Nokia X sold out in China within minutes

Previously we covered the story about Nokia China racking up extremely high pre-order numbers in a dubious method. By the end of this week, the total number of pre-order (at no cost at all, up to 3 units for each registered user, with a chance to win a free phone) reached 10 million.

The actual sales of Nokia X commenced on Chinese e-commerce platform JD.com on 10:00 am of March 24 (Beijing time). Everyone with a pre-order has two options: either to make the payment and seal the deal, or to forfeit the pre-order and forget about it. Didn't even make a pre-order? Well, you will be served last then, if there's any chance left.

So far, apparently the sale is a huge success. The first batch of Nokia X was sold out in less than 4 minutes on JD.com, with the next batch available by March 31. Again we have to emphasis the "apparently" for the time being, for there is no way to tell how many units are actually sold through JD. Since JD is giving the first 10,000 buyers a bonus pack of peripherals and services, we can safely say the first batch of Nokia X for the Chinese market is certainly more than that. We will keep a track on the actual sales, and keep you updated.

It's worth a mention that Lumia 520 is currently sold at 629 RMB at JD, while Nokia X bears a 599 RMB price tag. The 30 RMB price tag translates into a meager 5 US dollars, or a bit less than two Big Macs (currently 17 RMB each) at any McDonald's in China. Do you think Nokia X (Android) has a significant cost advantage over Lumia (Windows Phone)? Or what Lumia lacks, at least in China, is just one big marketing push?


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Nokia X sold out in China within minutes



Nokia getting sold out in china within minutes and google services getting screwed up even within minutes

It's not rhetoric. Every Nokia X sold is an Android device without Google Services, which ia how Google makes any revenues with Android.

Sorry, I missed it too. It sounds like you are trying to defend Google even though he wasn't really bashing it. I think your brand of sarcasm needs a /s at the end of the post.

On a more serious note, please enlighten me on the humor that was missed, I truly went thru the threads 2 to 3 times and honestly did not get the joke.

I'm going to guess that he was busting on him for his "screwed up" use of English. It made no sense in that context. Yes, Google is definitely makes "screwed up" decisions and is a "screwed up" company in general (successfully screwed up :-) ), but in this case Google was simply "screwed" by Nokia by Nokia not putting Google services on the Nokia X. Replace "screwed" with fcuked and see which way makes sense.

You don't have to be a nerd to download a fix. I showed moms who don't know shit how to put .apk files on a non google device. Roots are not difficult as once was and this is the Asian market that I'm sure most younger Gen will have 0 problems rooting a phone. Hell they may put MIUI on there.

Key words, "I showed her"! Question, can you honestlt tell us how many times she's rooted her phone alone since "You showed her"?


She did it on her own by me showing her a YouTube link. Its not rocket science. Man y'all really are in denial. Nice attempt though

You obtuse piece of flotsam.
99.9% of users don't know what OS there phone is running. The only users that root their phones are geeks & nerds: The .1%

Dude, he's a lawyer! He knows everything except 95% of smartphone owners don't even know what OS their devices run. Oh yeah, he also is also smart enough to know Nokia sells th3 S30/S40 and he called them dumbphones/asha on the earlier WPC article labeled, (Microsoft Aquisition of Nokias Devices adn Services unit will close in April). I'm a Nokia wp users and love my device, but I'm smart enough to know that while the Finns claim the phones sells simply because it has a Nokia written on it is simply not true; if that were the case, It would be Selling like Samsung and Apple who truly sell on name Alone.

Except you're dealing with the Chinese market, where they know enough to pirate apps. If you know how to pirate an app, you know very well how to simply install another version of Android on the phone.

And I wouldn't be surprised if people in China were to start re-selling the phones with those ROMs installed.

You don't even need to change the Android version to get Google, or pretty much any other, services working.

That is the reason why people flock for a low-price, somewhat name branded phone in China. Android is highly hackable and most likely, the phone people get from their stores are already rooted ('free') and all other games and things are also 'free' because of the sharing sites. You will be suprise what people puts up with unstable OS and invasive ads all because of "free" and popular and name-brand.

Agreed. Ask them why they have an android, and they say, anything is possible with it. Although, i only find them making calls, texting and playing lame games. Lol

Dont even need that. If google were smart they would just release official apps for this phone, the MS services wont be removed fast enough. So called "strategy" defeated, MS & WP lose again.

Do the they lock their services in. Many apps oems add to android can't be removed unless you root the device. They could add google's apps, but maybe they can't remove Microsoft's.

@DJCBS Yeah it probably is very easy to root, but for the typical user who is the target for this device, fist time smartphone buyers, low end market, these users usually don't fit the demographic for individuals that would be inclined to, or even aware of what "rooting" is.

Android Central is waiting for you! You're a lawyer;  lawyer make lots of money.....Why do you still have a windows phone? You commented on another article you were moving to Android; Money should be no issue. See ya!

Google first before making comments! Rooting is as easy as installing framaroot app. Go to xdadevelopers website to see full tutorial

It is good for MS/Nokia and then it is also bad for MS/Nokia.  Nokia X will grow at the expense of L520/525.  Android has 90 percent of Chinese market share.  Nokia X will obviously do better than the Lumia phones.  Nokia X has more apps and is cheaper than L520/525.  WP will have even harder time in China.

Microsoft will annouce Office for iPad soon.  It is another event that will certainly damage Windows tablet sales, especially the RT tablets.  The one of the major differentiators is lost.  It is apprent that Microsoft is willing to sacrifice Windows's long term success with their near term business benefit.  I have a mixed feeling about their strategy even my MSFT share price has increased somewhat.  I'll take another look at the iPad Mini now.  It suports Office and has abundance apps.

So you're predicting future sales and projections with an added "obviously," based on rumors and speculation that even the least reputable sites aren't fully commenting on? Have you seen office for iPhone? Rumors actually state that office for iPad is the same, meaning 2 things: it isn't full office and it requires an office 365 subscription. My surface, on the other hand, came with full office out of the box (with the exception of macros), so what differentiator is lost? There are certainly reasons consumers want an iPad, but office won't be one of them. My information may not be fully accurate because, just as your information, it's based on rumors. The point is, unless you work for MS, nothing is "apparent," as you put it.

just remember for those who want office on their ipad if it gets released still need to purchase an office365 subscription, so really how is it hurting windows tablets????

Office is the major selling point for the Windows tablet.  Now the iPad guys would say - so what?  We got it too.  The price of the new MS Office365 Personal is quite reasonable.  The Office for iPad would especially help iPad to march into the enterprise market.  The iPad growth has been reported slowing recently.  But now MS gives it a major boost.  The Office for iPad will for sure improve MS's bottom line as it is reflected in the MSFT share price jump recently.  It would make iPad more attractive in the business world and the Windows RT tablets even less attractive.

The more people that will buy into Microsoft's services and the more people that can get into Nokia's developer network, the better.

That's the plan.. The more who get attached to MS's terrific services, the more a WP device will be appealing to them.. It's a long term theory that should work especially if the Lumia devices sitting next to the X devices in the store are always a few steps ahead, and more advanced... MS just has to make sure that Lumia devices have everything, and more, than X devices do... It's a no brainer which to choose....

I think this article was meant to clarify that actual orders have sold out, not merely pre-order slots.

It wont. This is almost an invitation to launch a better nokia x. Its as if Nokia is telling Microsoft "You are the reason we are f***ed"

I'll gladly open the door out of wpcentral for ya.
Unless you are dumb, AS WPCENTRAL SAID this isnt nokia telling ms anything, rather trying to steal low budget buyers who prefer android to MS services from GOOGLE. This increases the chances that these buyers will later buy a lumia for an upgrade.

Could go both ways however as long as MS services are available on Android. They don't need WP for MS experience as this proving.

If Microsoft is moving to free for WP licensing then what does that tell you?  That the services business is more important than the OS they run on.  Which means building an Android device built around MS services is close to equal in Microsoft's eyes as their services running on WP.  Sure, they lose app store revenue.  But they gain OneDrive, Outlook.com and Bing users.

Too much focus on the platform.  Microsoft will remain a major player by focusing on the applications and services running on all platforms.  At least in the consumer space.

It tells me exactly what I've been telling people for a month now. Microsoft has declared a war against Google on both the smartphone and the tablet fronts. 

I don't understand what that has to do with my statement. I wasn't saying there shouldn't be MS on other platforms, I greatly encourage that and is one of the reasons I support Microsoft. I'm not even saying this phone shouldn't exist.

Wasn't really disagreeing with you either.  I was pointing out that a user who uses this device serves Microsoft's goals.  And if they purchase a Samsung GS5 instead of a Lumia they still are, assuming they like the MS services.  Heck, if MS is giving away WP8.1 but making royalties on Android and you use their services on Android then it could actually be more lucrative.  And if you've already bought apps on Nokia's store you're going to reinstall that I'd imagine.  Wins all around.

They don't lose apps store revenue. This device can't use google's play store. So, either Nokia or Microsoft will run an app android app store for this device. Developers who chose to put their apps in this store will still have to give MS/Nokia a cut. Of course, this is china and I don't know if people actually buy apps there.

there is nothing hard about MS putting wp on these devices later, or when x2's start coming out they may have wp8.1, who knows what the plan is and everyone is just speculating as to the future. Nokia had this phone in the works for a while and they could not cancel the device because the purchase was happening, they need to keep within the business model without interferance from ms, after the purchase who really knows what will happen with these devices.

I meant to say full MS experience. You can get sine if the services through apps on other platforms, but the integration of it all on WP is the real MS experience.

It doesn't increase chances whatsoever. If anything they're more likely to get a X2 or a real android devices. This lie is what RIM kept telling themselves when they moved BBM to ios and android.

How is 2 mac burgers lower than 520, low end? And the assumption they'll switch to wp isn't a given.. There's a chance but certainly not 100%. Plus this is competing straight with 520 on price, people who would have wanted wp would have preferred it over nokia x.

Many people dont switch to wp when upgrading because their profiles and documents are all dependant on Google Services, NOKIA X hopes to remove that problem from the scenario.

This doesn't make sense. If Nokia is stealing low budget buyers who prefer MS services, why not give them a Lumia 200 with same specs and better Microsoft experience? This MASSIVELY decreases chances of anyone buying into WP as they will have to trade the openness (read pirated apps) and Google services if they buy a real WP.

There are things, like dual-sim support, still missing on windows phone. Hopefully after 8.1 hits it will be possible to build inexpensive devices with all the features the emerging markets (and the lower end in mature markets) need.

Nah, that would be too easy. Actually selling WP, thats crazy talk, much better to get them in using the most roundabout way possible so they'll appreciate WP more...../s

The idea behind the Nokia X is to give users access to Android's apps. That's the draw of the Nokia X over the Lumia 520 (or any Lumia for that matter).

See, some people see that almost everyone around them is sporting an android and goes to the market t buy a phone. If they see the 520, they wont be interested because it doent run android or doesnt know the smoothness of wp. So the X will attract such users, and since they will be dependant on MS services, there is a high chance that they will upgrade to a windowsphone.

Microsoft could not get wp8 to run on these low end devices smooth enough to give it the same experience as low end 520 and such, but i would imagine with wp8.1 or later they will overcome this hurdle and just kill the forked android. Believe me Nokia and MS tried to get these low cost devices running with wp but couldnt.

And if Microsoft sees that they earn more from these phones than from the Lumia line, you can bet they'll be the first to support a higher end X.

Windows? Hardly. They command over 80% of the market. Whereas WP commands less than 4% with very bleak prospects of growth.

Xbox is the eternal internal dispute on Microsoft. Half want the company to spin off Xbox into a separate company, others want it the way it is now.

There won't be a higher end X after the deal closes next month. And yes you bring up 2 years and in two years we don't know what will happen and phone life will have progressed 10 folds without waiting on Nokia to decide if they will get back in the hardware game.

If Nokia was to produce higher end, they would produce with full Android as was the plan before the MS strike.

No. I was thinking about Microsoft itself producing the phones. If they objectively see more money being made out of their services in these X devices, they might as well keep them and put an end to the Asha line or even the low-budget Lumias. Make the X devices their entry level smartphones and leave Lumia only for premium devices (Making Lumia sort of the equivalent to the iPhone)

Yes that's my view on this matter too. MS is attacking the lower end of smart phone market with these Nokia X phones and by bringing in a dozen new OEMs to build low end WP phones. That will give MS a chance to concentrate in the higher end of smartphones with higher end Lumias.

Same here! Initially i figured this would be approx 60% of the 520 cost.. At same rate this one selling is bad bad news!

I only went WP because of Nokia, wouldn't have gotten WP otherwise. Sure, now I love it, but Nokia branding was the original push.

Thank you for admitting you like the OS. Finally someone who actually tried the product and decided it was good.

he's not alone. There are many others on this board, me included. I was die-hard Symbian, and made a move to WP8 with the 920 and fell in love with it.

So it's not possible that people are buying these because of the MS and Nokia services? I believe it is the excellent services (offline streaming radio and offline navigation services set these apart from the low end Android crouwd) and the vast selection of Android apps that is the killer combination here.

Wouldn't it be kinda dum to selled devices way too cheap if people are willing to pay much more for them as seems to be the case here? People buying these might actually be those who were first thinking about buying some other Android phone instead of buying a 520 which have already been for sale in China for almost a year with not much success.

I frankly do not understand this! Its the same price as a 520, same brand, not as feature rich, literally a wannabe windows phone and yetselling better! People in china must hate Microsoft..
It could be video, music sharing limitations and other such frequently used features.. But that's not enough of a reason to buy in!

It depends on what you call Android. For a user android is primarily an interface, the google play store and the pirated markets. This is 1/3.. Back end being android doesn't matter, why would i care if wp runs on android or nt kernel. My concern is features and the interface. Is there anything about this phone that screams android? It looks and feels like a wanna be windows phone, has its own store and is the same price as windowsphone.

You keep believing that. China market sees one word and are flocking to it because of that. That primary interface is the only thing that matters. The google play store is irrelevant in the China market as most china Android are non Google compliant. That back end is the ONLY reason it matters and the only reason the forked version is only in China as they are used to it there already. When this phone was announced people didn't hear Android with the feel of WP. They heard Android and definitely is the only thing that mattered. Tech always underestimate the power of demand. They were wrong on the G Note and now wrong on the X. What you care about does not matter to the 10 million people in China right now.

Maybe the fact that they prefer buying knock-off phones made them think this is a knock-off Windows Phone, so it became more appealing to them =P I kid, I kid I'm pretty sure there was a lot more hype built around this in China then there was for the 520.

Believe it or not, people like android. You might not think it, but it didn't get the market share it has JUST because it is cheap. And since it has a decent reputation, especially in china where you can pirate almost everything through third party stores, it isn't surprising that it sells well.

I'm a Chinese, and I don't why, too. May it just because people has already got used to Android, like they seldom buy a PC with Linux OS...
My roommate is going to buy his girlfriend a Nokia X as well, I asked him why not WP, he has a 910 himself btw. He hesitated, said girls love Android's interface more, WP's big squares don't look well. I don't think it makes sense...
Maybe, maybe all these are just custom things.

So they say, but they are the pirating kings of Microsoft's desktop and office software. They hate MS because they're trying to stop all of the pirating.

Buy its Nokia with same beautiful design language as the Lumia. Is it ugly because of Android.? How do people call this ugly and vouch for the 520?

Um this the power of Android not Nokia. As quite opposite would be said with Nokia in WP.

Old debate. WP central is more than just about wp. It incorporates all Microsoft services most of which run on this phone. So it should be featured.

Because its relevant news, especially since Nokia is the number 1 oem of WP, and will be owned by Microsoft shortly.  It would honestly be out place if android central posted about it, since its core services are all Microsoft.

This is an android phone, thats the OS it runs. The MS services are just apps, its more out of place here than on android central.

That‘s the tricky part: nobody knows, except for Nokia and JD. For all I care, they can release just 10 units and have that sold out. No one could tell anyway. Need to wait on either JD or Nokia to reveal the actual number, if they ever do,.

I think as this is WPCentral, which also covers everything Microsoft, the Nokia X should only be covered on Android Central now. Just my two cents.

Nokia X is all about Microsoft services, and no Google services. It belongs here more than it belongs on AC. What do those readers know about MS services?

You do realize many Android users use Microsoft services, right? It is of interest on both sites.

Since there are no Google services, and this is not the "normal" Android OS, it is more appropriate here.

Considering that MS services are available for Android quite alot. The OS is another story.

Thats the question, since MS services are already available on all android devices, why are they supposably purchasing the X? the only difference is the tiled interface since all android already have access to Onedrive, OneNote, Office 365, plus the playstore.....all I can come up with is the tiled interface.

A phone with extremely close relationship to the Lumia line, sporting Microsoft service, released by a company that's soon to be part of Microsoft. I don't think that's too far-stretched?

At this point in time as much as I love WP I think I've realized the value is really in the services. I love Bing, Skype, Onedrive, Onenote, Office. I think if tomorrow MS shut down WP I would be sad but as long as they maintain the integration of their services I could survive with a different device.

I hope they don't, I want to stay with WP but I think I get this play. I'm sold on these services and if they can sell more people on them than more power to them.

MS has always been a software company first and foremost. In the back of their mind they're like f* it.

I do want WP to live, but in real use, I would be happy with just awesome MS services on Android, While I use Windows 8.1 I mainly use OneDrive (uploads pics even faster than Gdrive), OneNote, Skype, (full Office would be awesome too) on my Nexus 7, so I dont see a big problem on this..

Hmmmm....hmmm. Well that just sh*tted on every windows phone sale to date. Sure its a good thing because MS services is on it. But its android which means it can be rooted which means u can get the play store installed and remove all MS stuff. 5-10% of these devices will keep MS services I believe. The rest will be rooted. Just a thought. Its china so rooting is 2nd nature more than likely lol.

i will never use Google services , flashing it will enable them , i don't want to send my personal info to Google servers :( , lumia 520\525 is a better option

Haha let them buy thinking it is android...it supports 50 percent of android games and 88 percent android apps and next time they will switch to lumia..Omg atleat they will not go to Crapsung

Posted via nokia fanboy app for samsung

Well China is a bit of a strange market in some ways, with strange constraints... But I'd be lying if I said this didn't upset me a little bit. I just hate Android for being so popular. I can't understand it, but can't deny it either.
Sucks, kind of, but I'm glad that Nokia is selling some stuff.

Interesting reasoning for hating Android! So if someday WP & Android have swapped market share, you would then hate WP? ;-) 

The reason i hate android is cause it based its success making a carbon copy of the iOS. It added some originality later on but its success was built purely on being a mimic, not inspiration but true carbon copy.
Apart from that my experience using ICS on Samsung galaxy s2 was really bad.. Stutter and lag but i hear its fixed with 4.4..

They won't. Google services are thoroughly screwed front and back, whiplashed fifty times and shot in the face in China, by the government's Great Firewall. However, the bad news is: there are more than a plenty of equivalent Chinese services for rooted Android phones...

China is a funny market. I guess Google doesn't really have anything to gain from Android phone sales there, because every OEM strips its creation of all Googleness. Worst case scenario, Microsoft looses its opportunity, but Google doesn't gain it either. :-S

I don't know why so many of you guys are upset or worried or whatever. There's one more catch in this "sold out" episode: no one knows how many units are there in the "first batch". Say, in extreme cases, if Nokia China desperately wants some eyeball magnet, it could release just ONE single phone for a batch, "sell it out" within a millisecond, and inform all news media about its "smash hit". People can't tell how many are actually sold anyway. The whole matter is a secret between Nokia and JD. I'm having some trust in human decency left, so I assume the first batch must be more than 10,000 units, because JD HAS TO reward the earliest buyers as it promised, in one try. There's always a chance I got it wrong though.

And come think about it. Why does Nokia need to sell phones in batches? Possibilities:

1) Nokia's factories can't keep up with the supernaturally high demand even working in full force. Do you seriously believe that, bro? I don't think this ever happened in China even in Nokia's most glorious days (N95).

2) Nokia isn't sure how big the demand actually is. So they try the water with a small batch first, then produce more according to actual performance. Plausible.

3) Nokia is desperate for positive "sold out in a blink of eyes and can't keep up with the demand" sort of news story. So it produces, say, 10K X phones, break them into 10 batches, 1K units each, and trickle them into the market. This easily creates an illusion that the device is so popular that it's constantly sold out, and everyone is dying for one. Plausible too.

Now it's just too soon to tell. That's it.

It's likely sold out much like Lumia 900, etc. a few hundred thousand units sold during a quarter. Or it is actually selling well.

The number of people activating a Microsoft account should rise accordingly. This is the win of this device for Microsoft.  Considering the target customer for this device, I think this is great news for Microsoft establishing it's services in China.

Proves that all Nokia needed  to do was put Android on a high end phone about 2 years ago. They would still be alive and kicking rather than being stripped and sold for parts.

Cant deny the truth in this statement. WP sucking for 3.5 years definitely didnt help Nokia survive as a phone company.

How does a dirt cheap phone selling well in a market where dirt cheap phones have always sold well translate to "Nokia would be in an awesome position now if they had created an expensive Android phone two years ago?". No offense but Samsung was still dominating Android two years ago and they have far more power than even the Nokia of yesteryear to fight on price points if they started to eat into their Android pie.

Doesn't prove anything other than do not succumb into the googlopoly. WP will be fine, just 150k apps and growing and a device considered attractive more so than iPhone, would maybe work wonders

First time to comment here. Greetings from the Philippines!!! I own both the 520 and the nokia x. Here are my honest observation about the 2. 520 is smooth, stable and its performance is miles ahead of the x. There are frequent crashes to x than the former. Scrolling is a joy to experience in the 520 compare to x which is jerky at its best. Apps open faster in 520. On the other hand i like the idea of the fastlane in the x. However as the fastlane contents become long the general performance suffers as freezing and lagginess ensues thus needing frequent deletion of the contents which pretty much annoys me.  I also like the banner notifications on the lockscreen. I likewise prefer the build of the x. Of course the app number is another story. Overall i would still prefer the 520 IMHO. Nokia x has to improve fast as this will affect the overall appreciation of the device.

You are welcome. I think they should improve the x pronto performance and stability wise as this could affect nokia in the long run.This could also be a double edged sword  meaning they could drag the lumias down  or make it shine as the difference in performance is apparent. Just my two cents.

Im not sure, but as I look at MS stocks every day, I noticed that they are going up since they put Office on iOS.. Maybe if they do the same to android.. Well, I'm already using all MS services possible on my a tablet + wp phone, at least it wouldnt be bad for their money xD :) #sorryenglishmistakes

  This is great news if people are using Nokia's and Microsoft's services, not so much if they're side-loading Google's.

I think the critical point is lack of marketing in China for Windows Phone, maybe not even just China but more or less everywhere. At such a tiny price difference it is hard to understand why the X generates such a hype over there, while the cheaper Lumias are just there and nobody talks about them.

I don't think there's a cost advantage, but there is an OS advantage. Android is just more popular in China, largely due to the fact that you can install apps from anywhere. And features, of course. Currently, there are still very few reasons to go WP, for most consumers, assuming they like it, the smooth and easy UX just isn't enough to offset the trouble of not having their favorite apps or features available.

I was wondering when someone was going to comment on this. McDonald's currently has them on sale for this price as well in the Seattle Metro area. Otherwise I was thinking thats a great deal for Big Macs.

Or even cheaper if there's a promotion. McDonald's price quite differently in China and the US. Way more expensive in the latter. Trust me on this. I'm a senior McDonaldologist who just moved to New York from Beijing. ;)

Stepping outside the tech enthusiast circle for a moment, not one person I know bought an an Android because its an Android. They bought them (primarily Samsung) because if lower prices, better hardware, or a hate-on for Apple. Given the interface was very familiar to iOS the transition from iPhone to Android is relatively easy. Android is a brand important to tech enthusiasts and Google services users but not to the general public. Cheap and easy with "cool" features attractive to many, including the Chinese. I've been hearing the "death of Microsoft" in various forms for years yet their products continue to improve and they're still around. I'm sure the Nokia X sales in China will not kill WP.

There is no way to know... I don't think so but I'm not in China.

There are 200,000+ apps in the store but if none of them are for the Chinese market than the Nokia X makes a lot of sense.

If it's an equivalent app experience to what is availabe in the US then HELL NO... Windows Phone experience is soo much better than that altered beast.

The bottom line is profits. Apple & Samsung are the making almost all mobile industry profits. Everyone else is making the equivalent of rice crackers.

U hav got some beautiful apps with no lags on WP , but u hav got alot of apps with a bucket full of lags with android . :D

Beautiful apps with no lags because half of them are stripped down version of their Android rich content counterpart.

The Lumias are still missing some apps (Candy Crusg, Navy Federal [not that China cares for that one], Scrabble, Words with friends etc. [mostly games]). Also WP needs that 8.1 update to get on par with Android and iOS. 
I hope to see the Lumia line and Windows Phone as a whole doing better in China this year!

Great job, Nokia! 

which Nokia X? The dual sim version? Or the normal version? The way I see is that the dual sim version in china sell very well.. Let's see when the WP dual sim hit the Chinese market, how well it's received..