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Opera Mini browser taking sign ups to beta test Windows Phone version

Opera may be about to launch its long awaited Windows Phone version of its Opera Mini web browser, as a page has now gone live on its site asking for people to sign up to beta test the browser.

The page states:

"We know we took a long time, but our test version is now available. Download it, try it and give us your feedback. We'll listen and make improvements to give you the best browsing experience on your Windows Phone."

However, don't get too excited as we have already sent in our email and, aside from a confirmation that we are signed up to beta test the browser, we have yet to receive an actual download link. However, if it goes live we will post up an update.

There was an unofficial Opera Mini browser released way back in 2011 for Windows Phone 7 but it has since been discontinued. What do you think of Opera finally preparing to launch its Mini web browser for Windows Phone?

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for the alert!

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Opera Mini browser taking sign ups to beta test Windows Phone version



IT DOESN"T MATTER WHAT YOU KNOW!!!!!! (In the Rock's voice as well)

Just kidding about it not mattering what you know but it was the perfect Rockortunity to type that.

idc about cellular data... we in Finland have unlimited cellular data bandwith... even with the lowest connection 1Mbps or the 3G or the 4G LTE


and are u sure opera eats alot data? it has the turbo booster that lower ur data up to 90 %

yeah WP8.1.1 dev prev. IE11 was told to be good, but some how its worse lol, cant change from desktop to mobile anymore after change it to desktop... i shouldnt have do that for the first place

Yeah it seems like it works but try to go to mobile version page and it will redirect you to the normal page(desktop)

Aashish13 - Given the only browser engine available on Windows Phone is still Trident (IE), Opera Mini will be nothing more than a shell for IE that offers Opera Mini's features.

The rendering is fine and hopefully they can take advantage of APIs and build more stability and functionality into it.

Ever since they made a new webkit browser with 10% of the features of the previous version Opera I see no big deal for existence of this browser. I am saying this as big Opera fan I once was.

Agreed. Once they changed rendering engine - it was game over. The other browsers added mouse gestures and tabs also. No need for it now, shame, but time moves on.

IE 11 is perfectly adequate. Absolutely no need for another browser.

I have used Opera mini on all my previous nokia phones and believe me there are a whole lot of people who want it on thier phone. Its going to do Windows Phone a world of Good.

UC is my daily browser but sometimes it works weird. It can't save some picture, so I have to open it in IE and save. On some websites YouTube videos don't work (says update adobe flash), again open it in IE and it works

@umangpop777 I think its a good thing more options are coming for users, as WP fans we require all the first party apps, pls don't say we don't need it.

Speak for yourself umang, IE is much better on WP8.1 but I've been waiting for opera..... Even though link isn't possible on the current desktop browser

Biggest thing that sucks on wp is facebook app does not show any update from my friends.....even the biggest problem is facebook does not work on ie11...so I would welcome opera to use facebook

Certainly interesting. I like competition.


For now I would be happy if Microsoft lets us use the same method of blocking ads in the Windows Phone IE as it does in Windows IE.

Really, I'm sick and tired of websites wanting me to visit their site via their app. We need adblocking desperately.

No, it should be using the Presto engine just like Opera Mini everywhere else. Opera Mini elsewhere renders in the cloud.

Will it still use the IE engine? I can only assume its still built in html5/JavaScript with the usually proxy compression.

Who cares? As long as it works OK. that's surely the most important thing. More apps equals more exposure for WP. Surely that is the long term goal here....

I care, because I can no longer access my production tracker website for my business using IE. They changed something and now it doesn't work, I'm hoping ill be able to with Opera.

What the piss? This comment system changed.... It's freakin me out! SOMEONE HOLD ME!

Nah I kid, it's actually really nice :)


As for the Opera Mini, well my past experience with Opera weren't so great but maybe they've improved since then. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

Not likely to happen, Google doesn't want WP to grow, and will do anything to avoid it, Firefox, on the other hand, could be a different story

   What about Maxthon, I find its alot more stable than UC. I use both Opera Moble and Opera Mini on my Kindle Fires and they work just fine. Opera Mini uses less resources than any browser I have tried. I also use Desktop Opera (also Firefox)  on my two Windows 8.1 machines.

WP app store is growing extremely fast especially official ones ! Hoping in mid 2015 WP will be considered as android and IOS and competing them ! All the way WP forever !

If you go by the market share yes there are signs. But the coming days will be good as 730,830 launch is expected and also the 530 might bring some good numbers and if the recently launched HTC one M8 for wp goes global the market share will definitely improve.

Yup, hopefully it will, 3 people out of 6 in my job have windows phones and it had nothing to do with me telling them, market share mustn't be as bad here in Ireland

It's not possible, if you mean "Opera" like it is on Android.
Microsoft currently only allows browser apps using the Trident rendering engine which is in only IE.

Good. In tune, windows phone 8.1 is more stable and mature enought. Lots of apps signups and developers gave us variety of apps this year which commandable! Thank you so much Microsoft's developers. Please work hard that we align ourselves with itune and google store.

Sweet. In addition to mobile, I'm going to use the desktop version as my #2 browser now. IE still #1, but it sometimes runs into issues. Out with Chrome and in with Opera.

I eagerly await Opera however, if we are not allowed to use it as our default browser the point is kind of mute.

I think there is some options on choosing defaults (like SMS, etc) on early version of WP8.1? They removed it including auto hide navigation bar. I think it will be present on WindowsThreshold :) *cross fingers*

Because people don't know to click the "source" link in the article and then rush to post without reading any previous comments...

While using Symbian belle, I used to have opera mobile and it was the best browser ever. I tried opera mini too but gave up on it early. Now that opera mini will be available for WP, I look forward to opera mobile.

Opera Mini is a start, now hopefully they're going to bring Opera Mobile over too. Don't get me wrong, IE is pretty rock solid, but having some alternatives that do NOT use the Trident engine is great.

It shouldn't. Opera mini renders on the server and passes you the image from server. The server is rendering with presto. So that's doubtful.

Haven't had problems with IE. Just wish for such apps as Instapaper and Pocket so I can save for offline reading. I mean real official app, not knockoffs. But any app coming to wp, welcome

Already an Opera - Mini browser available in the Store; not from the official developer I suppose, but how come MS accept it in the Store then...?

For people asking whether it will still use the trident engine, there answer is NO, as like Nokia Xpress browser, the rendering will be done on opera servers instead of on your phone and a rendered version of the website will be shown on your phone.

The app on the phone won't even have an html engine or use IE's in all probability.

** Ppl say it'll use the IE Trident engine... This is false. You clearly haven't used Opera before. It is rendered on their servers and then the cloud servers send you the site pre-fabricated. They have a nice little picture to show you if you still can't understand online... Thanks! **

I use Opera mini on my old feature phones where it's way better than those built in browsers. Will be interesting to see how it will be on Windows phone.

It would be good, less data usage on page display is the biggest adavantage to have opera mini.. But ie10 currently very good