ProShot is today's myAppFree deal - download it for free!


If you are looking to take your Windows Phone camera to a new level, many will argue that it doesn't get any better than the ProShot photography app.

Offering DSLR like control over your Windows Phone camera, ProShot will let you adjust shutter speed, ISO levels, white balance, exposure compensation, focus and more.

The app normally runs $1.99 but for today only, ProShot is being offered through the myAppFree program for free.

ProShot Viewfinder

Along with the camera controls with ProShot you also get the following photographic features:

  • Burst Mode (up to 5fps)
  • Self-Timer
  • Intervalometer (time lapse)
  • HDR
  • Display options (grid lines, level gauge, histogram)
  • EXIF Viewer
  • Full HD photo browsing

For those who would rather let the camera do all the heavy lifting and not worry with the settings, ProShot also has a rather nice automatic mode.

  • ProShot - Windows Phone 8 - 5MB - Temporarily Free - Store Link

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Let us know what you think of ProShot below in the comments. Also, remember if you enjoy using ProShot to leave a review for the developer in the Windows Phone Store. Positive reviews and ratings (along with constructive criticisms) help with the Store rankings and visibility. Plus it helps the developers improve their apps and games.

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Reader comments

ProShot is today's myAppFree deal - download it for free!


Doesn't heat my phone at all. Just doesn't work period. Open it, use it, come  back to it, infinite loading screen.

Sad face.

I just wish I had an option to only shoot the HiRes picture and not the low res one also... Plus RAW support would be a dream...

Wow! Raw will be like heaven for me.

As a photographer, I was blown away by ProShot. It has everything I need to shoot.

Since I downloaded it (for free, I'm a lucky one) it became my default photo app.

My reflex feels so clumsy now.

What exactly doesn't work? You can email the developers and tell them. They're very communicative. 

Searching the forum you will see there are issues of the camera due to lack of updated firmware if you ran 8.1 developers preview.
I have ativ S.
Next time I 'll stick to a Lumia for better support.

It works perfectly on my Samsung ATIV S i8750, :) And just 2 days ago was about to write to MyAppFree guys to think of this app bringing it for free, and here you go, my wish was fullfilled :)

Sweet. Downloaded it and was instantly confused. I feel like I need to take a photography class just to use this thing.

Yeah... I'm sure this is a good app, but the interface on Nokia Camera is just so sharp looking and easy... very hard to beat...

yep, the UI is too complicated for a casual user, but nevertheless, amazing app, ill take it for a spin and then decide whether to keep nokia camera app or this one...

this thing of having a windows phone and visit this blog everyday it's getting really nice! Thanx for this app! Great app!

Sometimes strange download issues like this happen. The way around it:

1) uninstall ProShot
2) restart your phone
3) re-install

should then be good to go!

Even restarting your device after uninstalling? That's the part that most people skip when re-installing an app, but sometimes it's necessary to ensure that a clean install happens.

If the above steps don't work, then there may be something wrong with your OS. On my main device, apps just stopped installing one day so I had to do a hard reset :/

Just my luck! Downloaded it and used it fine, but upon exiting and reentering the app to take another picture, I hit a perpetual loading screen. No way to remove it after the first use, requiring a reinstall. Unuseable :[

Nope, I just wanted to do something nice for the WP community, and myAppFree was the best shot I had at spreading the word :)

I actually prefer Proshot...If it just had video suport , I would never use Nokia again..Ms is fast but you sacrifice alot for the speed

Not for speed. My son tossed his put put club in front of him onto the ground because he saw it done in a cartoon. I was only able to capture the putter in the air with Proshot, and actually make out the image, that's fast.

My heart just fell off to the ground!

I was testing this app from last four days and was sad that there is no operator payment system in my country.(Too lazy to connect my card. he he). Thank you so much myAppFree for doing this. Thank you so much WPC for reporting this. And one or two days back i read here in comment section someone was wishing if this app was available in mAF. Your wish came true man! Congratulations to you too.


It is not something unseen. Actually HDR is useless on a phone. Just makes stuff look unnatural and puts strange spots on large surfaces, especially on the sky.

Haha awesome!!  It's been a wild ride since those early days. I wish I had some way of thanking the original users, it was them who gave me the strength to keep working at it.

Bought it a few weeks ago. I feel intimidated by it, it has the same options as the Camera Pro from Nokia but it has also some additional things taht are really cool... but I feel intimidated by it haha.

The app looks great, is just that I haven´t put that much time into it to know the ins and outs of it. But I think it is a must for any photo enthusiast. Burst mode is superior than SmartCam from Nokia. That alone is worth the 1.99$

It will work just fine, and the performance will be super fast, but HTC depth information is part of a private API, so it won't make it to ProShot.

You can, however, probably do timelapses at 4MP with very little delay between images, so the phone + ProShot could be a killer timelapse combo  (I'm hoping to enable shorter timelapse intervals in v5.3, coming in a few weeks)

Thank you George! Especially for a tip about reviewing. I put a lot of hard work into this app eveyone, please leave some feedback if you like it! :)

we would really appreciate if you can do something regarding overheating of the phone and also please make the UI a little more simple, like some people say, they got intimidated when they saw the UI, please make it casual photographer-UI-friendly, other than that, great job!

It's really tough to make something that's for casuals and pros, and I've spent a LOT of time on research to get to where we are now. I think it's just going to be one of those apps that require a little bit of investment to learn, but infinitely rewarding when comitted to muscle memory.

Regarding the heating, I've done all that I can on that front -- it's actually only an issue when people first get the app and are playing with settings a lot. The heating occurs when sliders are manipulated a lot. ProShot runs almost entirely in what is called the "background thread". Think of it as one of the two cores on the CPU. When the UI is updated, specifically a slider for contrast, saturation, etc, that slide and UI update must be processed on what is called the "UI thread", or, the second core of the CPU. When both threads are engaged, the CPU runs at its max, and that is where the heat comes from.

In practical use, the heating shouldn't really occur much more than Nokia's app. ProShot just has a lot more sliders and options to play with :)   Hope this answer helps!

The app is called "Pro shot" for a reason, it is geared towards people that want to tweak with the settings.  As a photography enthusiast, I appreciate the care and effort the dev has applied to the UI.

Looking forward to trying this out tonight and seeing how the output fares against that of the regular Nokia camera app.

Cheers RiseUpGames!

It certainly has more features and offers more control, but I think the Nokia Camera app has much better UI.

New to Windows phone and Nokia 1020, I started out with Samsung but did not like it, returned the cell with in 15 days and traded it for an Iphone 3, continued with IPhone until 4s, then I went back to Samsung, I gave my Samsung to my wife and used her upgrade to try out the Nokia 1020, and out of all cell phones I have owed this so far the Nokia 1020 is proving to be my favorite.

This won't happen until MS opens this ability to 3rd party devs. Tmk, the only 3rd party app that was allowed this ability was Camera360 for the 920(I think) when the device was released in China as a collaboration between Nokia and the dev.

Nice, tried this app for the first time a few weeks ago, was about to buy as well. Love the myfreeapp initiative and ProShot, Camera360 and Nokia Camera, my 1020 is complete.

This app. warns when opting some prior settings so use only when to make a shot and not with the time lapse setting. It does overheats the device quickly.

Is good but for 1020? Hmm, does not seam that good. I'll use it for hdr cause has pin to start functions but camera pro is way more efficient, and takes better pics?!

I'd say both. But currently I use Proshot as my main camera app.

Thanks riseupgames for making this app fres for a day.

Now it's your turn Moliplayed Pro.. Haha

Thanks for the suggestion .... :)
But I have heard that there's a heating problem in Proshot .... But it's nice to hear it is FREE today ....
After VLC release in WP, then it will be FREE for a day .... I guess .... ;)
R U using MoliPlayer, what happens when trial is over?

When I saw this article last night, I kidnapped the My Girlfriend's Nokia Lumia 820 and downloaded it.

Last year I bought for R$4,00 (In Brazil) on Lumia 820 and enjoyed it, after that I got the Nokia Lumia 925 I installed, perfect camera app. I hope in next WP updates, we would be able to change the ProShot as default camera app!