Nokia takes Malaysia by storm with Lumia launch [Video]

Yesterday we mentioned that Nokia was finally launching in Malaysia, pushing the Lumia 710 and 800 big time with some nice celebrations and giveaways. Now we have a superb video of the event published by Smashpop.net who were there covering the whole thing.

Malaysia launch

What can we say besides that it's great to see crowds gathering and getting excited for both Nokia and Windows Phone? You can feel the momentum building. (Although we we chuckle a bit at the slogan "Gets you to interesting faster".)

Make sure you check out the rest of the photos at smashpop.net.


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Nokia takes Malaysia by storm with Lumia launch [Video]


Everytime I watch one of these Nokia events I feel like I'm cheating on my DVP. Can't wait to get the 900 for myself and the 800 to replace my wife's crappy BlackBerry

If I know anything about Malaysians (and I do being born in malaysia) it's that they are going to LOVE this phone. Flashy phones always go big in Malaysia.. it's just how it works.

Love to see Nokia Malaysia sales in a few weeks to month. Hope they continue pushing marketing as well there.

Well, I didn't make it to the big launch party, but I did drop by the Nokia store at a local mall, and the guy there said they were selling very well. Apparently they sold about 20 800's in the span of about 4 hours. And general interest in the shop seemed higher as well, even though they didn't do anything special to celebrate the launch, but they did have the official prices (lower than expected for the 800 by about 200RM), and working floor models for the 710, which settled in at a great price range just under 1k RM.

Asians generally like colors for their gadgets. It would surprise me if Nokia cannot increase mindshare in Asia.

More color the better.. U can't differentiate phones now a days..i already have the nokia 710,im waiting to see what windowsphone 8 will look like before I replace my hd7.. Good job Nokia/msft

argh. I'm thinking of picking that up, such a sweet price, kinda makes up for the lack of ffc. How do you feel about it? Does the screen feel too small?