Windows 9 'Threshold' said to be unveiled on September 30

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Microsoft's next version of Windows, known alternatively as Windows 9 and by the code name "Threshold", is reported to be set for a public unveiling on September 30th.

The report from The Verge's unnamed source adds that the date of the press event might change, but that the plan is to launch a preview version of the next version of Windows for developers on September 30 or shortly after the official reveal. Currently, rumors claim that Microsoft may launch the final version of Threshold, which may or may not get the official name of Windows 9, sometime in the spring of 2015.

Microsoft has already stated that the next version of Windows will bring back a version of the Start menu for the desktop UI that went missing with the launch of Windows 8. It will also have the ability to run Modern apps in windows on the desktop. Rumors about Threshold claim that Microsoft may do away with the Charms bar in Windows 8, along with adding support for virtual desktops and the Cortana digital assistant that's currently being used for Windows Phone 8.1.

Source: The Verge


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Windows 9 'Threshold' said to be unveiled on September 30



Wil Windows 9 and WP 8.1.1 be able to work together or do we have to wait for WP 9 before we se that seamless integration they were bragging about?

Well presumably you need an update to both OS' to enable the integration brought by both OS'... so yeah waiting on WP9 is a pretty safe bet.

Nope. Too early. Expect Windows 10 to be this. I would bet against this. Even XBox isn't ready yet, since it's supposed to be Windows as well.

Agreed. Thats much too early. Windows and Windows Phone today are largely different and independent development lines. They share some parts of the Kernel though.

So the unveiling on Sept. 30 will be about Windows (the OS for tablets, desktops and notebook) and not about Windows Phone.

That's what i thought. I just find out weird how they would release a patch for 8.1.1 when they planning to replace it very very soon anyway. Not complaining, the more updates the better, but yeah i find out weird

I think a patch before a new version is not a problem if you are just antecipating important updates that will be not replaced (I think there is no reason to assume that this will be replace at all). That is something useful I think

Threshold should launch for Windows Desktop, RT and Phone. They may even add some serious new functionality to the Xbox One, who knows ?

There is a 100% chance that Windows 9 will continue to leverage the integration with OneDrive and Microsoft accounts that began with Windows 8. As such, you may safely bet that it'll work just fine with Windows Phone 8x.

Yep. And the funny thing is that they really could just release Windows 8.1 with a start menu and fairly minor tweaks, call it Windows 9 and half the whiners would suddenly love it, just because it's not 8.

I think its too early for 9. but a windows update 8.2 is ok, but. if they get rid of the Charms I would be mad.. do you think if it is 9. would Surface users get It for free, Since it is So soon?

They have speculated about giving it away as a free upgrade for everyone. I can't imagine that SP3 buyers will have to pay, not much at least.

Not really. Normal release cycle is 3 years. If Windows 9 releases in Spring 2015, that's 2.5 years. Barely any faster than normal, really.

A release cycle is not between versions. They count for feature add-ins and fixes. This was 8.1. You are looking at just over 1 year between releases. Increment in version numbers doesn't mean much. Service Packs on Windows XP/7 were always 1.5 years apart and only contained performance patches and bug fixes. It was rare that they had new features. Microsoft has really changed the way they develop and release and companies these days are actually looking to mimic the way they develop.

So far, they are one of the best agile development companies because they have a HUGE product line to manage and maintain. 

By the time they release it, it'll be almost 3 years since Windows 8 came out. Aside from the ridiculously overdue Windows Vista, the release cycle has been 3 years since at *least* Windows 95.

This is completely wrong. Microsoft release Service Packs, which were cumulative patches that they would release every 1.5 years. Windows XP had reached 3 Service Packs before Vista came.

Windows XP became available in 2001, 3 Services Packs = 4.5 years
Windows Vista became available in 2006

how is he wrong? you had 95, 98, then xp. vista was delayed several times and then you had 7 and 8. it has been about 3 years between updates except for xp.

There have been Service Packs that were released in between those. Service Packs always arrived roughly a year and a half before the Major change or the previous Service Pack.


As of recently, they've moved to a Spring release cycle. Unless they move it up again, it should be released next year around Build. That's what all of the leaks have pointed to, after all.


And it will be the same for Threshold. The whole point of Threshold is to unite the two operating systems as one, that includes a release date.

This has been pretty much confirmed by all trustworthy sources, we can say with almost certainty Threshold for the desktop will be released shortly after Build 2015.

Am I the only one who hears 'Chronicles of Riddick' with that name?  "Threshold, take me to the Threshold!".

Yep. Definitely the only one. I see Halo when I read Threshold. Forerunner Empire. Damn I can't wait for the next Windows era. Windows for PC, Tablet, Phone, Xbox and IoT. Cortana on all of em. Ahhh! Nerdgasmic. lol

Same here :) Definitely will be running it as soon as Threshold is available. Preview for developers for Windows RT/8/Surfaces? Would be nice.

Indeed. It seems like the biggest changes might take place in the Windows RT/ Windows Phone arena. Who knows, maybe Xbox will also see some dramatic changes but I doubt those would be available for beta testing so far in advance.

Everything that I've read or heard so far says that the Windows RT devices will also receive the Windows 9 update, but will run it like the Windows 9 phone "aspect".  Threshold (Win9) is a "unified" OS.  One OS for ALL devices.  It will know what kind of device you are installing it on and adjust the OS accordingly.  Since ARM processors don't support full OS functionality, it will probably only run the phone "aspects" of the OS.  Notice I didn't say phone "version."  That's because there are no "versions" of the OS anymore, only different "aspects" (or "capabilities") of the OS.


I'm really looking forward to this new OS.  Developers should really take notice as you will only need to create ONE app that will run on ALL Windows devices.  This really opens up the market share on your apps!

Don't know as I don't work for Microsoft, however I would suspect that just as Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview and subsequent Update 1 and update to Update 1, same should hold true for the Windows Threshold (Win9).  Could be wrong, but Microsoft seems to appreciate the DP public's feedback to help in making their OS better.  Only time will tell.

What are you talking about? The whole point of Windows 9 is to unify them into one OS presumably. What you are saying doesn't make any since. How can a WP8.1 device be a part of the Windows 9 unification without having Windows 9 installed on it?

As far as unified Microsoft Services, that's already unified. A change in the OS won't break unification of OneDrive, Xbox Music, etc. They are independent services. Also, Universal Apps is part of that Windows unification which is currently available. You don't need Windows 9 to run a Universal App.

What exactly are scared of not working? You think if you install the Windows 9 preview that you won't be able to use your computer with your phone or something?

It is not yet Unified. You do not understand what the Universal Apps are do you.  It is simply a Visual Studio Build cludge to maximise code across different platforms. It Does NOT produce a single .exe or xap, it builds two diffferent versions, one for each platform, which you have to deploy seperately. The Stores are still seprate as well.   Hopefully this is what will chnage in Windows 9, but they promised developers the unifided run time in Windows 8, and it never came.

Absolutely correct. And i assume that they first unify the runtime, such that you have "real" unified apps between Windows and Windows Phone (e.g. same .xap) before they unify the OS itself simply because thats the smaller task. 

Seeing that we are not there yet, there is no reason to even speculate about a unified OS.

I understand exactly what universal apps are. And I never said it created a single .exe file to install on any device. They just allow you to use 80% of the core code for your app, with seperate partitions of code in Visual Studio for the Windows vs Windows Phone specific code. Then obviously you have to deploy/compile for the seperate operating systems when you are done. But it's a step towards unifying Windows and a big improvement over what was there before. The commentor did not define what he meant by "that universal Windows." And I don't understand why he would think that a fully unified Windows OS and App environment would be unified on Windows Phone if it's not version 9.0+.

Man, some people need to get off their high horse.

Windows does not run on phones. It is for tablets, notebooks and desktops. You will have to wait for Windows Phone 9, which might have more in common with Windows then the previous versions.

But do not expect you are getting the full set of Windows/RT features for Windows Phones. Thats just not possible as merging Windows code into Windows Phone takes time and is in some instances not even desired given the lower target memory footprint of phones.

Microsoft's goal is one OS for all devices. That is not to say that it will run the same on all devices. The OS will be smart enough to know what kind of device it is being installed on and only allow certain features to be installed and run on that device. As desktops, laptops and tablets have more powerful processors, memory,etc, naturally it will allow greater functionality, but still be the same OS on all devices, only less functionality on phones, phablets, and ARM processor bed tablets.

First that might be the vision. But it is much to soon. Windows and Windows Phone are separate development lines as we speak. Windows is for tablets, desktops and laptops while Windows Phone will stay the OS of choice for phones for the forseeable future.

Also OS features are based on device type not processor. Therfore ARM tablets just getting Windows (compiled for ARM aka Windows RT) without feature restriction very much like it is today.

It is largely up to the Windows Phone team to decide which features (and code, mind you?) to be inherited from Windows.

^Except that Windows Phone 8.1.1 has already added support for "Mini Tablets"

I don't think Windows and Windows Phone are as far apart as you guys think. Maybe Spring 2015 is too soon for Microsoft, but it's not too soon for the market. And MS needs to change their image of long drawn out advances. Creating a truly unified OS within the next year could cleary improve their reputation.

That's not entirely accurate for Windows Threshold. They say that WP and RT will be the same version but x64 and x86 devices will have a separate version of Windows. The processor architectures are too different for one version of Windows. Also no one wants a 20gb installation of windows on their phone.

Depends if Microsoft offers the upgrade to Windows 9 for your Surface RT. If yes, you will have Windows 9 running instead of Windows 8.1.


Good luck, considering the way Microsoft gave WP dev preview users the finger re cyan I'll be staying far away from any preview.

Agreed!...I downgraded my 920 from DP last night and my phone runs smooth as butter again!...I couldn't take the constant lag on my start screen when scrolling and seeing "Resuming" every time I used my phone... Hoping to get my Cyan update today!...I'll be avoiding DP from now on unfortunately.

Come on, they gave you the finger? If you can't comprehend the risks to you and your device, don't take part in an alpha/beta/preview program and just wait for the official releases.

Nobody gave you the finger, you accepted the risks by checking the box.

WTF? They didn't give us the finger. It's simply a bug they have to fix, then we'll get Cyan. It's not like we're never going to get Cyan, we've just been delayed. If you can't comprehend the risks in installing a Dev Preview, than that's your problem, not Microsofts. Some people have serious princess complexes.

although i have a Windows laptop, i'm most excited about what threshold brings to the phone and also what it brings to the way my phone and laptop can interact and work with each other in terms of doing tasks for each one on the other screen

Yes, that's a serious move. Hope that, windows 9 will be more impressive after threshold!!! So chances to gain some market attensiona and increase in staks...

It will be interesting to assess the final version of Threshold. From my perspective they need to deliver this time. Windows 8(.1) was everything but a bad OS, however, Marketing and Communications were a disaster. I don't see room for thousands of post updates this time, so if MS can deliver a rocksolid yet cutting edge OS in spring 2015, it would bring back confidence to me that they actually have some folks who can work quietly in the background whilst having an idea what they need to focus on.

Windows phone 9? PLEASE ADD INTERACTIVE TILES! like for music, pressing play on the tile or clicking a contract picture on people.

Do they have UserVoice for Windows? If there is, somebody make feature suggest! :D

Interactive Live Tiles is a next evolution of current Live Tiles, and it already got a working concept from MS Research now just waiting for integration with core-OS. For me it would be a dumb move not to implement this.

Ah yes, I also saw that, that's why they have less reason not to include this on Threshold. I would be quite disappointment if there is none (but not that much :P).

Interactive tiles could be good, but for music, it'll be pretty pointless. You can already use the volume controls for the same functions.

Yeah for music controls only, it's redundant but music tile can offer more advance features, like Now Playing list, artist/song information and more. Still player controls on volume controls should still exist, since this is the only and unique way to control music in any app. :) 

Definitely, I don't see any reason why they won't. When you think about it, live folders are actually interactive live tiles ;)

and where did you read that ? I call BS on that, on interm build it's free but, full new versions they always charge for.

I hope it's really good and they offer a $29.99-39.99 upgrade deal for a while...

These "reports" are all still rumors until Microsoft pubically releases this information. Both articles say "COULD" be. Not "WILL", re-stating these articles out of context is misleading when you hop on a forum and state "NO, it WILL be free from anyone using Windows 8 or higher". And stop comparing a new OS to 8.1 to justify the reason Windows 9 should be free. Windows 8.1 is nothing more than a feature packed "Service Pack" for Windows 8.

Can you read?  I corrected myself in my second posting.  I clearly wrote:  "It should be free for anyone currently using Windows 7 or higher."  This "should be" is based on the articles I quoted.  Also, I'm not basing my "suspicion" of Windows 9 being free on the "comparison of a new OS to 8.1."  I'm basing it on the fact that Microsoft admits that Windows 8 and 8.1 was a bad seller and may be attempting to make it up and lure new users in by releasing Windows 9 as a "free" upgrade.  Of course I have no proof of this and don't claim to, but I believe my reasoning holds merit.

I read just fine, thanks for asking. The "8.1 Update was free" comment was in response to Pete The Penguin, just included it all in one post since it was part of the same reply chain. And no, you didn't correct yourself, you posted those 2 articles as proof to back up your original statement LOL. Which explains why you decided to end that post with "Next time, research before you call BS on someone." Good day sir.

"Could" is the right answer here for all fellow morons here. Yes, I can read.

What you don't know is, I have been using windows from 3.0, evey intern version has been free for the most part. So this would be the case for 8 to 8.1, but has never been for a different version, think Windows 7 to Windows 8 or vista to 7.

If Microsoft planned on making it free, it would be called Windows 8.x. If its a advancement of a version like in this case"Windows 9", from Microsoft in the past, it will not be a free upgrade.

With that being said, Microsoft MIGHT make it available for home users for a low cost, like the did with 8.

If this a huge change, then it has taken Microsoft a lot of time to create it and time and employees who have the skills to program are not cheap.

The odds are very high as this is a new version, they will charge for it.

Alright, I shall conclude that the answer is inconclusive.

But my inkling is that we'll have to pay to upgrade, hence the reason why I asked to begin with.

How can a 32 GB tablet be updated to Windows 9? I got like 8GB available space only. I heard that MS had already found a way to minimize free space requirement for OS installation.

god please complete integration witn phone!! send/recieve/read sms on computer that is conected to phone in any way... cloud, wifi or bluetooth! that would be awesome as hell.. we need it!

Similar to Continuity on OS X. Well I would love that also, especially if it works within local network or Bluetooth/WiFi Direct, so it works even with crap to no internet connectivity. It should work also with universal apps and phone calls. It should silent and sync the notifications on phone when actively using PC near the device.

Also hoping this time they won't forget updating all the icons. I think that's what makes many people find between Modern UI and desktop jarring. Also please remove shadows and make all the UI elements consistent again, down to the desktop, I hate what they did some updates to Windows 8.1 Update 1 like the pop-up menu on Start screen, which is good for mouse but its looks doesn't belong to Modern UI at all, well in terms of look and feel.

Im going to have to disagree here. 

I have a windows 7 machine from work, that I use everyday, it does not have nearly the same specs as my laptop yet, it runs smoother.

While I love the modern UI desing in Windows 8, there are a lot of issues that they need to address. 

Im really looking forward for Threshold, which I think will be named Windows One. 


And soon Cortana will be on all PC's ,phones, laptops, gadgets, gaming consoles and it'll be controlling every event of our lives. And not in a very distant future Cortana will rule us. Seems like that's their end game :P sounds like the Red Queen controlling the Skynet and this is our version of Threslinator:P
Jokes apart I'm looking forward for Threshold . I have a feeling that it's going to be great

Yeah, I use the Charms bar all the time, so it's hard for me to imagine an OS without it now, especially for touch devices. Then again, I used to feel the same way about the Start Menu, which I now realize I don't miss at all.

I'd be very disappointed if they removed the Charms bar completely. I like the current implementation in touchscreens so I will be sad if it goes away. I'd be very happy if they did improvements to it though and I won't mind if it has a different implentation that works for mouse users as long as it stays. Please let it stay Microsoft. Pretty please.

The charms bar will be going away in Windows 9.  Too many people did not like it.  However the functions that were included in the charms bar is rumored to be moved to the new start menu.  Let's see if this pans out.

So not much good on a Tablet then !

God I really hope we do not get a Start Menu on Touch Tablets, it will be more like Windows Mobile of 6 years ago.

Charms make a lot of sense on Tablets, not on desktop or Phones. So it will be ineresting how they replace it in WP9 for Tablets.

Im excited how Charms will be revamped for tablet users. I got a feeling we'll see notification, I mean action center on Windows 9 too!

You would think it easy to auto configure charms on Tablets, and not on desktop. I guess the problem is how to incorporate Charms concept into Phones, as to the reason why they intend to remove Charms.

Please No. Think it through.

What do you call the next version, in three years time. Windows 2 would be a bit stupid, as would Windows 720.

But getting rid of Windows branding for the consumer mobile market would be a really smart move.

Actually what I find stupid is this "Windows 8.1 update 1" kind of thing, it is hard to get the consumer to relate to that!


Windows One can be related to their idea of one OS for everything, you only need One, that's awesome branding, something people would relate to.


When it is time to upgrade, use a name instead of a number, Xp and Vista were not related to their number versions anyway and at least one of them was really successful!

Yeah, I agree with you! I think they will name it Windows One, as a marketing strategy to let people know, there is only One OS throught all your devices, xbox included.

Past Windows previews have been mostly secure. I'd just recommend installing on a different partition, however. Just to be safe.

I really don't care whether it's a start screen, a start menu or a start fish as long as the design is unified and cohesive between desktop and metro. Early screenshots don't look too promising.

Kinda irked that the most can't accept the change that is the Start Screen and the Modern UI over the start menu and the Aero UI. Why must we go back to the start menu :/

Microsoft I have an idea. The while world uses windows. About windows 8 some find windows 8 friendly and many not. Provide users ability to change windows UI to 98,XP theme. Though ppl will use old themes but their operating system definitely will be upgraded.

Then all they'll have to do is clean up the Windows Store... Remove all the garbage/scam "apps" that Microsoft "supposedly" tests and approves.

Damn sure better have Cobtinuity and Hand-Off features, ala iOS 8 & OS X Macericks.

I want to be able to tell Cortana on my phone, "Hey, could you please shuffle my music on my Surface?"

"Sure thing! Playing your music." *music starts playing*

"Hey Cortana, it's a little loud, could you turn it down?"

"No problem, I'll turn that frown for you." *volume lowers*

Oh yeah, I also want always-listening Cortana (configurable in the settings, and only while plugged in for older hardware), and I want to be able to do stuff like,

Say this to my Surface: "Hey Cortana, I'm getting ready to leave the house. Could you switch music playback to my phone?"

"No problem, now playing music in your phone. You're leaving the house, shall I dim the lights for you?" (for those with smarthome stuff).

"That'd be great, thanks!

This would all be so cool! Imagine this kind of hand off between different Windows devices, powered by the cloud. Third-party app integration is also a must (so Microsoft definitely needs to provide APIs!), so that way my smarthome dim-the-lights scenario is possible.

I know this all won't happen in one release, but Microsoft definitely needs to lay the framework for this in Windows 9 by building the proper cloud-infrastructure, and opening up the required APIs to developers.

This is the future I envision, and it's one Microsoft has been touting around for years. I finally want to see them make good on it. If they can pull this off, they'll definitely put themselves back on top.

"hey cortana, can you unlock the door?"- "No, you are a heretic, using an android phone. I want you to destroy it. Shall I turn up the lights and enable video camera so I can see it?"

While I really do appreciate the extent to which Microsoft tried to push the envelope on Windows 8, people just weren't ready for that transition.  Nevermind the confusing hoopla behind the different versions where it was meant to shine (tablets - RT, x86).  It may have been panic from the supposed "PC exodus" or it may just have been misguided ambitions and poor execution.  We're seeing the tablet craze wane (as we did with netbooks) so that panic may have been unwarranted.  Either way, since Ballmer's departure MS stock has nearly recovered all of the loss in value since he took the helm (reported) and Satya has them reevaluating what their core missions should be.  We, as WP and XB users, have seen first hand how agile they have been considering their size and position.  I understood Windows 8 LOL, but I hope Threshold is what everyone wanted - and lets face it, like Windows 8 or not, we miss our Start Menu.  I'm not sure how I feel about losing the Charm bar, though, it might be redundant with the return of the Start Menu as we knew it.  Yey!

Wecome back start menu !

Or at least they can fix the issues with 8.1....How about show all running apps on the desktop mode task bar as well as the side bar ? Man, I hate Windows 8 because of this, I'm running app on the desktop and to having to see if I have a app running from WIndows 8...

Personally I hope they allow an option, Windows 7 style or Windows 8 style. I find it a lot easier to use the start menu in WIndows 7 to find applications/games, over the "all apps" on Windows 8...

Dual boot here with WIndows 7 and Windows 8, Use WIndows 7 95% of the time. I have a tablet with 8.1 it, I use it but, still use the desktop mode or full screen IE the most...

Anyway, here's a question, If Windows 8 apps all run full screen, not in a "window", shouldn't Microsoft call it  Microsoft Doors ? I hope they allow WIndows 8 apps to run in a resizeable window....then it would live up to it's name..

You can already do that. There's a setting that shows the app icons in the taskbar, and they can be pinned, opened and closed from the taskbar. You can't run them in desktop windows, though

You can already do that. There's a setting that shows the app icons in the taskbar, and they can be pinned, opened and closed from the taskbar. You can't run them in desktop windows, though

Not what I mean, If a Windows 8 app is RUNNING, I would like to see what is running in the desktop mode taskbar, so I always know what is running in the background...

I DO know I can pin WIndows 8 apps to the taskbar, not what I mean here...

It just seems like W8 apps and W7 (using for older style apps), are treated as diffeent items, when they should be treated as a whole seemless OS. If your running a W8 app or a W7 app, they will show on both the charm/app bar and the classic desktop taskbar..

I hope they move Metro forward, make it even better and do not compromise my Windows RT tablet experiince just to satisfy desktop misery guts. I do not want Microsoft to stall on Metro, or put Start button on my tablet, or remove charms bar.

Microsoft just needs more configurable OS to satisfy desktop, tablet and phone users, and better marketting and promotion. Microsoft lost it balls at explaining why W8.1 and WP8.1 are better than OSX, and iOS.

Oh and get rid of that aweful apps list on Windows Phone, and replace by a proper Grouped Panaroma, as we have on tablets. We need backbutton on all Windows Tablets, alongside Windows button, to compete with the Android common phone/ tablet metaphor.

Microsoft please listen this time, to allow 'backwards' configuration, but be bold and confident in moving Mobile Metro further forward.

The upgrade path for current Windows Phone 8 devices (if there is one), is going to be interesting.

  I'm assuming some devices may get left out, due to hardware and RAM limitations.

 I wouldn't be surprised if there's a hard break, similar to WP7 WP8

The only news that matters in the end is whether the upgrade will be free. They need to get people off of Windows 7 and XP as fast as possible and respond to free OS updates that have become standard in the industry.

I am curious what the plan is to update 8" atom devices and the Windows RT machines. How will they effectively launch one app store for Windows 9 across phone and PC? How will the new OS work for 2-in-1 hybrids?

About the start menu issue, the same thing happened with GNOME 3, when they removed the classic desktop mode, people was angry, they all wanted theyre start menu back. Recently the GNOME team restored the classic desktop mode, for all those users still in the past (which were a lot).

I think its good for Microsoft to bring back the menu, but, choices are important. Let us decide how we want it, If we want to live in the past accessing the classic (refined) desktop, or the new and improved UI experience.

From my experience with GNOME, I too wanted to have my classic desktop back, but, while waiting for it, I got accustom to the new UI, and now, even when I have the destkop mode available, I use the new UI.

Windows 8 experience is good, you just need to refine some details, to make it not just usable, but, a complete experience for mouse and touch user. 

Also, you need support for High Resolution screens, the blurry text its hideous, fix the connectivity issues, Internet is everythnig, and we need a good experience there. Take a quick look at your support page and see all the threads of WiFi issues, you even had them with the surface releases (not good), fix the background tasks that ruins your experience like indexing and stuff, my computer is unusable at start up from a couple of services, that index and preloads programs, and finally fix the upgrade/update stuff, they always have some sort of issues, how can you expect people moving to 8.1 if to make an upgrade you need to be computer expert. Not acceptable.

Looking forward for Windows One. I think Microsoft has changed from that Evil Empire alike corporation to a more Open Democratic one, keep on the good work.

I most definitely will NOT be loading Windows 9.  They are ruining the platform from where I hoped Windows 8 was going.  It's basically now going backwards.  Lame.

OK, here goes:
NokisunTC will release a new Windows phone on the 30th with 8GB ram, 153GB of internal storage, and a 6.4 inch display.
Got the info of the 'net. /P

"hey cortana, can you unlock the door?"- "No, you are a heretic, using an android phone. I want you to destroy it. Shall I turn up the lights and enable video camera so I can see it?"-