Nova is exploding with strategy on Windows Phone [Video]

When it comes to games on Windows Phone we have quite a few puzzlers, lots of zombies and a plethora of tower games. But one area we sometimes overlook is the class strategy game—the one where every move counts and requires some thought akin to chess.

Nova by Jeffrey A. Voigt fits the bill nicely and for $0.99, it’s well worth the investment.

The game is premised on the idea of a galaxy and you control various stars to dominate. You can have anywhere from two to four players where you pass your device on to friends and family for turn taking or you can play against the computer (AI).

The game laid out with a grid representing the galaxy and you can either start a new star or “grow” current ones. Each star can grow three sizes after which they supernova, exploding their star bits to the adjacent boxes. If there are smaller, enemy stars nearby they get transformed to your color which is how you “conquer” the board.

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Nova's graphics are certainly eye catching

The strategy is choosing to start a new star, grow current ones or explode your star while watching what you challenger is doing as well. From that standpoint, the game is quite challenging especially with the well done AI.

The game also has a very detailed tutorials which are a must for picking up strategy tips and learning the game’s UI. There are also “Challenges”--quick little games designed to test your skill e.g. “do this with only 2 moves”.

The graphics of the game are well done with bold, colorful design and the music is very subtle (perhaps too subtle).

Overall Nova is a fun game. Since it’s a strategy game, your $0.99 is well spent as you can’t ever really beat it—you can just play and get better and better. There’s a free trial should you want to take the game for a spin. We think you should.

Pick up Nova here in the Windows Phone Marketplace and check out the game’s website here.

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Reader comments

Nova is exploding with strategy on Windows Phone [Video]


Not available in Denmark either :(
I don't get why developers only launch games like this in certain countries.

Im not sure how it works but it should be worldwide by default, so if the dev wants it restricted he has to tamper with it. Not the other way around.

It will be coming to all countries ASAP.  It just takes a few days to trickle out!  Thank you for all of the comments.  Please make sure to give it a rating if you have downloaded it.  It will help out tremendously!

voigt, adding online multiplayer to this title would be very cool, is that in the cards for the future?

I actually  had online multiplayer working for the most part, but it was a bit unreliable using Microsofts push technology...  It is possible though =)

I just bought it and finished all the challenges already.
A few more would be nice ;)
And I already gave feedback, but it won't hurt if I say it again:
The UI freezes for a second after the player make his turn. Makes this game feel a lot less smooth than it could be.
Other than that I like it very much.

Is it actually freezing or is the AI thinking? If you look behind the AI's player element, you'll see a spinning arrow thinking as it processes.