Purple Cherry X picks up MOGA controller support and more in latest update

Purple Cherry X

We reviewed Purple Cherry X for Windows Phone nearly a month ago. It’s a relatively new GameBoy Advance emulator for Windows Phone that promised to bring support for MOGA controllers in a future update. That future update is now here and we’re sure there are a handful of you looking forward to it. Let’s check out the latest version of Purple Cherry X.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see Purple Cherry X sitting at version 1.1 with more than just MOGA support. Here’s all that’s new:

  • MOGA controller support
  • Logout menu on OneDrive page
  • Best GBA performance
  • Best landscape view in game menu

MOGA controller support is by far the biggest addition to Purple Cherry X. We originally complained about the emulator’s overall lack of control options. We’re happy to get to try it out now with our MOGA controller. Pokemon on Windows Phone? Yes please.

Download Purple Cherry X from the Windows Phone Store. It’s a free app, but an in-app purchase is required for the quick download option.

Thanks for the tip Nick P!

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Purple Cherry X picks up MOGA controller support and more in latest update


Can anyone tell me - why WP7 doesn't have GBA emulator? I want some nostalgia too. Is it because it has only 1 core? I'm using Lumia 900, I think it could run GBA emulators just well.

I used to live for these apps until i realized that my pokemon would forever be stuck on my phone. no way to trade/battle/do anything with them, which is even more saddening when you manage to snag shiny pokemon. forced me to buy a 3ds last weekend...haven't looked back. SNES8x is still great for reliving zelda however.

target had a great deal last week where you got a 30 GC with any XL, also nintendo is giving out free pokemon x or y with a purchase of one of 6 games and a 3ds XL. picked up yoshi edition 3ds XL, donkey kong returns and pokemon y for $217 (after tax). wasn't too bad of a deal.

I believe VBA8 has the ability to link games such as Pokemon to other phones running the same emulator to trade Pokemon.

But for trading pokemon ("dem Pokemans!") it's good enough. I mean, it probably takes ages but it does the job: one pokiman is moved from one device to the other and vice versa.

I don't know if it's different for you, but for me when I try trading it takes 10/15 minutes and the character hasn't got through the door yet!

Well, pokemon yellow exists and is first gen. with pokemon red and blue, while pokemon lightning yellow is an unofficial game made by fans, because it was at first planned to come out as the yellow remake with fire red and leaf green, but it wasn't done anymore.