NoDo Update Hitting the HTC Surround

Good news Surround users!

Seems the time has come for you to receive the much anticipated NoDo update. Microsoft's Where's My Phone Update page has the Surround device set at "Delivering" and our own George Ponder is running through the process as we speak. 'bout time, eh? Have you all received the notification yet, or are you still at the edge of your seats?

Thanks goes out to everyone who tipped us on this!


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NoDo Update Hitting the HTC Surround


one different thing from this update and other nodo at&t updates is that this one changes the at&t screen while booting up the phone i wonder y?

This update also includes changes to the firmware, radio and bootloader, so there was HTC stuff bundled with this.

Anyone have a screenshot (camera pic) of the ATT bootscreen?Probably a new change ATT made since NoDo was approved and ready for the other phones.

Interesting... I guess they changed the "World Phone" word on the old bootscreen? Because they don't want you to unlock your phone to use it as a world phone so they stop bragging about it? What could I know.

Plus this is my second consecutive update. The first only took about 10 mins. What the **** was the first one for?

The first one is the first update to prepare the OS for NoDo, the 2nd is NoDo itself. The reason it takes so long is because of the backup, it needs to duplicate your entire phone (8-32 GB, depending). People at MS suggest removing old apps, music, videos, putting photos on skydrive, and resetting cookies and browser history to speed up the process.

My Feb update took 7 minutes. March (NoDo) took 57 minutes, which included about 24 minutes for step 6 (backup) and 27 minutes for step 8 (install). That was with about 7.5GB a stuff on my phone.

I put a graphic of the new logo in this forum discussion. http://forums.wpcentral.com/showthread.php?p=1545598#post1545598for anyone interested.The February Update took about 10 minutes and the March/Nodo Update took about 40 minutes. Granted if you have more apps/documents/music/pics/etc. on your Surround, it will take longer due to the larger backup file.Can't see much has changed beyond the typical Nodo changes. The Surround seems to have a little more pep in its step but no surprise features I can see. Still looking though.

OMG.....SLooooowwwww....and it better not be backing up my music. If I imported from my PC in the first place, why are you backing THAT up?? Hello..Zune software....thats where we MS fanboys already manage and keep the music.... *facepalm*

Looks like NoDo broke my Xbox live and Marketplace (stuck at update 3090 btw....)Marketplace not working on phone (yet working on PC)When trying to connect to Xbox live on phone....error 800488b2Yargh ! And another little minor note......cant continue txt messages from previous firmware. Have to delete message and start a new thread....other wise new message coming in and out on old string auto delete.

Manually turn off the phone and bring it back on via holding the power/screen button. When I first finished the update, it was doing this to me as well but this seemed to fix it for me.

And also....colors seem a bit muted, and may have some gradient banding. 16bit color issues as seen on other device NoDo updates ?? For Marketplace error code.....80070057

After the update I ran the WP Bench Color Gradient test and there was definitely banding. Ran the Advanced Configuration Tool (homebrew) 32bit Fix and now the Color Gradient looks as it did before NoDo. Smooth.

Cripes...found the problem.....the update, though time set to auto....turned back clock to 3/5/1980.Way to go MS !!Of course that's gonna cause security issue....turned off auto update, set correct time, reactivated clock auto.Marketplace and Live working now...:(