Nokia bumps Extras + Info with some general bug fixing

Extras Info Glance

Nokia appears to be on an update spree as of late with not only Lumia Black rolling out worldwide (for both the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020), but apps and system software too. We've received reports and have confirmed that Extras + Info has been bumped to a new version.

The latest version of Extras + Info is According to the Windows Phone Store listing, this release brings general bug fixes, which is handy to know, should you be experiencing issues somewhere within the experience (we're not entirely sure what's been addressed). As well as the change log, here's a comparison between the old (left) and new (right) Extras + Info screens. 

Extras + Info
Our Lumia 1020 hasn't received Nokia's Lumia Black update yet

​You'll notice the new listing for Glance PinBoards App Agent on version, while Firmware Update Notifier, Nokia SpamFilter and SMS vCard Receiver have been updated to, and respectively.

You can check for updates using this store link or the QR code below. Note that the app is part of the Nokia experience and is unavailable for Windows Phones from other OEMs. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

QR: Extras + Info


Reader comments

Nokia bumps Extras + Info with some general bug fixing


But that's the problem it'll be hard reset and I have a lot of apps and my internet isn't good to redownload everything

Wonder if this fixes the random charging notification on a wireless charging plate. Happens all the time on our 920s. Can't charge wirelessly at night anymore.

Good to hear, I thought it was just my battery starting to die after one year of extended wireless charging.

I find it quite odd that this, the most simple and minor of Nokia's apps, is receiving such regular bug fixes. I mean, it just shows the version numbers of components, right? How badly was it coded if all these bugs keep coming up? Nokia are so good with the rest of their coding, this app is really incongruous. Was it written by the work experience guy or something?

This app is really the backend of most of the Nokia apps. I only know this by trying to decompilng it (along with several other Nokia apps) and reading though it to find out how we're going to get an interop-unlock. FOR ALL LUMIAS.

Well, its odd really, cause I can read the code and understand what's going on. If you frequent xda-developers enough, one could get that thals1992 is my username everywhere. The only thing is that I still would need someone else to create an app to have an on device tutorial. And possibly the app to do the unlocking for that matter too.

This app is kind of like nokias back door to the OS remember with previous updates to this app it enabled call and sms blocker and other features.

After updating the app my 920 got real hot without using. Had to turn it off for it to cool down... Luckily I have my 520 to use while other phone is off.

I read the reviews that some were complaining that the call & SMS blocker app was disabled after the update. Can anyone confirm this? This is an important feature for me as I get random phone calls from telemarketers. If this feature has been removed, then I'll pass on this update.

How do you block random telemarketers? Do they call you from the same phone number? In the telemarketing business, they call you 95% of the time from hidden numbers, so in this case all you can do is to block unknown numbers. Which results blocking all unknown callers and any callers who dont send calling number, but text-only caller line identification strings without numbers, for example the mobile operators.

After updating 'extras+info' and the 'call and sms blocker' apps, all of my apps are not opening! Then I read the info part of the 'extras+info' update which said that: 

Update your phone before installing extras+info by going to your App list > Settings > Phone

But since that I usually press 'update all' in the store, I didnt get to read this! :( When I updated these, my phone was still with the Amber update. Now when I go to the 'phone update' in settings, it would just say that my phone is up to date. How can I get my apps running again? I am so frustrated about this. Anyone had the same problem? (Lumia 720)