Xbox Music

If you’re a current Zune Pass subscriber, you may want to check your email. Microsoft has just sent out the Xbox Music update details for those who are using Zune Pass and what’s more, they’re throwing in a 1,000 MS Points to celebrate.

Those points (worth $12.50 or an average album) can be used “on any of the music, video, or game content on Xbox LIVE”. (Wait, we’re still calling it Xbox LIVE?)

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The email gives a straightforward description of what Zune users can expect. Zune accounts are automatically migrated over to Xbox Music meaning there is nothing to do except redeem your 1,000 MS Points. From the email:

“There's nothing you need to do. Your Zune Music Pass is now an Xbox Music Pass, giving you access to everything you enjoy today and a whole lot more.”

  1. More music – Stream or download songs from one of the largest digital music catalogs on the planet ... over 18 million songs and counting.
  2. Cloud connected – Build your music collection and create playlists. They effortlessly sync across your Xbox 360, Windows 8 tablet and PC, and Windows Phone 8 so your music is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  3. Save your favorites – On your Xbox 360, create playlists and pin your favorite artists for easy access to the music you love.
  4. Import playlists – On Windows 8 tablets and PCs you can import your Zune Music collection, including playlists you've created.
  5. Keep listening – Your Xbox Music Pass will continue to work in the Zune PC software and on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Not a bad deal and while we’re at it, you can head to the new Xbox Music website to get even more details.


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