Nokia Lumia 520 for only $44.99 with no contract on Amazon

If you need a spare phone or if you're a developer looking to pick one for cheap, then you can't go wrong with the Nokia Lumia 520. Amazon has a lightning deal (only 4 hours) with the device, selling it for $44.99. That's pre-paid, no contract, meaning you owe nothing to AT&T. 

For $45 this is a great little phone to have kicking around (or developing apps on). Don't forget, you can even put Windows Phone 8.1 on there today! (For those asking, yes, the Lumia 520 is carrier SIM locked to AT&T. In theory, you can unlock it, but AT&T can be difficult. You can always try their site.)

Head here to grab the deal, but remember you only have a few hours! http://phon.es/520deal


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Nokia Lumia 520 for only $44.99 with no contract on Amazon


SIM Unlocked it will work anywhere that runs on ATT frequencies, plus it supports a bunch of other frequencies too.

Bought it. Will be my backup phone. $80 because I'm in Europe but still freaking worth it. It retails for double the price here.

If you plan to use it for a MP3 player AND use the 8.1 Developer Preview, make sure to use the "Music Hub Tile" app to bring back the WP8 Music Hub that actually was awesome.

Since my 920 is full, I'm planning to get a 520, I heard it can support a 128 GB card, so it's good for future expansion- way cheaper than an iPod classic which is my other option (does it support USB audio out?)

Yes, when I need the best pictures that a phone can take with the most reliable Xenon flash and usable detail. Otherwise, I use my 1020 just because the smartphone portion meets my everyday needs better than Belle FP2 at this time.

"For $45, you can't do much worse"

C'mon guys.  Is a little proofreading so much to ask for?

What's incorrect about that? They're basically saying you can't go wrong by buying this phone. It sounds weird when you think about it, yes, but the meaning is different.

"You can't do much worse" is the opposite of "you can't go wrong by buying this phone", don't you think?  If you can't do much worse, it must be pretty bad.  But the argument is supposed to be the opposite: you can't do much better (when it comes to value) with a phone like this for only $45.

It does not work for me on my icon via USB. Wont project to my windows 7 or windows 8 pc's. I have the PC app side of it installed as well. It just doesn't work

Yes, there are methods to get it unlocked. ATT has a certain set of criteria's to unlock their phones.

If you are an active At&t customer, the receipt you paid with full price is the only thing you need.

Theoritically - Yes. Practically - there are living examples who could not get it unlocked even if they have all proof and details with them. Personally, I would prefer to pay $100 and get an unlocked one.

Yeah I got the phone for christmas for my mom.  Had it active 2 months on postpaid and was allowed to unlock it right away no issues when I switched her over to T-mobile. 

Hey, if you got $100 to burn, spend $50 on the phone and $50 on that gas for the car to go get the thing unlocked (or $50 in Advil if you go at it online).

I got one the week it came out so I wouldn't be stuck using wp7 but I have a 1520 now I'm wondering if this can be unlocked for tmobile but I'm still using it to try out 8.1

Uh... who's phone is that in the pic?


They have 251 missed messages that they might want to take a peek at...

Ordered one. For that day I destroy my WP by accident.

Note: I'm in Canada. Amazon says it will process my order. We'll see how this goes...

It cost 64.99 with shipping to Puerto Rico. Microsoft store has it for 69.99 with a case or back plate free shipping.

Yes. Bought one for my brother for Christmas and he uses it with straight talk as do my friends with their 920s.

Awesome. That's what I thought. I'm on sprint right now and looking to switch. Nice cheap way to give the service a trial run around here.

Too bad this phone is locked to AT&T. Ah, well, I already have enough phones (iPhone 4, Nokia Lumia 925, 920 and 810 and HTC One) to play with. :-P

Being someone who has never unlocked a phone but is decently tech savvy, how hard is it to unlock a phone? Wanting to use this on Verizon..

A 45 dollar smartphone and the one star whiners on Amazon are still crying...

Amazon reviewers amaze me.

I'm gonna ask in the Amazon customer Q and A if I can use this to make calls from the ISS and see if anyone answers with "Sorry I don't know."