Nokia Lumia 630 gets €149.99 suggested price tag for Vodafone Italy

The Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 were announced by Nokia during the first keynote at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference last week but already we’re starting to see some international pricing turn up.

In most areas, the single-SIM Lumia 630 will be available in May for $159 while the dual-SIM version has a suggested price of $169. Not so for Italy though it seems, where a contest being hosted by Vodafone suggests the retail pricing for the device will start at €149.99 or $206 USD, if you prefer.

That's not too much of a pricing difference from what Nokia told everyone but at least now we know what to expect. If you're looking for more info, be sure to check out our topic page to learn more about the Lumia 630.

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Nokia Lumia 630 gets €149.99 suggested price tag for Vodafone Italy


Well it's cheaper so that's definitely a good thing. Though that Vodafone price may be for a locked phone...

No, in Italy and this is by law, even if you buy from a carrier the phone is unlocked and you can use it with any carriers. Of course you will depend on the carriers to receive updates. Alternatively you can buy unbranded devices in any electronic store.

No they're not. If you buy from a carrier it will be slightly cheaper (with a few exceptions) but you can buy from a retailer, with a years warranty and use it in whichever carrier you want.

of course not,they have only vodafone(or other carrier) brand in Italy..if you want,you could use the carrier sim that you want! in a phone by contract  carrier too


- if you buy from a carrier, they'll be software-locked to that carrier and you can only get the unlock code after a certain amount of time (you can get the code before but you'll have to pay a certain amount for it). Unlike the US, all carriers in Europe use the same networks so anyone can switch. And well...there are always ways to get the unlock codes from the carriers...after all...it's just a software code ;P

- but you can also buy (and most people do) from a retailer the phone without any locks, brandings or any of that.


Since most people in Europe buy phones without contracts, it's not really a problem. Those few who buy the phones from a carrier know beforehand what they're getting into and only do it when they are sure they won't be changing to another carrier.

I'm from Italy so let me you explain why you're wrong.

I don't know how Vodafone Portugal


works, but here there are no phone locked, from every carrier. The main difference is in the dedicated app or some feature locked by the specific firmware. Contract or no contract, you are free to use every sim from every carrier. There are ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCES

Well, it works the other way here. As I was speaking generaly, it's irrelevant. So no, I'm not wrong as the price Vodafone Italy is asking is very likely the price Vodafone international estipulated for the phone.

You keep being corrected, and you keep going over it. Italy has its own laws and this is the price for Vodafone Italy. "The likely price" is not really a fact, Ya know?

As I stated above this is not true. By law in Italy every device, even the ones bought through carriers are SIM free/unlocked.

Here in the Netherlands most phones are unlocked. Only phones sold in combination with with prepaid simcards tend to be simlocked to one specific carrier, all other are sold unlocked.

Well, Vodafone Portugal has the phones with a software lock. I assume Vodafone Italy will operate the same way.

Then how do carriers in Italy profit from the phones? Unless these phones are unlocked but only sold through a contract.

People who live in Italy know how their carriers operate better than you who don't live there so I don't know why you keep arguing with them about it. That's probably the D-Bag in you. You should shut up while you're ahead. Better still, buy the X, or Z1/Z2, iPhone 5S as you've threatened to do before and leave. And as to how carriers make their profit is not your business, it's theirs.

I am not sure if this is the EU law but in most countries the carrier is required to either unlock the phone for free or sell unlockedphones (phones are usually only locked by enterprises etc.) how do they make profit ? Well usually the phones sold through carriers are a little cheaper(also depends on what plan is the customer using) because customers are also paying for service and the phone can be also bought on 1-2 year contract.

Well,Vodafone Greece sells only unlocked phones (but i think we have a law that carriers can't sell locked phones)

They will, don't worry. I don't know why, but price for WP devices go down fast. In about 3 month my phone was ~$200 cheaper then what I paid. L928 - got it for $560, when I came back to states it was 300 something

Yes, it is. You should never take the values they announce in dollars as indicative of prices in Europe because we pay the VAT when we buy the phone. Not only that, often the prices are not converted at all. If they say "$149" it turns into "$149€".

I just cannot understand why you would get this instead of a lumia 520. The 520 has more features AND is much cheaper.

The screen maybe. I wouldn't buy it though. I can already hear people complaining that this game doesn't run and that app needs to have 512 MB support. We will see...

Well, the 520 is Dual Core 1.0 GHz and the 630 is Quad Core 1.2 GHz. That would be reason enough for me. Admittedly the 400 is using the A7 not the Krait so I don't know how big the performance gulf truly is.

better and larger display with clearback under the sun,processor,new form factor,new os for several months,nfc,magnetometr,LTE,glance,gorilla glass 3...the 520 has less feature than 620-630-635 and (not more features) and cost almost the same, 129 euro  instead of 149 euro or 170 for the lte version

+1. Add to that marketing and voila, most people won't even hear about the 520 anymore when they walk to a store/site.

I don't understand it either. Just like I don't understand people who will "upgrade" from a 920 to a 930. But hey, to each their own. Perhaps some people prefer on-screen buttons, or larger displays, or a phone that resembles a lot an iPhone 5c.

'resembles an iPhone 5C' ... lol .. It's the other way around buddy, Apple basically copied the 620 design with the 5C ..

The 520's screen quality is a major detriment imo.

On the other hand, the on-screen buttons on the 630 would annoy the heck out of me. Way too close to the "screen" for one thing.

Agree. The Clear Black filter alone makes the choice between 5xx and 6xx series a no brainer. Metro UI on a "plain" LCD with all that light leaking and grey balcks is just dreadful. It really screams for AMOLED, but for the cheaper phones Clear Black at least makes it OK.

Why such a price bump over the 520? No buttons was supposed to make things cheaper and the specs are just "inflationary".

the 630 is cheaper than the 520...lumia 520 at the day one cost 199 euro instead of the lumia 630 (149 euro),now the 520 cost 119-129 euro in Italy,only 20 euro less than the 630 (30 euro less for the 635)

630-635 are ways better  than 520:

better and larger display with clearback under the sun,processor,new form factor,new os for several months,nfc,magnetometr,LTE,glance,gorilla glass 3

Thanks again. An important way to compare prices is to look at initial retail price and,understand market, marketing and product portfolio dynamics (e..g. phasing in/out, time to particular market, retailer, carrier, upcoming other models etc.)

Correct. I seem to remember the launch price of the 520 was $240/EUR 199 too.

Anyway, the good thing about that EUR149 price, is that it foreshadows a EUR100-120 Lumia 530. Not sure if they will be able to pull off a sub-100 Lumia 430 (Maybe if MS decides to replace the Asha line with Lumias), but the cheap OEMs may get there now.

Will get this when is released in UK just for the quick hands-on 8.1 however would have preferred to pay little extra for front cam also.

US consumers gets shafted by the carriers it was our tax dollars that paid for the investment made. Phones that are locked and jammed pack with bloated apps. Holding back updates, the list goes on.

€ 149,99 includes 22% Italian VAT.

Without VAT it's € 122,94 = $ 168,43 by an exchange rate of 1,37

That's because the 630 isn't supposed to succeed the 620 but the 520. Nokia itself said it.

Because the Lumia 530 will probably be even cheaper. They said they were working on lowering the prices of Lumias even further to gain more market. So the 530 may be a really really cheap phone.

Still no reason to not simply buy the 625.

The price, features... Seriously, what are Nokia up to?

Nokia 625 just knocks these phones into irrelevancy, leaving the 520/25 as best lower tier devices.

149 is a very good price for what you get. The only thing i miss in the 630 is the flash. Having the dedicated camera button and other buttons removed from on screen, i think that adding flash would have been a fair compromise.

All NOKIA phones are too expensive for what you get.. At least 1520 has a great camera and still too expensive.. Without apps, you can use it for camera.. And for the price you can get really good DLSR.. And this thing is 1000 times worse than Moto G.. For $60-80 will be the right price.. 

Yes, of course you're right. With the price of the 1520, you can buy a good, not great, DSLR. But try making a phone call with your DSLR, or putting it in your pocket. You can of course hung the DSLR around your neck and buy a cheap phone to put in your pocket for calls. So now, you'll be going around all day long with that thing hung around your neck and another thing in your pocket. But hey, I prefer to buy the 1520. I already have a DSLR which I bring out on the few occasion I purposely want to use it.

$60-80... With contract ;)
In fact, smartphone are always too expensive if we compare with the new generation of 8" tablets with full W8, 32/64giga, office and sometime a stylus for $300 today and $250 tomorrow when ms will offer the license ;)

150€ buys you plenty of a phone IMO. Not sure how much cheaper people expect phones to get TBH. What phone can you buy that's better for 150€?