Nokia Lumia - The Little Amazing Show ad-campaign

Nokia is at it again, creating a new people-centric ad that focuses more on life, people and enjoying the "everyday" than the phone itself. It's an odd campaign yet surprisingly effective as it certainly piques interest and causes you to focus on the brand as more identity/philosophy than just a phone.

In that sense, dare we say with their whimsical approach and music, it's almost Apple-like? And that's not a bad thing, in fact we like just everything about Nokia's Lumia ad-campaign so far. (See the recent and fantastic French commercial from this weekend).

So without further ado, here's the Little Amazing Show - Part 1.

Source: Nokia YouTube; via: MonWindows Phone


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Nokia Lumia - The Little Amazing Show ad-campaign


That is so way better than Apple because there is no smug "I'm better than you" attitude in there. I love the headbanger!

Sorry, this is not going to make me by a phone. I want technical information, power numbers, circuitry pictures, space shuttle amounts of thrust, rocket boosters, jet fuel, chassis pictures, V8 rumbles, raw material jargon, speed specifications, design language explanations,V12 rumbles, coolness factors over amped expectations, deasel truck torque, advanced crazy colors and textures ,Ferrari style and speed, video resolution over rated, rocket science, high tech, quantum explosions in my pocket! In other words, I would like to see WP get some balls. Less emotional " have a great day" ads, and more "This phone was made to be used as a projectile device if any of you punks want to start something" ads.
Does anybody agree?

Microsoft has already proved that the traditional ads won't sell Windows Phone... The phone is about people not specs, so the ads should reflect that.
The should run additional ads for those who want specs...
it's a unique ad for a unique phone! BRAVO!