OneDrive updated for Windows Phone with recycle bin access


OneDrive for Windows Phone has just picked up a little update. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find OneDrive at version Like usual you'll find stability improvements and bug fixes in today's update, but we're also getting recycle bin access.

Update to the new version of OneDrive and you'll find the new recycle bin by pulling up the app bar. At the very bottom is the recycle bin, just beneath the settings. Tap it and you'll be able to view recently deleted files in OneDrive.

You can then select one or more items to permanently delete it or restore it. A very useful feature if you've ever accidently deleted something in OneDrive.

Grab today's update for OneDrive and let us know what you think of the new feature!

Via: @WPScoops

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OneDrive updated for Windows Phone with recycle bin access


I believe that part of it is that items won't be deleted til you are near capacity. 10% of however much you own.

there's no differences, and actually, the 2014 version is merely the same as version. You should check on Store > Downloads, swipe right to History to find out. Mine has on the history, and the app itself is 2014.x.x.x on the store, but it seems to be the updated version.

I want the ability to download videos!!
Edit: Lol just noticed this feature is already there but the last time I checked it wasn't yet

Stop that transparent thing, one drive app is cute the way it is.... don't remind me they ruined the looks of music and videos apps my making them transparent

They didn't ruin them, that Green was horrible.

Besides, doesn't take much to do a custom background that puts Green behind wherever you place those Tiles, if you're that bent out of shape about it.


I would like every APP had the option to switch between

Transparent live/Transparent static/Solid Live/Solid Static

I realised if I exit or minimize the app the uploading files specifically mp3 files stop uploading, it pisses me off to stay in the app staring at uploading mp3 files

Yep, they should really add them to Windows Phone's 'large task' background processing system so at least they will transfer when your battery is over 80%.

Sorry guys being a full time student and full time employee is killing my social life, brain, and missing the tech new,  bc of that lol 

Yes, this would be great. On that note, Windows tiles allow you to provide a transparent icon and specify a solid background colour. In fact that's the standard recommendation. If this was present in phone apps (which it's not, yet) they could at the very list allow you to toggle between the solid brand colour and transparent, with minimal effort from the developer.

Well, i prefered when there wasn't ability to do it. I can always delete things from my PC. And now people can permanently delete files when they'll get access to my phone.

Since wp 8.1+cyan update I cannot access it.I hoped that with this update problem is solved. I cannot see the update in the store , so... I rather give up on this app than hard rest my phone. It's bulls#!t.

Trust me, hard reset if you can. All phones, devices, PCs, Macs, etc. need them eventually. It is a pain, I get it, but OneDrive is by far the app I use most...OneNote is a close second. Your phone will run smoother too ;)

Excellent. No I just want to be able to sort my pictures by the date embedded in the file, and sort by "Date modified", and Onedrive will be epic!

One feature I would want OneDrive app for WP to have is support for multiple MS Accounts. Such as one for work & one for personal use both accessible within the app. Or am I just missing something?

That would be nice. So would the ability to see folders that other people Share" with you. The multi-account option certainly has the potential for confusion and lost files, but I'd like the option. I do have a second account for work, but I pretty much only access it from a desktop browser. I also wouldn't mind being able to sync some files to keep offline on the phone- the app is just so slow, especially with video.

I updated my Lumia 920 to Cyan yesterday, and i only had one problem after the update.... And that is with Onedrive.

My Onedrive app can't be opened, uninstalled, reinstalled or anything... The only thing i can do is to pin the program to Start...

Look how when an update is released for an app it is immediately available worldwide for download. Why can't OS updates be like this for WP?

Its better to access it on PC for me becoz I can logout, no security on phone so I had to remove all my sensitive data on OneDrive

Yes u r right ! But don't worry Microsoft will find the solution for this. I wish next update bring password protection.

Was this available on desktop app. I never bothered to check that. Was very much using on phone and sync folder on my computer. I guess it was hidden and available all this time because I can see all my deleted files now.

a phone can easily get stolen & the thief may have access to ones data on OneDrive. Login & logout is necessary depending on what you keep on OneDrive, as well as where you live (country)

what nonsense is this??? my store shows me a share notification and not update notification and the version is still 3.6.3 and not 4.3 as is reported in this newsletter. Next time if this is a WP8.1 update kindly say so!!!

please please, its lacking privacy.

bring either a lock app for windows or signout option for onedrive.

it is must needed in onedrive and windows phone too.