Nokia Lumia 530 reportedly headed to T-Mobile, Cricket

Lumia 520

A new rumor from prolific Internet gadget leaker Evleaks claims that the still unannounced Nokia Lumia 530 is coming to T-Mobile, along with AT&T's Cricket Wireless. This is the budget Windows Phone product that evleaks first revealed back in March with the code name "Rock". Since then, he has claimed that the phone will go on sale in the U.S. via T-Mobile, but did not give a specific time frame.

However, on Sunday he posted word that the Lumia 530 will be available on AT&T's newly revamped Cricket Wireless subsidiary sometime in the fourth quarter of 2014. That's basically all the information he has mentioned on both the phone and its availability at this time.

Since this is coming from an unconfirmed source, take all of this information with a grain of salt but if true, this could be a major product launch for Microsoft's new smartphone hardware business, since Nokia's Lumia phones have had major sales success on the budget product side.

Let us know what you think about the rumored Lumia 530 showing up on not one but two wireless carriers in the U.S. below in the comments.

Source: @evleaks

P.S. The image above is of the Lumia 520, not the Lumia 530, since an image of the 530 has yet to be revealed.


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Nokia Lumia 530 reportedly headed to T-Mobile, Cricket


Yay, that news is as exciting as getting 3 enemas at the same time. Damn T-Mobile always go for the lowest phones of the bunch. The 925 it's amazing but 6 month late. I hope they grab a high end WP soon, I am growing impatient.

I am with you on this one. Why add lower end phones? JUMP is useless if they only bring on low model phones. Wish there were some sort of requirements like if they do not a viable upgradeable phone within a year you get your JUMP money back!

I own two 520's as backup to my 820 and my wife's 925. But its time to replace the 520 as the low end lead player. Trouble is people are going to expect it (the 530) to be in the same price range as the 520. And not the original price; but what the 520 is selling for now. Going to be interesting as to what they introduce it at. Needs to be close in specs to the Moto G/E or a good bit cheaper as the 520 is.

Buy a 1520 and unlock it like everyone else, the ATT version works fine except in fringe cases on HSPA and the new unlocked one (forget the model number) works perfectly. Its not 2004 anymore, you don't have to buy from your carrier.

It does work and for you it should. It's not working because you have incorrect APN setting in your phone. Spend some time calling or going to various T-Mobile stores until you get the correct info. I had to go through three months of no MMS because No one at MetroPCS knew the correct APN for the GSM service they sell (T-Mobile). I'm using an unlocked AT&T Lumia 920. A tip, a quick way to test the setting they tell you... Create a picture message and send it to yourself. If it comes through you're good to go. If not, the settings they told you are bs. It should come through in no more than 20-30 seconds.

you get no LTE if you use any non-Tmobile phone because of hardware incompatibility.

yes T-Mobile has LTE.

Unless you use the 1520.3 model which coincidentally was just written about again. This model supports the t-mobile network including lte.

Does the 1520 use different radio bands than a 920? My unlocked AT&T 920 gets T-Mobile LTE (via MetroPCS) just fine. Rarely does it ever switch off LTE actually.

For Cricket yes (and should come to AT&T proper as well). For T-Mo Q3 is ok, I think. Hopefully that is the world wide release quarter as well.

I'm sure it's on the way, but I'm not sure it's enough to make people move from 520, but I'll take a look at it.

I like tmobile getting a new windows phone, but c'mon. They need a new replacement for the 925 as well. Lets hope they get one for our brethren.

As long as it is a true successor to the 925. Frankly, the post-925 models generally left me thinking, "That's it?"

Who cares... That's not going to get people to jump and come to T-Mobile. They need a flagship phone like the 1520....smh!

Well, a lot of the new T-Mo customers may be first timers, and for those the 530 should be a good option. But sure, T-Mo should get a high end one too.

Have you ever used an unlocked phone for T-Mobile? It ruins slower than edge in 95% of the places...

Untrue. So untrue. Just make sure your device has the right bands available.

I've used multiple unlocked phones on T Mobile, you're fine as long as you do your research.

I'm planning on getting the 920 unlocked for use on MetroPCS. One question you said that you have used multiple unlocked phones on T-mobile are those phone WP phones? If so which phones you got to work on T-mobile. One little question do you think these phones would work on Metro-PCS too since T-mobile now owns them.

I believe, for example, the Telus (Canada) unlocked version of the 1020 works with all the T-Mobile GSM and LTE bands. The AT&T version, not so much.

I did my research but I wanted to know of there are other Lumias apart from the 920 that would work on T-Mobile. I got my eye already on the 920 I might get it around Christmas if no phones come out that compete with the 920 on price.

"You're fine as long as you do your research."

And that would be why Windows Phone is not growing. 99.44% of customers are not going to go through that.

It should come with Flash, 8 MP PureView rear Camera, 2MP Front Camera, 1GB Ram, 1.3 Ghz Quad-Core Processor, Glance Screen, Larger Battery Capacity, 1080p HD Display, 410 ppi, SD Card support, LTE support, Gorilla Glass 3, Dolby Sound Enhancing chip, 16 GB internal memory, Video Shooting at 1080@120 fps (or at least 1080p@60 fps), & 4.7 inch Screen!
Price should be around 180$.
There you go a perfect Windows Phone.

Well to me the price looks funny when compared to the specs, apart from that with those specs it should be more of an 830/910

Oh you were serious, I thought you were joking. Sorry...

I guess that those are specs of a mid-range phone plus (not a $180 phone) and that I thought you were talking about what the Lumia 530 should have threw me off.

Whoosh... Prices are off contract btw. No way anything like this gets priced at $180 until maybe the year 2025.

It is essentially the LTE version of the Moto G listed there. Specs and price. So why not a Windows phone too?

Because hopefully MS does not resort to quite as blatant subsidizing as Google probably did with Moto G (how does one otherwise explain the Moto G's significantly lowe price than of similarly speced big brand name competitors' phones). :)

Probably it will come with quad core snapdragon 200, 1GB ram. 5mp camera, and all the setup like Lumia 630, but with 4.2" screen. That should reduce the price even lower.

Yeah, should be the same specs as 630 but with SD200 and 4-4,2" screen. Not too sure about 1gb RAM though :/ Price should be from $100 to $140. Something like $120 should be good enough as a launch price.

Yup, except probably 512MB ram. And perhaps even just 4.0" screen? And the screen will likely be of lesser quality. Hopefully about $120 MSRP without taxes and subs (630 was $159).

Another WP device for T-Mobile...that I have no desire to buy. Why can't we receive a true flagship at first release. Not a tweaked variant 6+ months after release on other carriers. By that time,there's a new highend device rumored for other carriers.

And it's a beautiful thing. Lower prices than T-Mobile combined with ATTs network and coverage. Best of both worlds.

For us who are interested in the future of the WP platform overall, these are actually very exiting and important news. :P

Ok, here's some news for you and I'm not even EVleaks!: High end Nokia device to hit high end US carriers sometime this year!!!

This just in also! Mid range Nokia device to surface around the world sometime this year!!!

Considering how penny pinching the 630 is, I would expect the 530 to be cheaper than the 520 (at least cheaper to make, if not cheaper to buy). It will be missing the 520's sensors, camera button, etc. and use a cheaper CPU. And maybe only 4G of storage (possible since 8.1 allows apps to be stored in SD card).


Yes, great points - it indeed will be a lot cheaper. Even 630 launched cheaper than the 520 did back in the day.

I was under impression 630 is very basic WP from WP 8.1 onwards ..Only way to downgrade 630 to 530 is 4" display and dual core processor, anything left ? IMO, 630 should have got 1 GB RAM and front camera with all 4 variants, single and dual SIM 3Gs and single and dual SIM LTEs.

Screen size and quality, probably only 4GB internal, possibly non-AF camera, possibly processor like you said, no Gorilla 3 glass.

The main point of the 530 will be the price point. Lumia 520 announced at $183. Lumia 630 at $159 (NOTE - lower than 520!). 530 will eak closer to the $100 point - hopefully around $120. Don't think of it necessarily as the 520 follow up - think of it more as the new lowest price point in the Lumia line up.

I can't see what there is left to strip out of the 630 to be honest. It can't have a processor with only two of the cores found in the 630, it would be slower than the 520 is! There is a quad core Snapdragon variant with a slower GPU than the 630 though, but there's so little difference in price between the two, it's hardly worth the tiny cost saving for much worse performance.

4GB onboard storage is barely enough to store the OS image and not all apps work when run from SD, as people are finding out. Nokia really can't go lower than 8GB.

A smaller screen, smaller body, smaller battery I guess. No Gorrilla Glass. Maybe no ClearBlack. Back to how terrible the screen is on the 520 (no thanks).

There is really very little they can strip off, and the result won't be that differentiated from the 630 (and will be a total dog of a device).

Put it this way. To build a 530, which we assume is going to be a cheaper device than the 630, they'd have to come up with hardware specs that are even lower than the Nokia X...

They need to iterate faster. Sure, software is iterating well now, but windows phone progress halted because most people couldn't get a new phone. And a 6" phablet doesn't cut it - I have a friend who couldn't get the 1020 cause it wouldn't fit in her pocket. We can't continue letting the mainstream phone run on two year old hardware.

Agree. MS has the resources and muscles to put their money where their mouth is,so to speak, and hopefully can bring phones at a faster clip.  Nokia on its own was struggling to stay alive.

It sure does seem as if the Lumia phones are getting carriers at a rapid pace since Microsoft took control of the devices/services division.

These deals were almost certainly prepared and even struck before the MS/Nokia deal closed. Sure, MS may have influenced those discussions to some extent or the carriers knowledge of MS taking over soon may have influenced them.



I wish people would also realize that all of the things being implemented since Satya took over were planned and implement while Ballmer was still CEO, but we seem to forget all of this takes time and on planning and thus far the only thing I thing Satya decided was the sales force.com deal partnership and has some input in postponing the surface mini intro along with Ballmer who is still a board member

Imagine the following scenario:

A person walks into their local T-mobile store and says to the salesperson, "Show me the top end phone that you offer from each of the three operating systems."

Salesperson brings out the iPhone 5s, the Samsung Glaxy S5 and/or the HTC One M8, and the Nokia 625 and lays them next to each other on the table.

Which one do you think the average customer would choose?  I've owned nothing but Windows Phones since 2011 and if I were given the choice between just those phones, I wouldn't choose the Windows Phone.

Right now I have more loyalty to the platform than the carrier.  So my imagined scenario is I go to the carriers and say "Show me your top end Windows Phone"

AT&T brings out a 1020 and a 1520
Verizon brings out an Icon
T-Mobile brings out the 925
Sprint brings out the ATIV Neo.

Now which do I choose?


Have fun jumping from carrier to carrier every year or two.  If that's Windows Phone's plan to keep customers, no thank you.

Well, that could be an issue, sure.  I have pretty much settled on AT&T (Cricket, really) as they are pretty consistent at getting good WP devices.


Rumors are saying tha Nokia made a Dual-Sim version of Lumia only for Microsoft's and Nokia's employees.

Not interested in more rumors, does anyone know when we'll hear any actual announcements on new phones?  Starting to get the no sim error again and it's driving me crazy. Time for something different.

Windows Phone needs to be on every single carrier out there, big or small, but they also need to streamline the Lumia lineup.