Official Windows 8 TV ads allegedly leak

We’re getting mighty close to the official release of Windows 8 occurring on the 26th (and its phone sibling Apollo), so it makes sense that we’re starting to see some things leak out. Specifically we’re talking about four video ads for the new OS that show how the new UI works and can make computing much easier.

The videos come from Israel-based website Techit.co.il and are supposed to be for TV, although as Neowin points out, the 0:56 timing is a little odd (most TV spots are around 31 seconds). We guess they could be trimmed or adjusted for local play and the ads have not been 100% vetted just yet, but if they disappear soon from the web, that may validate the claim.

The ads themselves feature the same upbeat music and the different ways a user can interact with the OS. Overall, they’re quite nice and do make the OS look good (if overly fast). In fact, we’re betting many of you are pining for similar ads for Windows Phone 8 and we don’t blame you—Microsoft should make similar ads for the OS and air those on TV as well.

Source: Techit.co.il; via NeowinThanks, Jarrod, for the tip!



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Official Windows 8 TV ads allegedly leak


"I can't wait until Windows 8 turns my monitor into a touchscreen,"  says an average consumer.  ;)

Commercials look good, though.

They need a disclaimer after they explicitly state, "touch or mouse or keyboard"? People are stupid but they aren't THATstupid. These vids will never air on TV anyway so its a moot point.
It makes more since that they would be confused about installing legacy apps on WinRT.

I sure hope they put some fake account on the display model in the store. When MS started selling WP7 phones there was no account tied to the phone, so the people app, and me tile was completely blank. Was one of the worst marketing decision MS launched with.

I agree with that.  Whenever I looked at a display model of WP7, it looked really boring compared to an Android with moving background animations and clock/weather apps.

But... I also don't want them to make the demos of Windows 8 look too crowded either.

I agree it looked rather boring until they embedded the WP7 how to demo on the display device. However the sales people never directed customers to the phones to even see the device. As you know, the device must be taken out of lock screen for the demo to even start.

Really? Whenever I've seen a dummy model it had a fake account that populated email, people, me, and calendar.

Running Win 8 RTM too on SSD and 2.8GHz i7 (gen 2) and while it is very fast and I have no complaints, they did take some liberties there ;)

and every company does it too. I bet in the final cut of the ad, they will  have a "accelerated to shorten length" or something like that.

I agree. I'm running Win8 RTM on a laptop with just regular hard drive and boy does that OS fly. But I'm not that surprised since it's the same company that brought us Wndows Phone.

I've been using Windows 8 pretty much exclusively on my desk PC with the Customer Preivew.  Even using this now as I type this post.  And I got to say I Love it!  I can't wait to see the integration with my future phone and this OS.  And yes, I bought a touch screen monitor just for this OS.  And it seems so natural to me.  I think Microsoft is on the right path.

I too got a touchscreen monitor and its really nice and natural. I use both touchscreen and mouse \ keyboard input where its needed, seamlessly. Nice ads, i hope they show them all in full and on primetime hours.

You'll be pleasantly surprised when you finally get the RTM version since it's way faster and smoother than the Consumer Preview.

I'm using the Consumer Preview on one of our PCs as well. It runs fast, but unfortunately we're using it as if it was Windows 7, in other words, we go straight to the Desktop from standby. The new Start screen rarely gets used. Takes some getting used to, I suppose.

Great ad, but it doesn't say Windows 8, just Windows.. They need to market Windows 8 as the new OS not just say Windows.

Windows 8 and Windows RT are Windows. One is consumer based the other is pro-sumer/enterprise based. The commercial is highlighting the 'Reimaged' Windows.

The ads to differentiate RT and W8 will come.

If they follow the same format for Windows Phone ads, they can reuse the same elements, which is kind of the point... Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8... it's all the same thing. Buy into the ecosystem, not just the version.

I have to admit, those are pretty bad @$$!! Windows 8 on a tablet/touch interface is mind numbing. Holy smokes I can't wait to get my hands on the Surface. I fully expect record revenues/profits from Microsoft after launch.

Hey guys, I think I spotted something new in the 3rd video.  At around 6 seconds, the password background has a picture.  Currently, it's just the theme color but it looks like the final build will allow you to put a picture in the background of the password screen, which definitely makes it look much better.

It's not new at all.. The picture is in the lock screen itself OR you can use an image AS the password. But the actual traditional password screen is just the static page it's always been. As a side note, it's really cool using it on a touch device, but using an image for password on traditional displays (keyboard and mouse) is not practical.

I imagine you're using it with simple mouse clicks, which works, but I know I type my password faster than I can mouse over and click things.

damn!!!! almost blew me away..and nice music too!! though as someone mentioned, we need to tell people this wont turn your monitor into a touchscreen!! LOL!!

There's actually four new commercials, check out "techsloth" channel on YouTube and u can watch all four. Really excited to get me a tablet!

Planar touchscreens are available at CompUSA at pretty good prices. I have a 24" I paid $329 for - the kids love it.

Wow. This is the best marketing from Microsoft I've seen in a VERY long time! I freaking love these ads. The use of the same upbeat song is fantastic, and no pompous jackass speaking over it keeps you watching to read the descriptors. And they move quickly but show you a lot in a very clear way. Brilliant, and indeed... I hope they are using these for Windows Phone too. I also hope to see these on every channel at every break.

This or better for Windows Phone along with these ads and on the other side of Christmas, WP market share will see double figures in no time!

Thank you Microsoft!! Now just sit this ass 24/7 on every channel and internet and you'll sell millions!! Air the crap out of it. Don't let it go to waste

I can't wait to see it in my hands. THIS is how I envision using a tablet. My Nexus 7 is living on BORROWED TIME.

Those ads can't be the final versions. The tablet shows the old Windows logo and the maps app still has the "Preview" tag on the splash screen.
The final videos have to be even better! :D