Not everyone is getting those free 1K MS points from Xbox Music


The other day we mentioned how the Xbox Music team had sent out emails to current Zune Pass users, detailing what changes were coming down the road. In addition, some of us also received 1000 MS Points that could be used anywhere—videos, movies, music, games, etc.

As it turns out, not everyone received those and that looks to be by design. In a recent tweet by @ZuneSupport notes as much though they did not provide details on criteria e.g. random or long-time user for getting them.


We suppose it’s bad news for those of you who didn’t get them. Out of curiosity, how many of you did get those points? If you received an Xbox Music email, take the poll and let us know.


Source: Twitter; Thanks, rockstarzzz, for the tip


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Not everyone is getting those free 1K MS points from Xbox Music


I got em, but I have been a zune pass user for a long time, really since almost the beginning of Zune. Have old account that still gives 10 free songs per month. :D

im in the same boat as you, got mine, and im on the old legacy account where i still get 10 songs a month.... just trying to contribute details to narrow down who got em. I have had an active, uniterupted account for like 2-3 years.

Ditto!  I have the legacy account w/10 songs each month.  I was thinking that we may be the only ones getting it after reading the article.

I'm one of the ones who didnt receive their MS points. I already complained to support lol. They escalated my case. I think they excluded me because I'm black /s
But seriously, been a zunepass member since its inception...
Cant give to some and not all
I've been holding out on purchasing breaking bad season 5 pass JUST for these points

You probably want to keep complaining cause I spoke with MS Customer Service too and they explained to me the only requirement was having the pass for at least 6 months. 

Me too, but I have been a long time zune user, really almost since the beginning of zune. I have an old plan that still gives me 10 free songs per month!
Listening to zune on the pass right now while writing this. :D

My buddy and I assumed it had to be a combination of Pass plus Xbox gold holder. He, myself, and my girlfriend got the points, and all three have both. His wife, and our friends at the office with only one or the other did not get them.

For those who didn't receive the points: were you on the grandfathered 10 free tracks plan? I have 2 accounts in the family. The 10 free tracks plan didn't get the points, but the current plan did.

I got the points.  Been a zune member for a litlte over a year doing the month bill.  Also am a XBL gold member, who participated in the dashboard beta...if any of those are factors.

It's a farce not to give it to all subscribers (I've had yearly Zune pass for 3 years in UK, and I've got no email/points etc).
They wouldn't have brought created this mess if they didn't offer them to anyone in first place, but they did so they shouldn't discriminate

They said they are still rolling out emails
Marc D.: The Email you are referring to is still rolling out. Due to the high volume, not all the Emails can be send out all at once. Please watch out on your inbox, please also check you Spam folder, so you don't miss it.

I've already gotten and email but it had no points. Does that mean I'll get a second email with points? Gah, this is annoying.

Nope, no points for me.  I'm a music pass (without the free ten tracks, I let it lapse and lost the free ten deal) user but not an xBox Live gold member.
I'm going to be annoyed if I'm not good enough to get the points too.  Oh well, it fugures lol.

Ah! So looks like only GOLD members received them?

Daniel could you please do a sub-poll for those who recieved them to see if they are Gold or Live members paying more than just a Zune Pass? - Probably that's the case then?

As a member of the Zune Pass program since first-gen Zune devices, and an Xbox Live Gold member for 5 years, I was kind of let down that I didn't get the points, but life goes on.

I have been a zune subscriber for 3 years and an Xbox Live Gold member for 4+ years and I got my 1,000 points.

i deffinately recieved 1000 ms points and i damn well should have im awesome   >:P
Thats fantastic im a:
Legend on xbox live (had it for 31/2 years)
and a zune music pass subscriber for a 1 year :p

From the poll so far it appears evenly split. Glad I was one on the gots and not one of the got nots. I think I would be upset.

I wonder if maybe it had to do with xbl gold accounts.

I am set up to receive email, yet I never get it. I didn't get the Xbox Music email, nor the "changes coming" email...

Its probably random but here are my stats to compare against.

1. Xbox live gold member since it came out and a beta tester prior to it going live.

2. 100k plus plays on Zune before they removed that feature.

3. Zune pass subscriber for most of the time since Zune came out in 2006.

4. I use windows phone. :D

Forgot to add that I got the points.

I re-enabled my play count with registry change.
make new  DWORD value called Social and set the vaule to 1
Make sure you get the capital letters when you create the new key or DWORD values or it won't work. Restart Zune software if it is running and you are set.
You can do the same thing for Mixview and Apps as well that were recently moved.
Anyone know of a way to re-enable the videos in zune again I'd really like that! :)

I've had Xbox Live Gold for 6+ years, a Zune Pass for about 4+ years, and still active through next March w/ 10 free songs per month.

Zune Pass and Gold memeber (both billed annually) Dropped the grandfathered credits plan when I last renewed over the summer. No points.

xbox gold member 4 years
zune pass member 3 years...did let lapse 1 month then renewed w/new plan in spring
no points

I have had a Zune Pass (on and off) for about 5 years now. I switched to the $9.99 plan when it came out. I've been an Xbox Gold user for about 3 years (on and off). I got an email but no points. Disappointing, but hey it's not like I've been gipped. Microsoft is giving something free they can handle that how they want. They don't owe me anything, but if they're chartible, meh, it's always appreciated. Thanks for giving out anything Microsoft. Looking forward to this next generation of services/deviices.

The link/code is all the way at the bottom of the email. Maybe overlooked it? Probably not, but just throwing it out there in case you might have. ;)

I got points and I've been a Zune music pass holder for about 10 months (month to month).

I dont know how you get them but i got mine. A little about me:

  • OG Beta tester before day 1
  • Zune Pass 14.95 paid for along time
  • XboxLive account holder Since beta testing started on OG Xbox

Not sure if that makes a difference. I dont really think companies do "Random"

I never received the email, or the update for the xbox and I have been a zune pass (annual 10 free songs) for 4 years and has had xbox live gold for 5 years.

I got the 1,000 points. I am on my second year-long Music Pass subscription. I also regularly rent movies on my Xbox.

I never got 1,000 points but to be honest I don't know what I'd do with them. It's been a good 2+ years since I even touched my Xbox 360.
From what I've seen of all the comments and articles about this; you have to be a Zune Pass subscriber and an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to get 1,000 points.

Got the points.
Xbox Live Gold subscriber
Buy apps on WP.
Zune Pass/10 song subscriber.
Full lineup of MS services tied to account.

Only mail was to announce the feature change. I have been a Zune pass for 3 renewals and Gold member since the 360 launched. I suspect this is US members only.

I got the points! American Zune Pass subscriber since '10, XBox Live Gold member for a couple years, too, wp7 user for over a year.

I chatted with "Microsoft Support" the other day.
They told me "The promotion for subset of users. We are sending out emails for the next few days with those codes. If you do not receive an email with 1000 Microsoft Points then you are not part of the subset of customers receiving the points."
I asked them if they could tell me the criteria for the subset.  The reply was "That information has not been released to us."
I've found that is fairly typical for third party service centers.  It seems that is a good way to filter information or insulate the company from a customer.
Oh yeah, still waiting to find out if I will ever get any information about the update for the disappearing keyboard issue back in February, but thats another issue.

I got the points code and redeemed it immediately. I don't have an Xbox subscription but I have maintained my original $14.99 Zune Pass subscription since I bought my first Zune in 2006 and have purchased thousands of points over the years.
I do have multiple Zunes, though; two 30s, a 120, an 8, an HD, and of course my WP so maybe that's a factor.
Perhaps the criteria is a combination of multiples subscriptions, multiple Zunes, and/or points purchase history.

Found the email in my junk email folder.  Surprising since I use a Hotmail account; Hotmail is thinking communications from XBox is junk ?  Anyway, on the original Zune plan with 10 downloads and an XBox Gold member for several years.