Nokia updates Access Point for Windows Phone with mysterious improvements

Nokia Access Point Update

Nokia has published an update to the Windows Phone Store for Access Point, a system app for consumers who utilise more than a single SIM. Access Point essentially makes it easy to manage multiple mobile operator settings for MMS, Internet and more. So what's new in version

We're not entirely sure as no change log is available and nothing is obvious when checking through the app. If you notice anything we've missed, be sure to shout at us in the comments. You can download Access Point on your Lumia Windows Phone. Remember to check out Lumia Pusher to stay on top of updates from the manufacturer. Thanks, Irfanullah, for the tip!

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Nokia updates Access Point for Windows Phone with mysterious improvements


I sent my phone in for repair because of this... Nokia as me to reset my phone. Be careful doing that, it could brick your phone. All because I installed access point and internet sharing stopped working.

I wish Samsung would create a Network Setup app much like Nokia. For the life of me I cant get mms to work with Three UK on my Ativ S. My Lumia 900 had a similar problem but the Network Setup app fixed it...

anyone know if its possible to uninstall this (or similar 'settings apps' in general)..

I accidentally installed on my att 920 and have no use for it but it appears to have made my connectivity a bit spotty.. I have three options listed (att 3g, lte 1, and lte 2) and have no idea what to do with them and have tried all three with no noticeable difference..


I had to hard reset my phone because there is no way to uninstall this (that I'm aware of). I think it had also made my connection spotty (on top of me still having connectivity issues on 1314). If you install it and click something, it stays suck on that until you default it to something else, which you may also not want to use.

My question, why even use this app? With Windows Phone 8, you now have the ability to set your own APN and MMS settings right out of the box from Settings->Cellular. So when you swap SIMS, you just enter that stuff in through there anyway...

Not all carriers have that option in cellular settings (such as T-Mobile's 521) and this changes more than the APN, unlike APN settings. It helps for A: Those aformentioned with the lack of addable APN in Cellular,and B: Those needing aditional  setup for MMS as well as APN. (such as MVNOs)

Hate to tell you this but you'll need to hard reset. ATT had me install it when I was having Internet Sharing problems and it totally mucked up my internet connectivity. A hard reset is the only way to get rid of it and back to the original setup.

Uninstalling doesn't help either. I installed did a reset and hit the bug so att sent me a new phone. Still having connectivity problems with out that app installed.

to be more specific, only have problems when in a building with bad service, and come out to good service. Seems like it gets stuck and doesn't reconnect everything when service is good.

Damn... Good thing I didn't install. I was about to when I saw you had the connection speed options. But ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

They shouldnt be connection speeds. Access point is for changing the carrier settings (APN, MMS, Internet Sharing), so the 3G and 2 LTE's are probably the network configuration settings for those 3 network types. I would assume 3G is a standard, non-lte phone setting, while LTE1 and LTE2 are probably settings for LTE phones in LTE areas. T-Mobile, for example, in cities with LTE have an APN and MMS setup specifically for LTE. Also, access point can also give alternative connection type, such as T-Mobile IPV6 (such as what i am using on my 521), which uses IPV6 instead of IPV4, and gives a stabler 3G & 4G connection,and in some instances, a faster 2G connection.
Also, this app shouldnt affect actuall connection speed, unless your phone has APN/MMS/Internet Sharing settings that are not default to the carrier and are specific to the phone, and you changed the settings to a default from Access Point.


DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU'RE ON TMOBILE. I have a Rogers 920 on Tmo USA. last night I got the OS update 1308 to 1314 and I got this update. Now my MMS is dead. I can't send or receive pic texts.

Go into access point and reselect "T-Mobile". If MMS is dead, its because your phone has improper settings (it is a Rogers 920 after all; aka: not a T-Mobile device).Also, don't be so broad with a statement as "Do not download on T-Mobile.", since some of us need it (I used it to switch to IPV6 on my 521.)., and the point of Access Point is to fix broken MMS. The 1314 update probably reset your MMS settings, so use Access Point to fix them.

Phone worked great before update. IPV4 / IPV6 doesn't show up just LTE. which is how it was before the update. I use to be able to activate it. Now when it try to activate it the page exists without activating.
Your right statement was a little broad. I should've said for the 920 since Tmo doesn't have High end W8 phones.

Access Point still crashes on a Lumia 822 when activating any profile (T-Mobile in my case, both the automatically created one and a manually created).  Now I'm still without MMS after the latest OS update as it wiped the previously saved MMS settings and with Access Point crashing I can't re-apply the necessary settings! The last 2 updates (this one included) to Access Point have caused it to crash on the Lumia 822...just read some of the app reviews.

All I know is since I updated this yesterday, I burned through all my data on my plan in 1 evening despite being connected to Wifi.
No idea what happened there!

hmm I had the same issue I could not send pics mgs after the update of access point about a week ago also my connection would stay at 4g and not LTE... and internet sharing wasnt working.
This is what i did
turned off phone
removed sim for 30 secs put sim back on and turn on phone
make a dummy apn in access point
fill ALL the required lines like when you did manually in cellular settings
when everyhting is done save it and activate the dummy apn
then activate your original apn again (the one that worked for you before)
It seems it re writes the apns setting again doing that so yeah
OH and to
KALO88  I also ate thru my data spend over 2 gigs so it not only happen to you. however now that issue is also fixed

Yay.. now my access point doesn't work anymore.  When I select any of the options it pretends like it's saving and then the app crashes and returns me to the settings menu.  Nokia support suggests resetting my phone to factory defaults and losing all my settings and progress.
We then (sadly) tried this on my wife's 920 and hers is doing the exact same thing with it.  I hope Nokia actually fixes the app issues instead of just telling people "format your phone, cause then you'll have bigger issues to deal with instead of asking us to fix our code".

That started to happen to me after I applied the latest update to windows phone.  Speedtest also crashed after the OS update.  I have an unlocked Rogers Lujmia 920. Typing in the APNs worked for everything but Internet Sharing, which I use extensively.
Doing a factory reset did solve the issue; after reinstalling Access Point, I was able to get everything working on Wind again.  Speedtest also works now.  I have to wonder if the OS update is the culprit here.