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Reuters poll suggests the future looks dull for the Xbox One

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but PlayStation 4 is beating down the Xbox One in consumer polling. Reuters asked 1,297 people how likely they were to purchase an Xbox One or PS4 – and the results for die hard Microsoft fans – are disappointing.

According to the poll, 26% of individuals reported that they are likely to purchase a PlayStation 4 from Sony; this is in contrast to the 15% of individuals who reported that they are likely to purchase an Xbox One from Microsoft.

Reuters has pointed out that the poll was created with a “limited sample”, but it is hard to argue against the idea that the polls may be foreshadow for Microsoft console sales.

Sony had announced last month that they had already received over 1 million preorders for the PS4. Microsoft is declining to give an exact figure, but states that preorders for their new Xbox One have already surpassed those of their Xbox 360 launch.

The Microsoft Reveal event for Xbox One was essentially a flop and may have served as the beginning of a shoveling grave for the company’s latest entertainment console. With DRM confusion scattered everywhere and consumers unsure if they would be able to sell used games, lend with friends, or even keep the console offline – an aura of “hate” quickly rose for Xbox One.

To this date, many people I speak to are still unaware of the changes Microsoft has made to Xbox One – a detrimental sign that Microsoft isn't getting out there and correcting their mistake. On the other hand, some people I have spoken to have simply and honestly said that they like the PlayStation 4 lineup of games better. Others cite that they feel more of their friends will be on PlayStation 4, so they will head in that direction too.

Are you an Xbox One fan – or has Microsoft let you down with their latest creation?

Source: Reuters: via GameSpot


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Reuters poll suggests the future looks dull for the Xbox One



I'm likely to stay on PC I would have said PS4 though if polled. MS has done an amazing job of killing momentum for me with the DRM BS and the PRISM crap as a follow up. Yes I know they have done a 360 on most of their policies it is just they really left a bad taste in my mouth and I own both MS previous consoles and never purchased a Sony console.

I've ordered my xbox one, had to get it from Amazon as Microsoft was sold out. I actually don't do much gaming these days, i played the last tomb raider on my PC, and GTA 4 when that came out, that's it. I actually want the xbox for its other features, internet explorer, voice control etc, although it seem i also need to pay a monthly subscription for most of the features i want it for, which is a bit shit, but nevermind.

The only game I want to play at the moment is GTA5 and they haven't even said if they will release it on xbox one or PS4... I'm hoping they have every intension of doing so and are just keeping quiet to push up ps3 and 360 sales stopping people like me holding out to buy it for the new console. (i don't even own the old consoles, I've always been a PC gamer which is generally much better), but even if I had a 360 i probably wouldn't fork out £42 for it now instead of waiting a few weeks to see what happens.

I ordered 3 of them for various living rooms and bedroom for TV and entertainment.  I mostly play COD, otherwise I am not a hardcore gamer, that's why Xbox ONE is the choice for me.....

Wish I had your money.... lol
They NEED to make a cheaper one, for entertainment purposes only.  I don't game much either.  My 360 is used maily for movies/music/TV....


1) They've already been made. They will make more, but haven't yet, they have sold all they have made and have therefore sold out.

2) They know how many more they are going to make before the launch date when they all need shipping, and they have sold that many too, so are sold out.

3) They know how many weeks it will be before they have made enough to cover the current orders.

4) Here's the website, you will see the words, 'Out of Stock' where the 'Buy now' button normally is.

Ever consider an ERP based career in supply chain management? lol. You seem to know more than some at my work place.

Agree on that. I also got my console more the features the console had except the gaming features. The kinnect is also a reason I bought it though, yes I only owned the console since after the kinnect launch. But things like Xbox music, Netflix and crunchyroll makes the console a great deal. I don't need a smart tv when I have a smart console.
Though I can admit that I don't know what the PS series has for their system now days, but the kinnect will always make me happy about my choice.

Preordered the XBox One from Walmart with $200 left. Me and my daughter are very excited. We getting 3 launch titles DeadRising 3, WatchDogs & FIFA 14.

Have mine paid off! This is going to be a wait till its out and people talk function and Xbox will come out on top. You watch.

Preordered a one, but they have ticked me off. Their attitude saying the 360 is for you if you don't like their DRM was inexcusable. They basically gave no compelling reason to stay in their ecosystem to the average person. Don't like needing a gold account for everything. No Media Center support either.

I got it for one reason only, and that's because my son is into IndyCar and Forza has them.

I'm a fan and they have ticked me off.

On the other hand, I like them better when they're in second place. They try harder and listen to their customers more.

Yesterdays joke still going? Those are poles, not polls... But anyways, given the limited sample, you could say 45 million people are willing to buy the X1, and that's considering the fact that half the people out there still don't know about the changes MSFT has made to their system after the launch announcement. I think they will do just fine. From what I've read, MSFT has a higher production level than Sony, and the first preorder batch of X1's sold out before the PS4, then they released a second preorder batch, and it sold out too, roughly at around the same time as the PS4's preorders did.

I stopped reading at 1,297.
How can anyone conduct a poll and publish findings with such a low number of participants with a straight face.

It's all about how they selected the sample. 1297 is a perfectly fine sample size assuming the sample participats were selected properly. No need to stop reading at 1297, instead you might want to take a class on statistics.

Didn't we already have this discusson recently? I'll let the professional statisticions explain it, but I am pretty sure a sample size of 1297 yields valid results for the size of the defined population.

I've done statistical analysis during my bachelor in business administration and I can tell you 1,297 sample size, if the sample is representative of the console market in region, age, sex, etc. then this is PLENTY enough to give you a good idea of the entire market.
Probability they choose Xbox One is 1/2 or 50%.
n=384,16 for a 95% confidence level in the results. (5% margin of error. With a sample size of 1297 they are way above that so the margin of error is smaller if the sample is representative of the Xbox One / PS4 market.

If this can cheer you up, with a 5% margin of error, if you substract that to the PS4 result and add them to the xbox one results, you end up with 21% PS4 and 20% Xbox One.

That's one hell of a mathematician err statistics numbers. Going back to the topic.. Xbone Rocks, can't wait for it to be available in my area.. MSFT FTW.. whohoooooo

Eurogamer asked one of the devs from respawn directly about Titanfall coming to PS4 and his response was "its definitely not out of the question." I'm pretty sure we'll see a PS4 version.

Yeah that game, you know the one that won't be on PS4. Contrary to popular belief not all computers are built to play games. So for many of us yes Xbox one is where we will olay Titanfall.

It's also coming out on 360, which so many people fail to ever mention. No need to upgrade to Xbox One for this game. 

Very few people buy games on PC relative to console. Look how much better CoD sells on console compared to PC.

why did you have to mention titanfall?... now the idiots will say "PC" "360"... oh wait, they already did... they dont understand it will look better in xbox one (not like 360) it will have kinect support (PC wont have this) you just plug and play and you dont have to buy a new videocard or tweak settings (not like PC)... and alot of reasons why Xbox One versión will be better (it will proably have more players than PC version like recent years)
again, dont mention this.. You know idiots will appear.

Bt still consoles cant outmatch the quality of pc gaming and it will stay alive for some more years

Titan fall will definitely come to PS4, EA is the publisher and they don't want to hurt their relationship with Sony. I give it 3-6 months after Xbone/360 release before we see a PS4 version.

EA owns Valve and that didn't make Left 4 Dead go to PS3. EA also owns Crytek, not stopping Ryse from being exclusive

Eurogamer asked one of the devs from respawn directly about Titanfall coming to PS4 and his response was "its definitely not out of the question." I'm pretty sure we'll see a PS4 version. Also MS did deals like this for Bioshock and Lost Planet when the 360 released. Both of those games eventually came to PS3.

Lumia is just part of the Windows Phone marketshare, which is 1/3 of the smartphone competition.
The Xbox/PS4 competition is 50/50. Much different scenario.

Most Americans buy phones from wireless carriers, few buy phones from Amazon. Many American consumers buy video games at Amazon so their best seller list is at least a decent measure of consumer interest. The fact that Xbox One is in top 10 selling items and rising is a good sign.

There may be a lot of confusion regarding policy changes and MS should make sure the confusion is gone with their TV advertising.

To be fair, there are a lot more PS4 bundles, so it's hard to compare on Amazon since the sales are spread out.

Preordered. All I heard is that the Xbox would never make it and no one wanted to play console games online. We all know how that went for Sony.

Although I do like what Sony is doing with the PS4 in terms of getting Indies on board from day one, I still ordered and Xbox One. I dont trust Sony to come through on the promises they are making about the online infrastructure. It sucked and still is sub par to Xbox live in every way, other than price. Also, Titanfall is not coming to PS4. So there's that too.

Sony is good at saying things and doing the other. they always say they are going to do this and never do it

The difference is Microsoft changed their stance on the positive side, while Sony does it for the worst.

I said this earlier but Titanfall will eventually be on PS4, since EA is publishing that game it would be crazy for them not to put it on every console they can. Respawn even said that they want to get the game on more platforms and that a that we'll just have to wait and see about a PS4 version. My theory is that MS is paying EA money so that they will keep quiet about other versions of the game until next year.

I have 3 Xbox Ones preordered and I may get more. Going to buy:

Dead Rising 3
Forza 5
CoD Ghosts
Killer Instinct
Zoo Tycoon
Crimson Dragon
Peggle 2

I don't think sales will be a problem for either console. Which one will sell MORE, that's what its about.

This is a marathon not a sprint. Xbox One pre ordered and I cannot friggin wait. If MS keep bringing the apps, exclusive games and online media the consoles will sell.

So true about it being a marathon. Xbox will be fine in the long run, and will appeal to a broader audience. Preordered mine.

You are certainly right it's a marathon, with the consoles likley to be still kicking in a decade.
Still Microsoft really screwed up the launch, and it's certainly going to cost them.  They had a muddled message, which still isn't clear, and they've been lambasted in the tech media because of it.
I still think they will do fine and I think a lot of people are going to appreciate all of the extra stuff you get with an Xbox, but it'll take time for people to see it.
Right at the start though, they've got a $100 price difference which is frankly too high.  Some people say to remove the Kinect (bad idea) to save the $100 but the obvious option is to just cut the price.  Even $50 would make a big difference - but I think the reason the Xbox 360 eventually beat out the PS3 was price.  Sure there's exclusives for both platforms, but you can buy a 360 for $199 and it comes with games.
$499 is likely going to be the bigger downfall than any sort of DRM noise in the media - most people (as was even stated in the article) have no idea about any of that and are going to just buy whatever is cheaper.
Whoever was in charge of this Xbox launch needs to get fired.  It was a disaster from day one.  I was on-board with the DRM because I saw the added features, but the message was never clear, and then got even more muddy when they changed the message ten times.

In Australia the difference between the two consoles is just $50. But that's because we always get screwed on price and this time Sony is trying to screw us harder than MS.

Man I swear the tech press wants the XBO to fail.  It's as if they're not happy these unless one company is failing or going out of business, and seem to drive negative press at companies with clickbait articles & surveys, and by conviently leaving facts out of the story.  It's extremely evident on most major tech blogs these days.

True and i have both on pre-order -), its a pain saving up but it will be worth the long hours at work. My bro was supposed to be paying for the ps4 but his broke. soo both next gen consoles... will all be mine lol.

I am getting the XBOX ONE, not even remotely interested in the ps4. I'm all in for MS and their ecosystem.

Tons of conjecture and unsubstantiated pessimism based on a limited sample survey. If we continue to extrapolate any view or survey as the death of Xbox, it may just become self fulfilling.

"The beginning of a shoveling grave for the company’s latest entertainment console" You went way overboard with that. I don't think MS is in any trouble. They won't beat down sony in the US like they've been doing this current generation, but they'll do just fine. There's room for both Sony and MS to thrive. It doesn't have to be one must fail for the other to thrive. 

Normally I'd agree (about the comment going too far), but not this time. That was one of the most spectacular marketing fails I've seen in at least a decade. Giving consumers something they didn't really want, then utterly failing to even attempt to show them compelling examples how it would actually be a good thing, but instead dishing out a cold #dealwithit message. I'd be amazed that half those execs still have jobs at all, if not for how painfully low Microsoft sets their marketing bar to begin with.

It will probably hurt them at launch with the people who haven't followed all the flip-flopping, but once the system gets into people's hands and they start hearing first-hand reports about how it actually works, they may change their minds.  Unless they already committed to a PS4 at launch.
In the long run, it probably won't matter much.  Sony was the one in the last generation telling people to just suck it up and deal with it (regarding console price, when they said you should go and get a second job to pay for it), plus taking features away (the system update that removed the ability to install Linux from existing consoles), and yet not only do you not hear these mentioned much anymore, but the worldwide console sales are within a tenth of a percent marketshare between the two (source: ).

well you know they tried to make a change so that everyone could win win on the original console idea, and i was all game for it even with DRM stuff, but what i dont like is that Sony just came out and pulled an Apple, Sony came out and said here is the new PS4 its everything you already have plus better graphics. It looks pretty and  its new, but everything else is still pretty much the same

Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3
Crimson Dragon

Need I say more? :P

Sadly Crysis 3 hasn't made its way to XBOX One yet, but I hope many other groundbreaking games will be available too, though. :)

Originally pre-ordered a PS4, then switched to a One after Msoft reverted all there changes and well it ga TitanFall
Everyone I know is getting a One instead of the 4

Microsoft let me down with their original announcement and then their retraction with no major advertising to clear the air and no price reduced option to match Sony. - I am still getting one. I've already paid mine off but i feel let down because I talk to people all the time who have no idea that you don't need Kinect, Internet & you can share and buy used games.

There is a difference the 100 difference is for Kinect the ps4 camera bundle is 499 also

I understand that but the mass that makes the majority buys don't that's where my concern is. All they see is 399.99 PS4/499.99 XO

so you want a cheaper console that matches ps4 but includes more than ps4 like Kinect? wow... that makes sense. I know you will probably say "I dont want kinect" but it will not be just about games and wave your hands... and since everyone will have kinect it will be well supported by developers even if its about head tracking... well kinect can know who is holding the computer, your mood, your hearbeat... so... again, its not just about "kinect games" anymore.
and that vision costs more money... just saying.

No you don't understand my statement. I want them to release the console without Kinect for the people who don't want, want to buy it later or who can afford 399 & not 499. Selling it that way they have a better shot of retaining people. And I use my Kinect on a regular basis & look forward to 2.0

I think keeping it is the very smart. In the short run maybe less will purchase, but it makes things much easier for devs to integrate Kinect content, thus leading to more and more apps that use it, even if in minimal ways. Gotta look at the big picture.

This is what annoys me. Last generation MS got dragged over the coals for causing fragmentation within their platform due to chasing price sensitive consumers. Arcade had no hard drive and was therefore substantially cheaper than the pro. But caused issues with DLC, XBLA purchases, updates and of course installing games. Further fragmentation was caused by releasing a camera peripheral that was not only being pushed as a gaming device but integrated with systems UI. This generation MS is avoiding fragmentation at all costs after learning that chasing the low hanging fruit of the price sensitive consumer can and will hurt your long term vision for the platform. XB1 is preordered. Let the good times role. :D

The Xbox one announcement was disappointing and I was pissed, but Microsoft learned and I got over it. Waiting for my Day One edition every day.

Lets be honest, by far PS4 is better than Xbox One. But I respect who choose the Xbox One. But I have to say, this time, Sony will rise again on US.

What is better about it, Xbox knect can read ur heart beat, it is also a cable box with advance capabilities, graphics are on par with ps4, titles like halo will be on its $100 more big deal they can always put it on sale

It's funny how the cycle repeats. If you look back to what people were saying about the 360 vs the PS3 you wouldn't think that the 360 had a chance before the PS3 launched. What really saved the 360 were the better games compared to the PS3. The year head start wouldn't mean anything without the games. Now here we are again, new gen and the Xbox One is looking to have a killer software line up compared to the PS4 that is banking on a much more limited software list to sell it's console. Let's see what happens. :)

You don't really go into how the PS4 is better.  It might be faster in some aspects, but to say one is better than the other is hard to tell right now.  The non-hardcore gamers don't pay attention to gaming sites or polls.  They look at what a console can do.

My wife isn't really a gamer, but she really likes how the One can switch so easily between games, TV, music, etc, so she's more interested in that.  And the NFL is a huge advantage for the One... at least in the U.S.  Even if it's just fantasy stats this year, that's gonna draw another crowd in.

The biggest advantage Sony has right now is the price.  I'll probably get a PS4 evntually, but it'll be a couple years down the line... once they get better first party games.

I said this below...think about this...tell me how MS plans to incorporate those TV features? You still need a cable box for cable. How is the Xbox going to control your cable box to change channels? IR blasters? That would be a complete mess. "Watch ESPN"...yeah how the heck is that supposed to happen. Magic perhaps? Because there is nothing out there that can take control of a cable box that I know of. The Xbox does not have a cable card built in, so unless the provider is IPTV there is no way it will work. I am really calling BS on MS's TV features. I have read articles all wondering the same thing.

How is an IR blaster a "complete mess"?  But to answer that question, yes, the One does support IR blasters, in addition to being able to use the Kinect's IR projector as a blaster (though how well that works has yet to be seen, considering it's facing the wrong way for that to be the most efficient).  The One also supports HDMI-CLEC (though the last I heard, few cable boxes do yet).
Looks like you need to read some more articles.

I guess what he's forgotten is Microsoft's excellent voice recognition algorithm that rivals Dragon dictate and has been built into windows for some time. Or that Microsoft has had a fantastic Windows Media Center which had it's own Guide, plus fantastic recording capabilities, and that both of those platforms are integrated into the Xbox One. Even if my Dish Hopper 1 doesn't support CLEC, my TV and receiver do. Powering on everything and controlling it was straightforward before with my HTPC, and I expect it will be equally as capable with XO integration.

As to IR blasting, the Kinect 2 should have IR blasters facing behind it/above it to target TV's it may be in front of or hanging on the wall behind it.

You need to read more. Kinect has IR blasters built in. Better yet, look at the initial reveal of Xbox one because from your comment I know you didn't see it.

I have a friend who purchased PS4 only because he wanted blue ray, one month later got Xbox 360 for gaming. He also now getting the XB One.

Your friend is a fragmented idiot. Buys a PS4 for bluray which the X1 has too, buys a 360 a month before the the X1, which plays games too. So unless he absolutely needed to play a fable 3 and knew it wouldn't work on the X1 (which is actually not true anymore, given the azure app that will stream 360 games through the X1). I'm totally confused as to why he bought anything other than the X1, since it will fulfill all his needs.

I would not mind at all if you told your friend to direct some of his horde of disposable cash my way... ;)

You are joking right? Ps4 is inferior in every conceivable way. It nothing but a speck bump (and even the I doubt Its games will look any better than the xbox1). Xbox1 is a true console for the future.

Once you get the console in your hands, then you can tell me if its better or not. Oh wait, make it consoles as you yourself have to do a self comparison of both. So at this point, we don't need your click bait comment.

so you used both consoles? wow... you are lucky /s

no, PS4 its not better than Xbox one, and you dont even know if it is or not, you dont even know what you are talking about...

Pre ordered the Xbox One from day one. May get a PS4 eventually but Xbox One all the way for me

Not everyone makes $100 in a day. And other people  may simply have a difficult time sparing $100 more towards entertainment over more important expenditures. It's important to remember that people have widely varying living situations and not everyone is as well off as you.

You know if I love something, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get it even if cost me $100 or $1000 and alot of people willing to do so no matter their financial status. Example iPhone. So don't give me that phucking money BS!!!!!!!!!! If they can buy a PS or Xbox, then they got the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not everyone can afford an iPhone, either. That people have different incomes, financial responsibilities, and spending power isn't "BS." It's very basic - kind of weird that you don't grasp these concepts. :-\

Also, this is obvious but many consumers who actually do want and can afford a next gen console will look at the prices of the PS4 and Xbone and choose the PS4 because it's $100 cheaper. Your instinct might be to reply that the PS4 is obviously worse or those people are making a poor decision in some way. But those are opinions and they don't change the facts. Some people will look at two similar products and choose the more affordale one. That's the reality of the situation.

Finally, please watch your language.

You tell that to the millions of iPhone owners and even to the Chinese kid whole sold his kidney for an iPad. People are willing to pay for the things they love. At the end of the day bro, you and the budget conscious minority buy what makes you guys happy. Besides all that DRM/always on crap, I saw potential with the new Kinect and this is based off of not as a gamer but a techie. I'm ready for a full entertainment living.

Hey, I'm getting an Xbone at launch. I'm super excited for it. But I do understand and sympathize with budget conscious consumers and those who simply can't afford a launch console under any circumstance.

The gamers who won't purchase a new console at launch are far from a minority; they are the majority. Most of a console's sales come later in its life, after the price has dropped or the value of the console has been increased in some way such as pack-in bundles, larger hard drives, etc.

I was never in the running to be an xbox one customer as the last console I really played was a PS2. But MS really missed an opportunity to blend the console and PC gaming markets with this. They are essentially trying to sell me what I already have in my computer, so why not sell games to PC machines with an appropriate WEI and peripherals through the Windows 8 store? I mean it sounds like Sony is teasing the idea of doing something like this down the road, so why isn't MS thinking along these lines?

From what I heard, in terms of cost efficiency vs graphics performance, consoles are quite competitive to gaming PCs and even edge them out a bit

People don't realize that the Xbone is not just for gamers. Its a home entertainment console made for everyone.

Read up on Mantle, and then look at anandtech's article about how he is convinced XB1 and PC will share this low level API.  Maybe they aren't missing the opportunity as much as you think they are.  Stay tuned.

This poll doesn't mean anything. It won't represent what will happen in a year. I don't think Sony has a chance this generation with all the whole Microsoft ecosystem coming together. Once people realize the potential value of the Xbox I don't see any reason for an average person to get a PS4. Which is just a gaming console. This generation is about so much more than gaming

Exactly what I've been explaining to friends, the Xbox One had great plans for the future which were setback because of the 'outcry'. Two years, hell maybe even one yea from now the Xbox will really shine as the future console. Sony is just really thinking for the 'gamer only' mindset, not the average users.

People don't realize that the Xbone is not just for gamers. Its a home entertainment console made for everyone.

I have pre ordered the Xbox One and the PS4. However, I will be cancaling my Xbox One. The only reason I have not, is because I have pre ordered the day one edition. The problem I have with the Xbox is the stupid gold membership. I hateneeding it for everything. I have a 360 and a PS3. My 360 is an original and I tend to play most games on the PS3, Netflix on the PS3. I play very few multiplayer games. I do not want gold. I was excited about the One for the TV features, but since it calls for a gold membership, I am going to hold off. 

Yeah, they have explained jack s--t about how those TV features are actually going to work. You still need a cable box for cable, plain and simple. How is the Xbox going to control your cable box to change channels? IR blasters?? The Xbox does not have a cable card built in, so unless the provider is IPTV and have a relationship with MS there is no way it will work.

Microsoft already has relationships in place with cable providers. For example, Xfinity. Already available on Xbox 360, so I expect the XboxOne will build on the existing capabilities.

This comment about needing a cable box is not entirely true. In Australia we can access cable TV and movies straight through the 360. Not sure why this would change with the XB1.

So are you going to pay for Playstation Plus on the PS4?  They are going to charge for that now, right. 

As a HALO fan, I couldn't care less about how many friends are going to get a ps4. Plus the Xbox One exclusive lineup is a lot more appealing to me (titanfall, sunset overdrive, project spark..hell, even ryse). And I really like the added Kinect. And the rest of the titles I'm interested in aren't console exclusive do I can get them for the box or the PC anyhow.

Most of my friends are still getting the X1. As for me....Xbox One as well woot! Although I may have to wait til Jan since I'm low on funds til then.

Cortana assistant on multiple MS devices, entertainment value, and exclusive franchises (including XBox Fitness) are some of the under advertised advantages I think (granted no official Cortana announcement yet).

The games they announced for One haven't convinced me yet. No must-have for me.
I'll spend my money for a surface pro 2 instead and stay with my 360 - for now.

I don't think ths is a huge concern at this point... I think once the reviews roll out the situation will become clearer.
The number of people preordering is pretty small compared to the sales over the life of the console.  So a short lead shouldn't be an issue, as long as Xbox ends up in a nice position feature-wise.  
I fully understand all the confusion, and that certainly hurts their image... but I think that will stop once it comes out and people realize it's not doomsday.

Owned both PS3 and XBOX 360.... XBOX360 is the way better, especially the controller... so ergonomic .... PlayStation was OK but my next console is XBOX ONE because I love XBOX

The controller is what hooks me in. I think the PS4 games will look better, but I just cannot abide that controller. Also, their light at the front, not my thing. Neither is the touch pad.

Why wouldn't it be a surprise that the ps4 is beating down the Xbox? That's a surprise to me
I thought Xbox was more popular.

I have both on preorder. I fancy the Xbox One launch line up more than the PS4 one. I'm slightly concerned though that it might be underpowered versus the PS4. It'll be interesting to see whether the games look the same or similar on both systems, as suggested by the Xbox One architects on Eurogamer...

Polls are funny things.  XBO will do fine in the end.  Probably more than fine. As for polls, according to polls Romney was supposed to win. We know how that worked out. /duck

Still a fan. It feels like Xbox is still the logical decision either way. Microsoft will always be around, not sure the same can be said for Sony.

I'm a PlayStation fan so I've got my PS4 preorder locked. But I'll be getting a One in February with my tax return. Honestly the One was looking awesome right up until they changed their DRM policy. I would of loved to game share with my three boys. That's on of the main high points with PS3. Until about 3yrs ago any digitally purchased games could be game shared with up to 5 systems and having three gamers in the house it worked out great as we could all have a copy of any game I purchased. Now its cut backed to two systems but its still great for me . GTAV, DIABLO 3, and BORDERLANDS 2 are great to play with my boys and I get a free copy so I can play online with my sons, can't beat that co-op team. Same for COUNTER STRIKE, BLACK OPS to many games to mention. Microsoft really messed up their messaging, it could of been a great eco system if given the chance.

Microsoft scared me with the no used games news but I'm die hard Xbox and I will stick with them indefinitely. Also, I will not be purchasing any other console (I.e. Ps4, Wii u, etc.)

Microsoft completely messed up the launch of the One. It was the most horrendously ham fisted launch I can ever remember. The DRM policy was a rehearsed suicide note and one which the tech press, general press and social networks were all over. It is now cool to criticise the Xbox brand again, but to be fair Sony had that with the late and overpriced PS3 too. The DRM stupidity MS came out with at launch stuck in the press and became common knowledge quickly. The retraction wasn't loud enough from MS and the press didn't sensationalise the retraction leaving MS with an absolute PR disaster. They then compound it by insisting on Kinect being mandatory, which is just as ridiculous as the DRM move was. Sony haven't done any better with the 4 as a product, they've just had the common sense to anticipate the backlash and gone for quick PR wins over each decision.

Both systems will still sell well due to how entrenched the fanboy loyalties are, but MS has shot itself in the foot with the launch and there shouldn't be a single decision maker in the Xbox team left in a job after the mess they made.

It really was a study in what not to do... I am sure if you go study business in a few years, this will be in there as a lesson to learn. Even since they realised their mistakes, their repair work was pants. I have got mine pre-ordered, but I am real disappointed with how they have gone about things.

I feel like this f*cking ordeal comes off as politics. People deciding on the message and not on what the ultimate product is. It sad to be honest, and it makes people seem shallow and stupid. Microsoft listened and made changes. They were f*cked if they did, f*cked if they didn't. Grow up.