Nokia reportedly readying a new Lumia with a 5 MP front-facing camera, due later this year

Although the Microsoft acquisition of the Nokia handset division has legally wrapped, some news about what we can expect from the new Microsoft department has come forward. This morning, the Verge is reporting that a new device – codenamed ‘Superman’ – is being prepped for a release later this year and that it will feature a 5 MP front-facing camera.

‘Superman’ is described as a mid-range phone by the Verge with a 4.7” display. It will coincide with two required OS updates for Windows Phone 8.1, one over the summer and one later in the year. No other information about the device was revealed.

Microsoft Mobile concentrating on a high-end front facing camera is probably not too unexpected, especially since Nokia has previously conquered the rear-camera market with the Lumia 1020. With the rise of ‘selfies’ in pop-culture and the lack of attention by phone OEMs in that area, it seems ripe for Microsoft Mobile to push the feature forward with new technology that exploits the trend.

Microsoft Mobile, alongside the remaining plans from Nokia, are also expected to release ‘Goldfinger’ for the holiday season, with numerous new apps to leverage the technology. That phone had been delayed internally due to some missing required OS bits, which are estimated to be completed later this year.

Source: The Verge


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Nokia reportedly readying a new Lumia with a 5 MP front-facing camera, due later this year


Yeah, 1020 is still the best WP to date in my opinion. Can't go back to any lesser camera zoom capabilities.

Agreed. So far, the Icon is the only offering I would consider to replace my Lumia 920. Its on Verizon but because their phones are unlocked, an AT&T sim works on it.  But no LTE support. So I'll hang out a bit longer. I hope to at least get some news about a flagship soon on AT&T.

Yea, the LTE and lack of Glance support (though understood for the screen type) has me not wanting to jump to the 930. However it's the closest to an upgrade to my 920, for sure.

I wonder if we'll see a US model come to the US. (Once the Icon's exclusivity expires) Maybe a 930.2/3 that support US HSPA+ and LTE bands? Thoughts?

How long do exclusitvity deals usually run?  I really do not want to go to Verizon to get the Icon when it is time for a new phone.

I think 6 months, at least that was the case for ATT on the 920. So Icon was availabe since late Feb, meaning it'll be possible to have it on the ATT network by beginning of September.

You're right and that would be my guess too. I can't see it being any longer than that especially with the curent pace of today's market. Now as to whether we'll see ATT get this or even T-Mobile, only time will tell. There has to be interest in such a device. We'll wait and see.

At the very least, I hope Microsoft sells an unlocked North American GSM version to third party retailers such as Negri or Expansys, etc. Even possibly in their online or brick and mortar stores. 

I'm currently using the L920 with the updated OS. It's really done wonders and I can definitely see myself holding onto this device a bit longer than I thought I would have




I will be due for an upgrade sometime in the summer, so I can wait until soemtime in September or October to get the Icon if it does come to att. 

I plan to acquire a SD805 phablet later this year upgrading from L1020.  L1020 will become my backup digital camera which I will take with me on trips.

i just bought the 1020 a month ago. if this new phone will have improved 41mp camera optics with snapdragon 805 and a larger battery capacity, i will be VERY VERY SAD.

Let's just HOPE that when Microsoft says "ready for the holiday season" that they mean... BY OCTOBER... and not "will ship in February.  *sigh*  They really can't afford to miss another holiday season.

Still rocking the 920, it's getting old but still a great phone too. I'm hanging on a bit longer before an update - I'm sure what we'll see later this year will be pretty sexy.

Agreed. 920 still rocks.

In my opinion, only 1520 could be counted as a new true flagship from Nokia after 920.

But it is too big for me. Also the camera is less impressive after 1020.


So the update for me would be an 1020 with a camera speed on par with iPhone 5.

Now that Sammy knows this expect a model with same specs earlier than the holiday season..

Why 5 MP ? why not more ? and also why not with flash... ? i had see a phone with a swivel camera why can't we do that ? lets say 41 MP swivel camera wouldnt that be awesome...or even 81 MP now that we have had 41MP since 808 days its becoming old...

Nokia's phone



Current one



5mp front facing camera?...wow..but for what purpose? And what'll be the rear camera?.....Probably getting to 100mp.

IMO 5mp is not necessary for a midrange phone when they'd want the phone to be priced competitively. They should reserve that for the high end phones

There's no way the sensor on the 1020 is going to flip to the front. The better solution would be a small view screen on the back for self shots. That's innovative.

i just bought the 1020 a month ago. if this new phone will have improved 41mp camera optics with snapdragon 805 and a larger battery capacity, i will be VERY VERY SAD.

Omg lol. Given how many selfies I take and settling for the ffc in my 1520 this superman would be a dream. I use the front camera more than the back lol

Ha! I can't stand seeing myself in pictures. It's almost as bad as hearing my own voice. Rear camera suits me!

I second this statement. Can't stand hearing myself and I hate taking pictures, especially if I have to pose. Taking goofy pictures it's ok though.

It's gonna take something mind blowing to make me replace my 1520. Lets see what MMobile cook in the kitchen.

I am due an upgrade, but want to wait to see what pops up in the next few months. I wish they would hurry.

Finally I could stop turning my phone around to the rear facing camera and finally know what I'm doing :D I might get this, or if Sony releases a phone. That instead lol

No it doesn't. The N1 only has one 13MP camera that flips to the front. The find 7 has 13MP back and 5MP front.

If the camera flips to the front, then, for all intents and purposes, it's a 13mp front-facing camera. As for the Find 7, you're absolutely right. 


"With the rise of ‘selfies’ in pop-culture and the lack of attention by phone OEMs in that" .... Uhm HTC One (M8) :p

Maybe an 830 with 1280x768 Amoled, SD Card Slot an 8.7 Pureview Camera :) and the Snapdragon 800 with an big Battery.

I think we'll begin reaping the benefits of MS' Nokia acquisition soon - as will other OEMs.  Microsoft having their fingers in the hardware should make them more aware of the needs of OEMs AND more responsive.  It also allows them to create reference designs.  It'd be nice to see them tackle the ultrabook and all-in-one desktop market with the Surface line, showing the OEMs how to do it.  I've noticed an uptick in quality at several OEMs since MS got into the game.  I think that is their point.

Now they get to make some gorgeous phones and have given other OEMs the benefit of not having to pay them to license Windows Phone.  Let's compete in the marketplace and let all the products push each other while sharing similar user experiences.

I just hope they keep with the way Nokia does the adds because Microsoft fails in that way big time. another thing I'm really hopping to see is the end of the exclusive thing's

This is great, I would love to have a higher quality ffc on my 1520. It's not just about selfies, this would be awesome for Skype which people here seem to be forgetting about.

Apple has been paying attention to the needs of selfie crazed people with the 5C and 5S.

So hopefully Nokia can surpass them. We've got the best rear facing cameras, now how about we dominate front facing? I personally never use mine, but for all the Snapchatters of the world, I'm sure the improvements will be welcome.

About bloody time! I was amazed neither the 920, 1020, or 1520, with their photography focus didn’t provide decent front cameras at all. It’s not like the selfie phenomenon is new or anything, glad they’re finally taking notice, if 18 months (and by release day 2 years) later than they should have.

The HTC 8X had a brilliant 2.1MP, 2.0 low light, wide lens front facing camera that took some great shots even at night. I was surprised to not see any improvement on that front from anyone till the M8, but that's not a WP.

But will we start to see a front facing flash on phones this year? That is the question… ;)


Still, perhaps they could save some time and effort by going th Oppo route and just allowing the camera module to flip around? Probably wouldn't be able to be a 20MP PureView beast but if Oppo can do 13MP...

No manufacturer is first in most aspects. Just go with whoever is first in the features that are most important to YOU. For me, it's a very durable and strong build, and an amazing camera with zoom. Hence why i have the 1020. If apple or anyone else had that first, that's where id be. I know it lags behind in some aspects, but every manufacturer does. In fact, apple lags behind in SO many aspects but their customers don't care because it still does what they want.

I agree with that 100%.. But, as far as things like screen resolution, processor technology, and complimenting smart watches,, Microkia has lagged behind Android on... Apple is no threat to WP in this regard, but I would like to see WP compete even harder on the hardware side with Android...
Nevertheless, WP's top 4 most advanced high end devices are right there with the best from Android... This tells me that with just a little more speed MS can take the title of being the first with all the best technology... I really do have that faith in WP... Seriously, all MS needs to do is,,
Keep updating the OS AFATC,
give developers even more freedom, and pump innovative hardware out faster....
They already have the camera down,, now they need to do the same in other areas... Could you imagine if MS made a high end device that put the amount of focus on every aspect of the hardware as they do with camera technology? Is that even possible?... IDK, but it would be the most advanced device ever, and that's what some of us want..

@ rodneyej,

I agree. Nokia used to have better harwdware N8/808,N9 etc now Sammy has got

a) 8 core processor

b) 4K recording on videos.

c) eye scrolling tech

d) SD card support on most of the phone.


all we get with Nokia Lumia is contract based phone's with only AT&T why can't they get out and do phone's with all providers like Sammy or HTC ?

Well, I'm not really questioning the hardware capabilities of current high end Lumia devices because they are just fine and very future proof... My point is that the Lumia 1020 could've had a better processor, and SD card support...
Which brings me to your question.. Actually, MS has a better chance, and more power, to get Lumia devices on more carriers, and more outlets.. Actually, MS can do a ten times, and I mean ten times, better than job in markets like the US, China, and Japan, than Nokia was capable of.. As far as getting more devices on more shelves MS has way more influence, resources, and more pull, than Nokia... This is one of the "features" of the deal... People need to understand that in the next 24 months WP devices are going to become more mainstream, recognized, and used by the average consumer... People are practically going to be "forced" into buying WP devices, just as they currently are forced into buying Android devices now because of price, and availability... From this point on WP stands a good chance of becoming 2nd sooner than expected...

I'm on AT&T with my cyan 920 now and I'll happily take a 930.  No, not a gimpy Icon, but a real 930.  I don't understand why US owners were screwed so badly with that deal.

C'mon, Mokiasoft, throw us a frickin' bone here.

I agree. Maybe Microsoft with do something after the exclusivity runs out. Like the Lumia 1520.3, that has ALL of the bands included and are useable.

Selfies? Seriously? Is this the demographic they really want to target? The selfie market segment is mostly consumers that don't buy anything for themselves and a 5mp FFC is undoubtedly going to boost the cost of the handset and make it less likely for a parent to consider purchasing for a teenager, especially as carriers begin to push unsubsidized devices. Not sure this is a necessary use of resources.

Any words about Supermen phones under 4" display?? Not everybody has a huge hands!
Edit: I meant under 4.5" :)

The problem is the due later this year part.. MS needs to be faster, and more innovative.. MS needs to make sure that WP is first, not second, or last.. The HTC One already has this...

I'm going to keep running my Ativ S for as long as I can.

Waiting to what phones arrive later that have been concepted after the Nokia purchase

Not a smart move. Yes, the phone is gonna have 5Mp front facing camera but wld it be useful if no native video calling function? I remembered my Nokia C6-01 capable of video valling WITHOUT skype. Well, not everybody can afford internet connection rite????...

Haven't seen anything top the 1520 yet. Since the dev 8.1 update, everything is faster and more buttery smooth. Internet 11 is a snap!

Hey come on Dan, please. The inertia of Nokia hasn't still gone. Please don't call Microsoft mobile. It hurts.

Agreed! That was my first thought.
Selfies and Skype is nice.. but gestures is a better reason to upgrade that camera/sensor... Hmm Cortana always listening with gestures combined... I like this alot!!

Instead of adding 5mp front mobile Nokia pls add flash to basic wp phones really missing flash in my Nokia 525 thumbs down

Higher megapixels for a front camera is great and all that but Nokia really needs to add a flash if they want to impress the competition. Do any other current phones have a front facing camera flash now?

Oh well that just put a fork in my hopes of getting the Lumia icon I will be waiting for what's next hopefully Verizon gets something like this

Holiday Season! We need another high spec phone on att soon. If I have to wait too much longer, I think that I may jump ship to the icon. Glance is cool, but it isn't a deal breaker imo

As usual, 5MP front camera but midrange specs. That's how Nokia make their phones, no phone is perfect. Lumia 1520 still sounds the best.

This has to flop. Anything that indulges the idiotic selfie-fad HAS to flop. For Christ's sake.

I gather this will be either the 730 or the 830 and I'm hella excited! I hope it won't disappoint.

It seems like Nokia is not listing to what the costumer want's like why make a 630 that have less ram then the 520 and don't have no flash or front facing camera. And why the us can't get the duel sim phone. Or why we can't get a us version of the 625. I have the 925 on T-Mobile and I like the phone just wish it had a SD card slot. And I also wish T-Mobile hade a better selection of windows phone