Professor Green spotted using the ZTE Tania in London

Professor Green, an established English rapper, has been spotted in London wielding a ZTE Tania. Check out the video above (note: it contains strong language) to see the artist use Windows Phone to locate a coffee house, and his team use the same device to record some of the live concert on-stage. Even DJ IQ takes the Tania for a quick spin with some humorous viewing.

It's good to see ZTE making an effort in the UK as we've yet to see any official event to launch a Windows Phone from the manufacturer. The ZTE Tania is available from Clove UK for just £175 (dropped again from £199).

Source: YouTube; thanks Leon for the heads up!


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Professor Green spotted using the ZTE Tania in London


Everyplace in the UK has a different accent. When you live here you can tell where someone is from, even if it’s just 100 miles away. The pirate accent people know, its pretty much what people sound like from Summerset. 
This guy coming from London has a sort of mock Jamaican accent.  Its very cool with the kiddies. By the way his music its pretty crap too, not very imaginative or uplifting or funny.... its just shit.  

Lol. I went to the US last month and an American guy said to me "Hey man I like your accent, you speak really good English"
I just smiled and said thanks. I didn't say, "Thanks, English actually is our native language in England" lol.
Love our American allies :)

Blatant ad, but it's done pretty well and good to see for WP... Even though I don't know who the hell ZTE are :P Only first heard of them a few weeks ago, still don't know much about them!

They are like HTC a few years back, mainly making phones for other companies. All the Orange (UK) own brand phones are made by them for example. They've only recently started relasing phones under their own brand.

I wouldn't verbalize it the same way, but that was a tad anticlimactic. Not sure why ZTE is really advertising though. Is this phone even available in the UK? (or anywhere?)

It's the title of the ZTE advertisement. I have all respect for our readers, thank you. Check out the second paragraph and then read your comment agin.

That's the prettiest rapper I've ever seen. He'd make lots of friends in jail. Do they have jail in the UK???...

Nah, we just throw all the convicted criminals back onto the street. We figure the problems will sort themselves out sooner or later...