Nokia Lumia Belgium launch includes cupcake handout

The Amazing Everyday

The Lumia 800 launched in Belgium yesterday and to celebrate it Nokia took "The Amazing Everyday" to a number of railway stations, where commuters (and travelers alike) could receive a free cupcake.

Not only this, but the organisers have planned an "Amazing Moments" contest (much like what we saw in France not so long ago), which will see entrants choosing from five amazing moments offered (or create your own) and explaining the reasons why they made that choice. A panel of judges will then select winners. We're looking forward to see some more unique marketing from the manufacturer.

The Lumia 710 is aiming for a March 1st launch in Belgium, according to the Nokia Momentum Map. A handful of photos of the cupcake distribution can been viewed in an album on the Nokia Belgique Facebook page, while a video of the handout in action can be checked out after the break (sporting a familiar music track).

Source: Nokia Belgium Facebook, via: MonWindowsPhone (translation)


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Nokia Lumia Belgium launch includes cupcake handout


Maybe this forum had more sense if it is called Nokia Forums, so many lumia related topics!!! Stop it I don't care if lumia is selling in Vietnam

I think covering these events are fine.  The thing that was complained about the most about WP7 on this site was the lack of advertising done my Microsoft and the OEM's.  Nokia has stepped in an WP7 is getting noticed.  The fact Nokia sold over a million devices in about a month last year in a few countries is pretty major for WP.  Samsung, Dell, HTC, LG had over a year to drum up sales for WP at they did little to get the public excited.
This cupcake thing is a smart, low cost form of advertising.  Even if only a small percentage of the people that got them buy a WP - they are getting the word out. So, when someone mentions WP or they see one it isn't new.  This cupcake thing increases the chance of them walking into a store wanting to see a WP device or at least looking at one.

I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion... My opinion is that you should troll somewhere else:) No wonder its much about Nokia... They're the happening WPcompany... Not Samsung and LG. HTC is trying, but not wholeheartedly

This is what has always seperated Nokia from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, etc...   The latter are device manufactures that know how to make devices (high specs), but aren't as sophisticated on the advertising front.    It's one of the reasons they struggle against Apple. 

well  Nokia is part of windows phone and this site is windows phone site 
Nokia is pushing hard and marketing hard for its windows phone devices once the lazy manufacturers do the same you will see more news about them
at the moment i enjoy every nokia article

yeah because Nokia Lumia doesn't have WINDOWS PHONE OS. /s

anyway you cant blame nokia for caring about windwos phone since its their main OS now. so they have to push it.. yeah they are doing better job than the others OEMs which have android as well... if you dont like it you can go to ther windows phone sites, you will find pretty much lumia everywhere as well becuase Nokia is the only one marketing their phones, other oems expect it to sell with no marketing but of course then they complain about how it doesn't sell well.

Well, you may not care whether the Lumia is released in Vietnam. But I'm sure the Vietnamese visitors to this site do. Oh wait...I forgot...the world revolves around you and your country. Please pardon my ignorance.

Dammit, the one day I work from home!! Both Antwerp Central and Brussels Central station are on my way :(