one will not wait a day longer. So developer preview for me.

No. It means those devices with 2k screens etc will not come until 2015. Goldfinger is still a prototype.

Rumors suggest its the international version of the Icon. Therefore its not "true" successesor to the 920.

The Icon(929) is a successor to the 928 just the same way the 930 will succeed the 920. The 930 is an international version of the icon in the sense that it's a high spec non-phablet device. It should improve somethings on the Icon, obviously (there's a chance the 801 will be on board ;))

930 is basically the Icon with microSD, the Lumia design, and no built in wireless charging (which I like, built in adds weight and thickness).

The 930, being an international version, will have built in Qi charging. AT&T may get one without it, but the international version of the 930 will have it

I would be willing to go up to 5" if the size of the phone doesn't increase (like Sony did with the X2). But not beyond that. And honestly, I'd like it to do down to a more manageable size. The 920 is already too big to handle with one hand (and I have big hands). With the Action Centre on top, big devices become less practical.

I agree. I love wireless charging on the 920, and I doubt if I'd get a device without it. I don't want a phablet, though. It needs to be 5" at most.

The first 4 months of owning my 920, I loved wireless charging. Then, it felt gimmicky to me. Anyways, I love Qi, but I prefer wireless charging not to be built in, and instead, have it as an accessory to buy.

I don't. It's a thing I hate on the 1020. Having to attach cases is horrible and denies the ability of protecting your phone with a case. I want it built in. And I use it a lot.

Honestly, based on videos on YouTube where people opened the 925 and placed the chip found on the Qi covers inside the phone, I think the Qi wasn't at all the reason for the 920's chubbiness. 

Agreed. Adding cases for wireless charging is what makes phones heavier and thicker. Defies the whole reason of having a nice, sleek built-in solution. Somebody mentioned wireless charging as gimmicky and impractical, but with the awesome sales you're able to find on Nokia charging plates, it's a no-brainer. I have one on my nightstand, one at work and one in the living room.

The 920 was thicker and heavier than the 928 despite it having a better camera assembly.  The 920 thickness was a design decision, it had nothing to do with wireless charging.  The wireless portion of the difference between them was negligible.

Hi Daniel, slightly off topic but i was just wondering and i know you possibly cant say but is there a chance that the phone app has seen an UI/UX overhaul in 8.1? I hope that they group call logs instead of listing each instance.

The Goldfinger is still a prototype. If you see it by the summer, you'll be seeing it much like Sony's VR set.

Nokia/have their work cut out for the, I think a lot of people will be happy with a slightly smaller Lumia 1520 . 

I have used the 1520 for a month now, I don't want a smaller display on a phone ever again ithink. The phone is so thin and sleek. And fits in my jeans(regular and slim). But ppl are all different, but I honestly believe that alot of ppl thinks 6" to big without trying first. I know I did, but gave it a shot. Very glad I did. +1520

Yeah....how " stupid" to think that ms and Nokia were actually trying to get ahead of the game . I mean come on! Who would think that ms would really show the world that there really going after the mobile industry? That would be "crazy" to think such a thing!! And yes I'm being sarcastic!

Another flagship for Verizon? I had to buy my wife a new pair of earrings just to get her to let me get the Icon! I can't even imagine what a NEW flagship will cost me! :p

"Had to buy her earrings" to "Let you get the Icon" Seriously? Sounds more like a master/slave relationship than a marriage. Maybe you should get her a strap-on if you haven't already. Just kidding. Maybe.  :)

I suppose you could flip it and say she had to buy me the phone in order to get her new earrings...but then that would be lying. :P

2012 = Nokia 808 PureView

2013 = Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView

2014 = ?

It's hard to believe that Nokia/Microsoft would let a year go by without a true PureView successor. So far, the newly released and rumored Lumias seem like small incremental releases. Nokia/Microsoft need something bold to catch up with the Galaxy juggernaut.

And, please, Nokia: no more phones that lack SD slots.

I'm hopeful that WP8.1 will bring WP closer to the functionality I have on my Symbian 808. And I truly hope that Nokia creates a PureView phone with an SD slot and xenon flash.  I like WP just fine, and use a 521 from time to time to test it out, but none of the Lumias quite match the 808 for overall hardware excellence (e.g., SD slot, HDMI out, user-replaceable battery). Lumias do have a better screen than the 808 for videos, but even the 808's screen is fantastic outdoors in the sunlight. 

1520 has a pureView camera and SD slot upto 64 GB, and reportedly works with 128 GB SD cards. Even with a 6" screen the phone feels sleek and holds nice.

Remember one important thing: the 808 was a Symbian device released when Symbian was already sentenced to death, because it was too late to put WP in it. That's why the 1020 came an year later.

It's not as if Nokia has any plans to release flagship imaging devices once a year.


Also, all the 92x series, the 1020, and the 1520 are PureView phones. As you don't have that much of an evolution in mobile photography tech (it's not something you can't improve without much research first), you shouldn't expect an niche imaging flagship every year.

Currently the only thing Nokia could present would be a 1020 with different processors. In terms of imaging itself, there wouldn't be that much of a difference.

If you want a replacement to your 808, from Nokia, you'll need the 1020. Otherwise wait until the end of the year at least for an imaging device from Microsoft (which won't be Nokia. Remember, Nokia is keeping the R&D division that makes these innovations.)

Well, we'll have to wait for Nokia to announce their products before we'll know for sure.  I see your logic, but I hope Nokia thinks otherwise. A huge improvement for the 1020 would be an SD slot. It would also be nice to have a xenon flash as powerful as the 808's, as well as the 808's ability to create an 8 megapixel image, instead of being limited to 5 megapixel or full-sized 38 megapixels.

I'm not sure what "PureView" means anymore. On the 808 and 1020 it suggests the use of a huge pixel array that the phone uses to downsample to 8 or 5 megapixels, combined with a xenon flash.  The other models have considerably smaller lenses and don't have a xenon flash. Although they produce nicer photos tha most smartphones, their images don't rival those of the 808 or 1020.

I'll stick with my 808 as my daily phone and continue to dabble with my 521. I hope to be able to switch to a Nokia phone with as good a camera, xenon flash, and SD slot. I would have switched to the 1020 aready if it had an SD slot.

Perhaps I'm an unusual user. I need my phone to handle business use (email, contacts, tasks, calendar), be able to autmoate switching of sound profiles (or at least volume), hold my entire music collection (80GB), and have a phenomenal camera. So far, only the 808 does that.  With the changes coming in WP8.1, it would be possible for WP to meet my software needs. Now I hope that Nokia/Microsoft will add the superior camera and SD slot.

Dammit! Win one lose one (tipped this and the MS/Dell thing). Guess I just want a 805 powered 5.2" inch uber-Nokia a bit too much :-)

My predictions:
- Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520, with 8.1 and in green collors, for AT&T and global release soon after;
- Lumia 631 for T-Mobile with release in April;
- maybe a Lumia 931 (monarch) for TMobile to be released after AT&T exclusivity end (August maybe);

- Lumia 530 for AT&T, Verizon and US cellular, with global release, also in the middle of the year;
- Lumia 830 in the same time frame (Lumia 838 for Verizon);

- Lumia 730 in the Christmas time.

Tech blogs and sites in my country are reporting Lumia 1820 like its a true thing , i guess they saw it on wmpoweruser

I disagree with Daniel.

What the HTC One 2014 has is a secondary lens that handles the autofocus. There are other types of dual-lens setups, such as the Toshiba dual camera revealed at CES 2014. That module captured two 5 MP images and merged them into a 13 MP image using computational photography.

Imagine that with dual 41 MP camera sensors. The details, zoom level and noise reduction wouls be amazing. And I'm guessing this would mean it would have an improved low-light performance as well.

And then there's a dual-lens setup where one lens captures an image while the other one has a 15x zoom, which you can either use directly or which incorporates itself into the taken image. A zoom feature without added thickness in other words.


Computational imaging is amazing.

Oh and ^this (what trinkner said).

My dream (but semi realistic) Nokia phone atm would be a 5 - 5.3" full HD, 805 quad, 3gb ram, 32/64gb storage with SD, 41mp camera with xenon, QI, and those awesome mics in the 1520....

all rumors about smartphones with 2k+ screens with 5-6' size are crap. Its useless, u wont even see It anyway and It requires much stronger graphic Cards to work lag free. Most People doesnt even have 1080p screens in computers, nobody makes such videos for yt, so it's completely pointless. And don't say u will watch bluray movies on your mobile... Stupid people don't use their brain and always think "more is better". So why nobody uses 20liter engine in his car? Don't u deserve more horsepower?

Actually there are people who make 1080p videos on YouTube, I'm one of them. Highlights from my Twitch streams are 720p but any YouTube exclusive footage is 1080p no exceptions.

i meant most peple doesnt even have 1080p monitors and nobody makes UHD yt movies - with 2160x3840 pixels resolution. Its the rumored L1820 screen resolution. As u noticed, i didnt say that 1080p mobile screens are useless. But 800+ ppi is pointless when Human eye doesn't distinguish anything over 350 ppi

Glad that's cleared up. I tipped this BC I thought it was true due to the case being listed. Thanks WPC for keeping stories straight!

Yup, easy mistake. We had a lot of tips on it too, hence why I wrote this...I saw it was getting caught in the zeitgeist.

Dan Rubino Devourer of Dreams.  Well at least you aren't Galactus Devourer of Worlds!  HAHA! 

For real though I was wondering why I'd never heard of this device.  Thanks for clearing this up Dan!

True, but I'd rather debunk rumors than spread 'em ;) We had a lot of tips on this and many sites ran with it, so I felt we had to say something.

My love for 1020 was short-lived by the advent of quad core higher resolution Windows Phones (1520 & 929). My 920 is still rocking, yet I'm tempted to get the 1020 after I sold my 808-Purview. Just wish Nokia brings in a worthy successor soon...imagine a phone with 41MP camera sensor, 2k resolution, quad core Snapdragon 805, expandable memory slot, 3400mAh battery tank, 5" display with WP8.1! Plus inbuilt Qi wireless charging....

By asking for the SD805 you just threw your "soon" to Winter 2014 which is when Qualcomm said the chips would be hitting the market =P

And again you're full of shit, DJCBS.

Qualcomm started sampling the 805 to manufacturers last year, with a release date for smartphones set for May.

If true, very sad news ...  I like Nokia, but will have to buy something else.  Maybe just go all Apple in September, and dump all Microsoft.

If the rumors are correct the 930 is going to have the same size screen as the 920  3.4 inches.  It will be a better screen and what not but it'll be the same sized device height and width as the 920.  I would like to have at least a 5 inch screen device for ATT buts just my personal preference.  If there's not anything that sized in the near future then I'll either keep the 920 or jump on nthe 1520 or maybe  (bit not likely) jump on the Note 3.  There's alwats the possibility of the wp8.1 version of the HTC one thats rumored.  Havent had an HRC phone since the tilt2.

After using 1020, I am not sure how I am going to move on to other devices. The camera just too ridiculously good, anything else feels just like a downgrade. 

Hey Daniel, congrats on delivering this article. I remember when you said there would be some editorials to bury this kind of rumor. Well done :)

What the hell is QHD? A quick Bing search only brings up discussions of the Motorola Atrix HD and its qHD display from a few years ago.