Nokia Lumia Windows Phones feature Corning Gorilla Glass

The Nokia Lumia 800 follows suit of the N9 in more ways than one and the glass is no different. The first two Windows Phones from Nokia feature Corning Gorilla Glass, both the 710 and 800. The manufacturer has a long track record in using this glass technology to improve the toughness of the screen. So to recap for the Lumia 800, we have AMOLED, curved glass and Gorilla toughened glass being implemented. The 800 should be fairly resilient when it comes to being flung across a room in rage, or accidentally dropped while out and about. Check out our product review for a walk through.

Though this is interesting news, it's nothing new for Windows Phone. HTC have a number of devices using Gorilla Glass, as well as the Dell Venue Pro and even some LG handsets.

Source: Corning, via: MonWindowsPhone


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Nokia Lumia Windows Phones feature Corning Gorilla Glass


This phone is amazing. Only real drawback after seeing the video on it is no front facing camera. Forgot I think there was one more thing. The fact that it comes in different colors is awesome. Sadly this phone will most likely go to At&T or t-mobile anyway.

I would not bet on that. AT&T has never had a large selection of Nokia phones going back to the days of Cingular and even before that. T-mobile, and VoiceStream before it, have always had more Nokia phones. At least, that is my recollection.That said I don't think this phone is coming here. They would have announced it at Nokia World if it were. We will probably get something similar, but with more features to make a splash in this market where Nokia is but a distant memory.

Sorry, I mean to say I wouldn't bet on AT&T. You mentioned T-mobile and that is where I think they will go.

Okay, so this is the thing with Gorilla glass. yes you can't scratch it, but drop it and just watch your $800 break in half.I think un-scratchable glass is great, I actually had to put an ugly zagg film on my HD7, but if you Bing (cause we don't google here :)) Dell Venue Pro, you will see that half the complains are from people dropping their phone from pocket height, and the screen breaking

The phone is made from single piece polycarbonate. Chances of it breaking into pieces are very slim compared to those that are manufactured from different parts and secured with a ****

that may be so but... speaking as one who has accidentally dropped my DVP several times now (darned critter keeps jumping out of my pocket in parking lots) I can say that the only damage my phone has received thus far is some pretty scuffed/dented corners (all four of them at this point). So, don't just assume that Gorilla Glass WILL break in a fall, because even after several solid corner impacts my screen is still perfect.

Gorilla Glass is not even remotely unscratchable, I've had an Optimus 7 for a year now, and even though there are no big visible scratches, there are tons of very small ones, however I can guarantee, that I have hit my phone's screen tons of time, and never has it broken, including when I ran into the corner of my ping-pong table. The Dell Venue Pro has a known issue, in that the glass is not actually held on all four sides, so if it is hit in the wrong place, it shatters easily.

Every device I've ever owned with Gorilla Glass has gotten incidental scratches from coins in my pocket. It might be a little harder to scratch, but it's by no means scratch proof.

Gorilla glass is scratchable. Very resistant, yes.What it is very good at is strenght. THROW IT, SLEEP with it, PUNCH it, CRACK it with hammer (small one tested), and you will fint it strong still.This phone is my in my list to be my next phone.