Nokia’s online store in Italy now taking preorders for Lumia 920, expected in November

Italy Preorder

Nokia’s Italy contingent announced not too long ago that the Lumia 920 will be available for pre-order at the €599 price point and coming in November.

While we still don’t have a firm release date to add to that, we can now direct you to NStore.it, which we’re told is the official Nokia online store for that country. For a deposit of €99, you can reserve your own 920, but only in white or black (insert sad trombone).

We’re not sure if that’s a better deal than what you can get through your carrier (H3G, Telecom Italia, Vodafone or Wind) but if unlocked an non-hassle is your thing, then you may want to give it some consideration.

You can head over to NStore.it’s dedicated pre-order page to get the ball rolling. Thanks, Mirko S., for the tip


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Nokia’s online store in Italy now taking preorders for Lumia 920, expected in November


Except you are stuck with one of the ugliest and most intrusive logos I've seen in a long time. I remember a time when we had that shit in Sweden too, but nowdays I wouldn't give one thought to buy shit like that.

Technology is generally cheaper in the US compared to many european countries, so I'm not sure that's an accurate conversion of price.
€599 is a pretty standard launch price for a high-end smartphone.

Every major and minor store in Sweden are listing all the coming Windows Phones. The 920 is priced at 5500 kr which is 5500*0.15/1.25=660 US dollars. Compare this to the 32 GB iPhone which is priced at 7000 kr.

Pretty much the same price as the Lumia 900, when that launched. It's a fair price, but I will probably wait until either the next generation of Lumia phones or when it drops in price.

Same here. I'm in a contract that I won't leave anytime soon (unlimited call/sms/mms/data 35 dollars/month). I'll be buying a used wp8 in the spring.

since Nokia Greece has not announced anything about the new lumias (anything at all) i'll probably buy it from Italy. Anyone knows if they ship to Greece?

I really wish more phone companies did what Sony does; allow you to easily and hassle free purchase one of their phones directly from their online store. Seriously, trying to purchase an unlocked phone here in the states is an exercise in frustration.
Why can't I just go to Nokia's U.S. website and order directly from there? Instead the only way to get the proper selection is to go through eBay sellers. Newegg's and Amazon's selection of unlocked phones is OK at best and terrible at worst.

Hey Daniel, I dont know what you mean with " but if unlocked an non-hassle is your thing"... but if you want to say this could be better than a locked phone from the carrier, you have to know that Italian carriers are not allowed to lock their phones. :))

599 euro for a phone. Sorry, I'll buy a new laptop instead..... I'm not paying 800 USD for a cell phone. I don't care if it makes me breakfast and gives me massages. 800 dollars is a heck of a lot of money.

I wouldn't pre-order a product before it's release. It's just wrong, what if it doesn't meet your expectations? As I plan myself to become an online store builder I am relying on the good faith of my future customers, it's a behavior I'd like to predict.