Nokia Lumia 720 pricing surfaces for the Russian Market

Nokia Lumia 720

Pricing for the Nokia Lumia 720 has surfaced for the Russian market. The 4.3" WVGA screened Windows Phone will run 14,990 rubles. Which comes out to be about $487 U.S.

The mid-range Windows Phone 8 device will sport a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB of storage. You'll also find microSD support, super sensitive display technology (like on the Lumia 920) and 1.3MP front facing camera and 6.7MP rear camera.

With respect to the Russian pricing point, the Lumia 720 falls in between the Lumia 820 (19,990 Rubles) and Lumia 620 (11,990 Rubles).

Source: Hi-Tech Mail Ru, Thanks, Nepobedimas, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 720 pricing surfaces for the Russian Market


Release it in india soon :) Lumia 620 is selling like hot cakes in india :) surely there is a buzz around that device :)

Wow that seems expensive considering AT&T will sell the 920 off contract for $450.  Are those prices standard in Russia?

Well, 920 is sold for 24.990, 820 for 19.990. For some reason most vendors align their prices in Russia with Europe:(