Official Tap The Frog game hops into the Windows Phone Store

Tap The Frog

The Official Tap The Frog Windows Phone game from Playfo has finally arrived in the Windows Phone Store. For those not familiar, late last year an unofficial version of Tap The Frog was released, then pulled due to copyright issues. Playfo shared with us that an official version of the popular iOS and Android game would be heading to the Windows Phone platform eventually.

While it took a while, the official version of Tap The Frog is now available for Windows Phone 8 and includes eleven mini-games that will challenge your reactions and skills of observation. Tap The Frog is a fun game to help you pass the time or when you need a longer gaming fix.

Tap The Frog

The mini-games all involve, as you would guess, frogs. The eleven mini-games include:

  • Paint the Frog
  • Jump the Frog
  • Fly the Frog
  • Pop the Frog
  • Launch the Frog
  • Feed the Frog
  • Build with the Frog
  • Treat the Frog
  • Leap the Frog
  • Drive the Frog
  • Fight the Frog (two player game)

Tap The Frog

Each game will test your reflexes and observation skills with timed tests. For example with Paint the Frog are presented a group of frogs that are colored one of two colors. As you tap the individual frog, the color will change to the opposite color. You are tasked with tapping the frogs so they will all be one color. You have twenty seconds to unify the color for as many groups of frogs as possible.

Tap The Frog

The games are simple to pick up but challenging to master. Tap The Frog has nice, cartoonish graphics, fun game play and is well suited for extended gaming sessions or when you need a little help to pass the time. Here’s the iPhone Trailer for Tap The Frog. According to Playfo’s website, the original title for the game was Tap The Frog 2 and was eventually renamed to Tap The Frog.

There is a free trial version available for Tap The Frog, with the full version running $.99. The game does have a few in-app purchase opportunities for clocks that will extend your game timer. Tap The Frog is available for Windows Phone 8 and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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Official Tap The Frog game hops into the Windows Phone Store


Too late, games are fads and if you don't strike while the iron is hot you'll miss the opportunity of cashing in.

Your comments makes no sense. Game can still make money even when it's free. Shocking, right? Get out of here

They choose not to go for a free version bogged down with adverts, and feel that they can recoup their costs by charging a measly 99 cents with in-app purchases. Sorry, I forgot you were so stingy and can't spare a buck.

Haha i can spend a buck but i rather buy an asphalt 8 (yes I know it's free now). This game is not 0.99 worth. Sorry i forgot you are just a sheep who buys everything without thinking

There's a free trial. If it really isn't worth paying $1 for then why do you want it at all? If you want it, buy it. If you don't, then don't cry about it not being free.

Maybe I have the wrong viewpoint, but how long did this take to be available on WP?

I don't care about "long distance" after thought apps finally arriving on our platform.

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