The official Wall Street Journal Live app for Windows Phone is now available

WSJ live

It's a good day for Windows Phone users as they can now download an official version of the WSJ Live for their devices (as opposed to the half dozen clones). The Wall Street Journal is quite the major publication and follows other recent releases on Windows Phone including TIme Magazine and the Daily Beast in offering high quality official apps.

The app is an interesting twist on the WSJ as this is the online "Live" branded version meaning all of the content is in video. In other words, instead of typical WSJ articles, you're getting news segments that last anywhere from 30 seconds to nearly 5 minutes in length. We just fired it up and was rather impressed with the quality of the video (over LTE of course) and the content presented. Think of this as a mini-TV news app rather than the proper WSJ.

WSJ Live

"WSJ Live: Original Programming, Live and On Demand from The Wall Street Journal. WSJ Live brings you live news and on-demand video directly from 2,000 reporters across the globe. With over 4.5 hours of live programming a day, you can stay on top of the latest in news, elections, markets, tech, opinion, lifestyle. You can also access the entire video archive of The Wall Street Journal."

  • Tune in for Daily Scheduled Programming:
  • News Hub: Breaking Economics News
  • Markets Hub: Complete Markets Coverage
  • Campaign Journal: Live Election Coverage
  • Lunch Break: Today’s Headlines plus the ‘Business of Life’
  • Digits: Breaking Tech News
  • Mean Street: Breaking Business News
  • Opinion Journal: Political Commentary
  • Off Duty: The Latest in Lifestyle

Overall it should do a lot for the Windows Phone platform to have the Dow Jones & Company, Inc. behind it. Let us know in comments your thoughts on the app. [Note: the link just went live, so it may not appear on all servers just yet. World wide availability is not yet known]

Pick up the official WSJ.com app for Windows Phone here in the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

The official Wall Street Journal Live app for Windows Phone is now available


WSJ doing a WP7 app?? What is this? Is Walt Mossberg fired? How can this Apple evangelist let something like this slip through his fingers? :-)

Technically it does use live tiles.  Pin an app to your start screen, you'll see the top video headline on the flip side.

Damn it. I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal so I can read all their articles, and I want to be able to read them on my phone. 
And now that they release this app: one where you still can't read their articles. Gaaah.

Rate the app and put your two cents in. Maybe they will add a second app just for you guys! But we have to give feedback to the proper parties.. JAT.

I don't like it. I'd rather read the articles than watch a video. C'mon Dow Jones, bring us an official WSJ reader application that can access Subscriber content

Waited so long for this app. Its just half baked. Video only? They have awesome content and we can't get the damn articles? Pffft. Unless they come out with an app for subscribers only MS should throw this app back to them and tell them we want parity (or better) with iOS/Android.

Well, gave the app a shot and promptly deleted it. Please give us an update when the WSJ decides to stop giving WP second class citizenship status.

Lol, ok, I have no business posting this really but I just gotta say it...love the first official "show off an app" pic of the Samsung Focus 2, especially with the black cover..looks good like that , show the back of it!!!

We need the newspaper app NOW.  Why is Windows Phone getting teated like the bastard step-child?  It's been a year - it couldn't be that hard to port an app over from iOS.