Nokia working on indoor navigation for Maps using WiFi and BT 4.0

We do love our GPS and navigation. Heck, we now confidently strut around foreign countries like we've been there for years now, instead of gazing and gawking at a giant map, walking in circles. But one problem we still have is once we're at our location, we're back on our own once inside. Clearly a #firstworldproblem.

Nokia is working on this solution by using WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 in an attempt to maximize accuracy indoors. What's more, they're reaching out to partners to make this happen quickly, with a goal of about 18 months. Recently, Google announced indoor navigation with Google Maps 6.0, which will help steer conference attendees to their right spots. In that sense, Nokia is playing a bit of a catch-up to Google for once, but at least the video above shows that the Finns are well on their way to making this happen too.

Side note, anyone else worried that we're just going to be staring at our phones incessantly, walking around, bumping into things as we find where we are going?

Source: NokiaBlog; via: PhoneArena


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Nokia working on indoor navigation for Maps using WiFi and BT 4.0


this is awsome , i sent a client to a Store in a mallt he other ( some rando mall not even in my area )  and she was asking me directiopn INSIDE the mall to get to the sotre,.. ROLF how should i know....

WELL NOW I WILL!! :P hehe this is sweet

Agreed, I think voice navigation through Bluetooth headset may alleviate that issue. Now if someone can only make that work. ;)

Nokia already presented indoor navigation at the beginning of this year. It seems nobody cared about it.
So much for playing catch up...